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Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia In The World
Check out the article for even more memorabilia: http://bit.ly/2kHwSNV

Hello sports fans! Today we got you the most expensive memorabilia out there. This was a request from a while back and, finally, we got to it.

Today we answer questions, like:
• What's the most expensive sports memorabilia in the world?!
• How much is the most expensive sports memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive baseball memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive basketball memorabilia?!
• What's the most expensive football memorabilia?!'
• What's the most expensive hackey memorabilia?!

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  1. Goutham Ram says


    1. Alux.com says

      Yes you are! Good job 🙂

    2. Skyline91168 says

      Goutham Ram fifth

  2. Whatsapp Trending videos says

    Second I guess?

    1. Alux.com says

      Excellent guess Atish!!

  3. Nid Boston says

    alux, please make a vedio on investment banking .

  4. Alux.com says

    Hei Aluxers do you have a childhood sports hero?! And if you do who is it?!

    1. rohan kapoor says

      Alux.com john cena

    2. Praveen Balaganesh says

      Valentino Rossi, 9 time MotoGP world Champion and Michael Schumacher 7 time F1 world Champion.

    3. Chidi Okoro says

      Alux.com .

    4. Leonardo Andre Wijaya says

      Alux.com Ayrton Senna

    5. John Dawson says

      Bruce Lee

  5. Atif Rashid says

    in 247779 123 isn’t a bad number that I got in viewers

  6. SVK says

    is most of them from baseball only not other sports

    1. Julio Cesar Arias says

      SVK because no other sport got more or better history then baseball

    2. SVK says

      no cricket is better

  7. Piet Hein Smit says

    Dear alux, there is a cricket bat worth more than the 4th in this list

    1. njotitdude S says

      Common Dude…..try to understand Alux.com view……..Cricket is not played much in “The World” or a.k.a “North America”….
      So memorabilia of Cricket or Football or any other sports played outside of North America are not important…..
      Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Ice hockey are the Only Sports played in “The World”…..

    2. Hemant Singnath says

      Piet Hein Smit yes dear that bat is of our Indian cricketer MS DHONI he used that Bat in icc cricket world cup 2011 final and won the world cup for india first world cup was won by india in 1983 then after 28 years in 2011 india won their second world cup ?

    3. Huz Motala says

      Piet Hein Smit your right

  8. Smit Shah says

    sick voice.

  9. RAGULRAJ M says

    do video about Country INDIA

  10. Ch Vo says

    When your doing a review don’t always do on us favor stuff there are others countries there out too

  11. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    #4 So even though he was known as a cheater, they still paid over $4M? Wow.

  12. That Fella says

    I wonder why Baseball memorabilia is worth so much, yet the sport itself isn’t as popular as other sports.

  13. Fabian Goh says

    Please bring the old voice back!!

  14. megh vyas says

    please change the …..
    how many time do I mention in comment

  15. John Dawson says

    we love u alux
    but we don’t love this voice
    I feel nausea and pain

  16. Madhavan MAHI says

    my favourite hero is
    MS DHONI (cricketer)

  17. John Dawson says

    alux listen to me I love u guys
    u need to make Blondie (the speaker NOT in this video ) the one and only speaker. she is the voice of luxury of the American dream of the trophy wife we all want the blondie that melts our hearts
    u have read plenty of people wanting her back when videos has hideous voices instead like the British girl who makes me want to jump out of my terrace
    so pls keep blondie permanently and can we see her one day ? can u make some videos more than just PowerPoint slide shows ?
    pls I am sure if u elevate blondie as the goddess of luxury that she truly u will have so many more aluxers . believe me

  18. yeshwanth kallakuri says

    Dear Alux.com can you give us a video on 10 worlds expensive shoes.

  19. Rishabh Bari says

    I want you guys to make a video on most luxurious CRUISES around the world..

  20. Abdullahi Halilu says

    i hate this voice

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