Top 10 Most Powerful Religions In The World


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We Ranked the Top 10 Most Powerful Religions in the World According to the Number of Worshipers.
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In this video we look at the most wide spread religions from all around the world and rank them in a top 10 based on the number of followers they have.

The numbers are rough estimates but are enough to give us an overall ranking.

In this video we're looking to answer the following questions:
What are the top 10 religions in the world?
Which religion has the most followers?
Which God is most worshiped?
Is Christianity the biggest religion?
Is Islam Evil? How big is Islam?
What is the most powerful religion in the world?
How big is Christianity?
How many people believe in Jesus?

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  1. I love islam.. religion of peace and heaven.. cooperate together with other religion.. I love every human in this planet.. lets be kind and lovely instead of arguing together which totally has no point..

    ps *This video is totally bias for me*

    every religion is big, strong and powerful.. they are not to be placed in numbers or what not, anything about religion it should be first, regardless of what religion u are, this video is a form of discriminating other religion and one sided.. please guys, dont be fooled by this stupid video..

  2. Thank God, you didn’t say that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w Pbuh established or founded Islam as many people say without any knowledge. Islam predates Humans existence, its existence on earth started with the footsteps of 1st Human and also a Prophet Adam Pbuh. He was the first person who brought Islam on earth, after Him many prophets came like Lut, Ibrahim, Israel, Ismael, Noah, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad s.a.w etc PBUA. According to Islam,there were around 124k Prophets who were sent to each and every community or civilisations of this earth. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w Pbuh was the LAST Prophet of Islam, He COMPLETED the deen ( Islam ). Islam is like a chain, which started by 1st Prophet and ends at last one. Yes, there should not be any image of God. Its crystal clear, NO IMAGE NO 2ND god. One and Only. No incarnation no begotten child or begotten son. Glad to see that people in top comment sections didn’t abuse each other’s religion. Hopefully everyone can stay peacefully and eliminates evil ones from within theirselves and their societies. No disrespect towards anyone and stay safe. ?

  3. at 5:29 that is not prophet Muhammad’s pic! please do not show our prophet pic! in islam it is forbidden to show pic of Muhammad, please respect!

  4. I don’t understand how Christianity is the most “powerful” religion in this world. Christianity may be the largest religion in the world, but most Christians I’ve seen or met are nominal and have nothing to give or take with their religion.
    In fact, the most “powerful” in terms of destruction is Judaism. Zionists, most of who are Jews, have caused so much harm to innocent people, especially with the support of economy and immense help from the superpowers of this world.
    The most “powerful” in terms of popularity and following is definitely Islam. Most Muslims take their faith seriously, some are of course evil-minded and/or deluded with the burden of culture and tradition blending with Islam.

    • But there is scientific evidence that backs up Islam that would be impossible to know at the time. First the Prophet Muhammad was illiterate which means that he could neither read or write so where did he get all the ideas unheard of in his time. He got the for the arch angel Jibreel (Gabriel) who was sent dircetly by god to him. And if you where to read the Quran you would hear so many scientific idea, but I’ll give you two. You know the Gulf of Alaska, a place undiscovered by European in the 5th century we’ll tell be why it says in the Quran multiple times that there are two seas that meet but do not mix, that there is a barrier in between them (and not a wall). Another scientific proof given in the Quran is that the Sun, the Moon and the Earth have there own orbits. Tell again how anyone in the 5th century could known all this. Mohamed Younes didn’t call science stupid he say atheism is. And if someone told you that Muslims envy science we’ll your wrong, us muslims believe that all real sciences are our friend. I myself am on the road to become a physicist. And if you look back in time have you ever heard of these Muslim scientists Ibrāhīm al-Fazārī, Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm al-Fazārī, Yaʿqūb ibn Ṭāriq, Abu Hanifa Dinawari and Mashallah ibn Athari. Now do you think that Islam is unscientific.

    • Tao Yanbao neither am I from the middle east, you must remember that all Muslims are not Arabs, Adam was the first human being ever to live. Also there is no scientific evidence that proves that we evolved for monkeys and apes it’s just a theory and to base your entire existence on a theory that can’t be proven is actually really sad.

    • The devil so clever, the way he made Islam to keep you away from the living God Jesus, he is coming back you know (:

    • “Chief of Sinners. Ricky Avila”, yes, my friend Devil is smart, but I’d say the Spaghetti Monster is smarter. The monster under my bed thinks he’s the smartest though. 🙂

    • Saleem Mohammed bhenkelode bhare pade hai comment section me. chutiye hamara religion hame accha lgta hai tum gandu muslims ko kya prblm hai

    • One God One Church ur religion is on the top because they converted a bunch if people by giving money, and converting natives. people just classify as Christian these days, don’t even understand or worship God. In Hinduism, their is one true god, and all others are just representations.

  5. Islam is the First Religion. it’s Religion of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon all of them). All prophets preached same Message that there is only one God.

    • Patternicity well there is. exactly muslims dont draw living creatures such as human and animals (except plants). because in my religion it will make a lure for a demons and maybe it will possess the painting. meaning that you have created a simple life by the picture while nobody will ever being granted to create life except the God. so that results bad penalty.

    • Reza O’Line hahaha you can not talk about islam you you are not a theology islam you have not schooll to talk about islam you are just a youtube crazy freak you have no licenses from academy islam don’t le and make propaganda

    • +Ahmed Al-Ghamdi why are u cracking jokes by saying anything bullshit u are saying there are no muslim in isis????
      Brother u know whats the fullform of ISIS it include islamic state so i am not saying all muslim people are terrorist i am indian i know the truth people in iran are living peacefully being a muslim
      Big muslim leaders brainwash people mind and says to them to protect religion by killing people big muslim leaders are responsible for spoiling islam

    • +Hundred beast Kaido this is why people think bad about muslims
      The ways you are talking means that you are disrespecting your religion!!?
      Before talking think twice dude!!

    • Shah Hayde Yes we are proud of our religion. The mainstream media is trying hard to paint a bad image of Islam so we can feel insecure and less proud of our history. But wrong, we are now MORE PROUD and satisfied with Islam as our religion.
      and no we are not full of ourself, We are the most humble people on this planet. Just look at this comment section as an example, whenever you find a Muslim saying something good about Islam. You get 100 comments from non-Muslims shouting insults and mocking as usual.
      Keep trying

      I am a MUSLIM and PROUD. I will die as a Muslim, In sha Allah. Keep hating

    • +Salim Al-Jabry u can be proud all you want, but theres a fine line between keeping it to yourself and shoving it down everyones throat.. Have u seen christians be like “christian is the religion of peace, christian is the true religion” NOOO… Seriously muslims need to stop trying to convert everyone

    • Shah Hayde of course we have to introduce the truth to everyone. Only the devil will advice us not to preach Islam. But we want ppl to enter paradise

    • Rohan Roxx nobody likes Muslims. But Islam is the fastest growing religion (by conversion) So go cry, but Islam will be dominant. Islam is already dominant because most christians have turned into atheist or Muslims.

    • +ερτυθιοιοπ You’ve been saying that for 1400 years. The Romans said the islam will be reduced to Zero soon! The Crusaders said “in no time. We will reduce Muslims to zero!” and then the Mongols said WE WILL REDUCE ISLAM TO ZERO!

      But now 1400 years later. Islam is growing fast

    • ερτυθιοιοπ Big talk, but no balls.
      Ok George, tell us when your ready. We’ll be waiting for you. Come start in Britain first, there is 3.5mill Muslims here

  6. remove muhammed photo from ur video its not allowed in islam maybe it can cause bombing some where please remove it, we dont need another suicide bombing

    • moreover nowhere in quran its directly written to do jihad but muslims have tried everything at their best to make their religion most hated around the world. Just look at this small issue of Muhammed Pic. real reason behind Muhammed banning pics and statue was not to literally ban it but to understand real god is not in that pic but in humans itself. But most muslims who are illiterate started to destroy magnificent historic creations like bamiyan buddha, palmyra temples…….

    • This is the problem, you expect none religious people to live by the taboos of your religion. Should the rest of the world cower and hide and live our lives by the rules of your undemonstrated claims of truth and what’s right and wrong? Get fucked.

    • stop abusing islam by your dirty comment we love our prophet dont abuse him by putting your imagination on screen

  7. One of the oldest religion, also known as Sanatan dharma, means oldest religion, and it’s not a religion but it’s a way of life, mother of all religion .

    • No Pointing I believe in a supreme intelligence and a unified field, I don’t believe any religion. All are stupid manmade ideas wrapped with some facts and truths. “Schizophrenics believe in God speaking with people.” Psychiatrist 1:1

    • How can Christianity be older than Jesus Christ? OR Islam be older than Muhammad? There is no logic in that. There are actual written scriptures in Hinduism; Mahabharat and Ramayam which are approximately 3000 and 10,000 years ago respectively. These numbers are calculated based on stars. For example, the scriptures mentioned that a certain star was at a certain position in the sky. Based on where that star is today, it was calculated that how long ago would that star be in the same position as mentioned in the text and THATS how Hinduism became the oldest religion in the world.

    • Nitish
      The oldest religion is Atheism, there was no god earlier, man has created god for his security and concerns, dumb people believed in him