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Top 10 Richest Families In The World

Alux News Top 10-15

We Ranked the Top 10 Richest Families in the World Based on their Fortunes!
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Biggest Bank Robberies Ever:

Richest Banks in the World:

Hey Aluxers, this time we're sparking a little controversy! Can you smell that, that's the smell of conspiracy in the air, as we rank the top 10 richest families in the world based on how big their fortune is.

These families have built legacy wealth and now control major players in almost every important industry: from banks, to what you eat, what you watch, what you wear, what you drink they control the biggest brands.

In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
How rich is the Rotshchild Family?
How rich is the Al Saud Family?
What is the richest family in the world?
How rich are the Waltons?
How rich is the illuminati?
Who are some famous freemasons?
What are the biggest conspiracies in the world?
Which family controls the media?
What are the families that control everything?
What is Rothschild Net Worth?

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  1. Watch out for Regina George says

    This channel is full of dumb Indians.

    1. rajbeer singh says

      i think is dumb to say this

    2. Criminology 101 says

      Watch out for Regina George
      And it looks like it attracts racists like yourself. Please keep your bigotry to yourself.

    3. John Dawson says

      Watch out for Regina George u go girl I know right ? so offended that alux said SAMOSA S are from India what losers they should see the Indiana Jones movie in India that was banned in India lol

    4. John Dawson says

      Komi Komal noooooo come on make fun of my country England it’s ok . thanks to u we finally add spices to our food we still can’t make real curry xD

    5. Manas Das says

      what do you think I don’t know. but. u will see.

  2. glen mnisi says

    Yoh $10 000 000 000 000 that’s crazy, u must do a video about the Rothschild family.


      glen mnisi actually it’s 500 trillion dollars. they’re terrorists. who create wars and finance both sides.

    2. Hannes productions says

      It’s a dead family the richest guy has a net worth of 1 billion dollars

    3. JAMES DUNN says

      That is interesting to know.

    4. tudorjason says

      Yeah, there are so many Rothschilds but combined they are a very powerful family

  3. Checkwalk Care says

    why rockefeller is not in the list?

    1. fagiolifreschi says

      LLMelvinL not true. the fortune is just split up between to many of them probably

    2. LLMelvinL says

      fagiolifreschi I guess so ..

    3. chris zanotti says

      Checkwalk Care there’s defiantly living Rothschild I always troll one Roth dude on twitter

    4. chris zanotti says

      Checkwalk Care and there number 1 what are you talking about they said there worth ten trillion

    5. RS Schooch says

      Checkwalk Care theyre not as rich as the no10 family thats why…not as rich as before

  4. SuperSaiyan3985 says

    These kids are lucky. They didn’t have to suffer the struggle of actually starting the business, it was already done for them. All they gotta do now is run it.

    1. The Realist Nigga says

      Your an insult to homosapians, we breed and thrive either you’re a virgin or you’re a loner

    2. The Realist Nigga says

      +SuperSaiyan3985 lol good one , telling me to kill myself huh? You must be very insecure

    3. ChiniWanders says

      Maintaining a business to be on top of its game is actually harder. Remember, climbing to the top is hard but staying on top is harder.

  5. Brandon Soncoeur says

    I don’t even need to watch to know number one lol

    1. Pradhyumna Gupta says

      Brandon Soncoeur but the net worth of family #1 seems way too less

    2. Nonoa Sailo says

      Brandon Soncoeure too l just want to who are on the list…

  6. Hassan Mansoor says

    Im alux.com fan but with the voice before;!

    1. John Dawson says

      Hassan Mansoor THATS right son !!!

  7. Adi 9 says

    That’s why I watch the whole video 🙂

    1. Alux.com says


  8. lewaa moussa says

    If you have 1 Billion and You spend 1000 a day you will need 3614 years to finish the 1 billion

    1. Pablo Sosa says

      How come?

    2. Igor Hawkingz says

      +Alux.com Oh my Word!

    3. InvestiGATOR says

      invest conservative and spend 279k a day until the end of your life without losing money.

    4. Debshree Basu says

      lewaa moussa lol yes lol

  9. SirRyan says

    Why is my family not on the list?

    1. Rico Muerte says

      SirRyan are you Europeans?

    2. SirRyan says

      Rico Muerte, yes I am!

    3. Rico Muerte says

      +SirRyan most wealthy are erupeans except Carlos slim and Saudi Arabians

    4. SirRyan says

      +Rico Muerte I know I’m not being serious tho my family are mearly not as wealthy as the chaps on this video and yes I’m British!

  10. Cloudsley Falconbridge says

    Rothchild$ have 10,000 Billions? GODDAMN!!!! Where can i knock one of these broads up?

    1. Godslionsroar says

      Cloudsley Falconbridge the Roth children have 500 TRILLION

    2. Cloudsley Falconbridge says

      +Godslionsroar Ah. So 500,000 billions?! GODDAMN!!

  11. Nanda Wahab says

    @Alux.com I thought you wouldn’t dare to list the rothschild, I guess I was wrong. Salute! Keep up the good work guys.

    1. Alux.com says

      If you thought that was daring stick around we have a video dedicated to the Rothschilds coming.

  12. Anurag khire says

    Make a solo video about Rothschild family. ….that will be intresting

    1. Alux.com says

      Coming soon.

  13. o0RAGA0o says

    Sorry to say but the Rothchilds are worth hundreds of trillions

  14. vishnu k Vardhan says

    make a video on New World Order (conspiracy theory)….

    1. Alux.com says

      Vishnu stick around! Some interesting videos coming up in the next weeks that you definitely might like 🙂

  15. Alexei Romanov says


    1. Alux.com says

      Haha, no.

  16. Bored Engineer Operating Near Groom Lake Detachment 3 says

    The Nehyan family (the guy that owns Man City fc) are trillionaires.

  17. Cyril Varghese says

    They forgot to put me. 20 trillion dollars

  18. chris says

    smh Arnault is pronounced like “ar-NOH”

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