Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars In The World


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Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars in the World
Most Expensive Cars in the World:

Abu Dhabi Buys Lykan HyperSport for their police force:

We ranked the most expensive police cars in the world because some countries simply take it to the next level, especially the Arab countries.

We're looking at how much they spend out of the countries budget for particular supercars that they use in their operations.

In this original video, we'll be answering the following questions:

Which are the most expensive police cars in the world?
What is the world's most expensive police car?
What is the country with the most expensive police car?
What is the best police car?
How much did Dubai spend on their police cars?
How much did Italy pay for their police cars?
How expensive is the German police car?
What are the top 10 best police cars in the world?
Which are the fastest police cars in the world?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, we’re curious to know.. How much does the police in your country spend on their cars and what’s the most popular one?

    • Yes, what you heard was right, the local news said that it was 70k, nvm, a new Dacia Logan is about 5-7000euros, depending on the equipment, but in a police car you roll the window down by manually rotate the window handle, also the car has no power sterring and by now you guessed there is no air conditioning. Some follow up reports after the news became viral said that the price is justified by the equipment required in a police car: laptop, radio, gps, cameras and radars but let’s be honest, more than 50k for a police radar? The coruption in this country is overwhelming, check the protest that for the last week have been on a daily basis.

  2. 2:37 LOL that’s a Gallardo, not a “Murcielalago” (it’s pronounced MURCI-LAGO). And thanks for finally doing a video on cars! In the US the only police cars I ever see are Crown Victorias LMAO

  3. “every country spend a lot of money on there police cars” in egypt i only see police cars in week and they are accents or runault sandero or bikes