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Top 10 Smart Penalty ● HD

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Smart Penalty: Messi and Suarez, Pirlo, Neymar, Hisato Sato, Johann Cruyff, Theyab Awana and other

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Song: Alex Skrindo & Spektrel – Velocity

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  1. Maxim Novik says

    200 номер???????

    1. FootoZ says

      +Maxim Novik 200 матч Робиньо

  2. Гранит Мастер says

    Theyab Awana пару лет назад умер,если не ошибаюсь.

    1. FootoZ says

      +Гранд Мастер Не ошибаешься( ДТП

  3. cranebeg says

    Polish 1 was best.

    1. Karol Ryciak says

      I’m polish?

    2. KingOfElement says

      +Karol Ryciak nobody cares

  4. Looke “LukeMcgovern” Mcgoovern says

    Neymars shouldn’t count

    1. Your Fucking Cousin says

      Neymars leg was moving all the time which shows that he did not stop his
      movement so it’s perfectly fine

    2. ZUUUAA treboR says

      +Your Fucking Cousin you did not pay very much attention in physics, did
      When you change your movement from forwards to backwards, there has to be a
      moment between these two movements in which you completely stop.

    3. Victor Diaz says

      Neymar’s shouldn’t count.

    4. Tumii says

      +Tony Bleau that’s a new rule, while the penalty was shot on 2012

  5. ilfenomeno rmo says

    it’s possibile to execute a penalty like last one ??!!!!

    1. Anti Matter says

      +ilfenomeno rmo yes

  6. Jimmy Lopez says

    wouldn’t the smartest penalty be to just take the shot normal ??

    1. Tony Bleau says

      right on man ahahaha

    2. rodidc gameplays says

      right xD

  7. Robin Guiz says

    What about Zidane’s panenka in WC2006?!…

  8. PRodaSzin says

    kto by sie tu Polaka spodziewał i to jescze z TVP

    1. CapitaC Duduś says

      +PRodaSzin ja xD

    2. PRodaSzin says

      xD miło takich zobaczyć w zagranicznych filmach

    3. CapitaC Duduś says

      no 😀

  9. FaintAcrobat says

    Funny when Neymar’s penalty is disallowed, after the excessive celebration,
    because he stopped his kicking motion. If it was allowed, then the ref is

  10. AMANB57 says

    Hiroshima love them penalty tactics

  11. Ryan D'souza says

    a lot of these shouldn’t count. penalties have to be taken in one movement.

  12. Pascal De Beule says

    number 200 thats weird

  13. kbudebes says

    1:20 Theyab Awana is dead RIP

    1. kbudebes says

      Also google it

  14. YouOnlyLiveOnce! says

    The pirlo one was the best!

    1. Martin Lőbb says

      But it’s not Pirlos penalty! It’s by Panenka

  15. KyoFanDuB says

    hisato sato counts??

  16. Asish Gandrothu says

    Hisato sato goal was not good or smart

  17. MrLion Baczewski (Lion) says

    2:36, Kto polak? :)

  18. Gianmario Bevilacqua says

    Smart? Most of them are ridicolous, or just damn lucky

  19. kben says

    Idk when some of these took place and if there are different rules about
    pks but now under Fifa a few of these goals would have been disallowed.

    1. kben says

      *different rules on pks in certain leagues

  20. BullseyeBullsclaw says

    “Smart Penalty”…really?

    Many of these are breaking the rules, anyone can do them, people don’t do
    them because it is called “cheating”, not smart.

    I am surprised some of these were even counted, I guess one can dance
    around the ball, make a bunch of motions and shoot, and bang a ‘goal’.

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