Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia In The World


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Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia In The World
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Hello sports fans! Today we got you the most expensive memorabilia out there. This was a request from a while back and, finally, we got to it.

Today we answer questions, like:
• What's the most expensive sports memorabilia in the world?!
• How much is the most expensive sports memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive baseball memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive basketball memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive football memorabilia?!'
• What's the most expensive hackey memorabilia?!

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    • Common Dude…..try to understand view……..Cricket is not played much in “The World” or a.k.a “North America”….
      So memorabilia of Cricket or Football or any other sports played outside of North America are not important…..
      Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Ice hockey are the Only Sports played in “The World”…..

    • Piet Hein Smit yes dear that bat is of our Indian cricketer MS DHONI he used that Bat in icc cricket world cup 2011 final and won the world cup for india first world cup was won by india in 1983 then after 28 years in 2011 india won their second world cup ?

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    u need to make Blondie (the speaker NOT in this video ) the one and only speaker. she is the voice of luxury of the American dream of the trophy wife we all want the blondie that melts our hearts
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