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Top 10 Most Notorious Gangsters Of All Time

Alux News Top 10-15

Top 10 Most Notorious Gangsters of All Time
10 Celebrities With Ties to the Mafia: https://goo.gl/Qd5BxA


Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies EVER:

10 Most Successful Gangsters Who Ever Lived:

25 Things About Pablo Escobar:

In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Which is the most famous gangster in the world?
What was the richest gangster in the world?
What is the most notorious gangster in the world?
Who was the most powerful gangster in the world?
Who is the father of organized crime?
What was the strongest gangster family in the world?
How rich was Al Capone?
How rich was Scarface?
How rich was Billy the Kid?
How rich was the godfather?
How rich was Pablo Escobar?

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  1. potatoes Potatoes says

    I am early oh oh oh yeah

  2. Chosen One says

    Carlito’s Way with Al Pacino what is wrong with this list.

  3. Alberto Fernandez says

    Your intro sounds like gossip girl ?

    1. Alux.com says

      That’s a secret we’ll never tell!

    2. Alberto Fernandez says

      Alux.com you’re awesome ????

  4. Khalil Shour says

    El chapo ??

    1. Alux.com says

      We recommend you watch the video ’till the end!

  5. dynamicbeast says

    Sexc very very nice

  6. Vijith Kumar says

    After watching ‘Narcos’ i just hate and love Pablo Escobar at the same time..!

  7. Ricky Spanish says

    Vic Corleone still a G

  8. pradeep mohan says

    voice sucks ?

    1. SuperSaiyan3985 says

      Shut up.

    2. Bogdi Pali says

      Yep, the last lady was better

  9. Diogo João says

    Informed or Inspired :/?

    1. Alux.com says

      On this particular video, you’re here to be informed. You should never be inspired by people who get rich by doing illegal things. That’s why we changed the intro!

    2. Diogo João says

      Indeed! Sorry for not having understood the informative video entry :p.

    3. SuperSaiyan3985 says

      +Alux.com Haha I thought you were changing it for good XD

  10. julie byrne says

    youve explained why chapo isnt on this list but should be but wheres carlo gambino on here?

  11. sneha patel says

    You forgot JAWAHAR NEHRU !!

    1. arvinder singh says

      good to see you are enrolling them for real title.

    2. sneha patel says

      arvinder singh he was the man because of which there is sourness between India and Pakistan and more importantly Hindus and Muslims

    3. arvinder singh says

      sneha patel yes definitely ,also he didn’t appeal to british govt for not to hang shaheed Bhagat Singh.

  12. RazaGaming-Destiny says

    billionaires inspired by gangsters

  13. The Nigllet says

    For a topic like this I did not expect such a short video

  14. Blubberlover5312 says

    Twins TV anyone?

  15. sol porter says

    gangsters?? most weren’t

  16. Jason Earley says

    Ronnie and Reggie kray?

    1. Sam Webb says

      Jason Earley exactly what i was thinking, afterall the were the kings of london

    2. Jason Earley says

      in all fairness tho it’s only America that has had gangsters tho hahaha

  17. Enam Ul Haq says

    I am yet to see the video. But if Pablo Escobar is not on the top, I am gonna literally shoot the uploader in head 3 times with titanium bullets.

    1. Josip Bijader says

      Enam Ul Haq he was successful,but he never had respect from government,people and musicians like Italian mafia did. Also he never had style and he was killed like a dog.

    2. moab wereldwijd says


  18. Malik Umer Waqqas says

    Pablo Escobar was best

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