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A montage of moments you might not have seen before!
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  1. M. Abbas says

    if the goalkeeper was neur you cannot score that

    1. M. Abbas says

      in this video

  2. Gergő Vizdák says

    Name of song at 2:18 pls?✔️✔️✔️

    1. MTG-OyunSan says

      Gergő Vizdák gece gölgenin rahatina bak

    2. nathan clitherow says

      pure grinding by avicci

    3. Skorcher9000 says

      Gergő Vizdák s

    4. Victor Bj3rg says

      Mavish Ram Avicii – Pure Grinding

    5. Scotty Frotten says

      Gergő Vizdák x

  3. HoriZon says

    first 100 people to like this comment will become billionaires
    Also when i hit 1000 subs for that i am giving away a free iphone 7 check
    it out soon! <3

    1. Ryan Beatie says

      HoriZon i was 99

  4. _NakamotoShots _ says

    1:27 he should have said “Oh My Josh!”

    1. mrsthomas2828 says

      _NakamotoShots _ Yrodjxisjxks

    2. Game_Hantah_Fan_4_ever Deadpool says

      _NakamotoShots _ I Iike ur pic

    3. Octavio Navarro says

      _NakamotoShots _ qw

    4. Dark Gamer says

      So what

    5. Faaris Malik says

      Octavio Navarro sdsaawd

  5. Nasko K. Dimov says

    PLS I dont find such good music very often , whats 10:57 ? pls someone has
    to know pls

    1. cazza3001 says

      King Tube w

    2. Twan Bregman says

      Nasko K. Dimo

    3. stefan talpalaru says

      Nasko K. Dimov do you know the song at 2:42? plz man i love it

    4. kaique melo says

      Nasko K. Dimov

    5. David Villamen says

      stefan talpalaru panda

  6. Gaming Orange says

    What’s the song at 2:42 plz somone ?

    1. Alex Haile says

      DabBull DabXboxPanda panda when he dabs

    2. Justin Thiel says

      Alex Haile no, the other one please

    3. Gaming Orange says

      Alex Haile no when he jumps of the plane

    4. Aqib Aman says

      DabBull DabXboxPanda a

    5. Gabriele Zarcone says

      DabBull DabXboxPanda eee

  7. R Andre says

    I think harry meant “top w2s moments *you have seen*

    1. Francisco Barros says

      Ya your right

    2. Lewis Nelson says

      R Andre if you read the description it’ll says “You might not have seen”

    3. Zack Little says

      R Andre look at the description it said *you might not have seen before*
      get r3kt

    4. Sem Slaghuis says

      +Lewis Nelson yeah i exely yes thats was awesome.

    5. Cheese Burger says

      Zack Little but look at the title *get r3kt*

  8. Helmet boy Sweg says

    I have seen a lot of these and this is not 10

    1. that guy says


    2. Lucgamer 1 says

      Bryce Waeghe w2s is not gonna subscribe you because you don’t make

    3. Damian Baker says

      Bryce Waeghe get rect

    4. DARING GAMERZZ says

      Luc Gamer1 LOL u wrekd has m

    5. Adam Mannix says

      I don’t know how that paintball hours I got it in the eye

  9. Cardiffmaniac says

    I’ve seen all of these

    1. Ted Taylor says

      Cardiffmaniac same

    2. Niall Heaton says

      Cardiffmaniac same

    3. Gamer Kings says

      Cardiffmaniac same

    4. ian forster says

      Cardiffmaniac same

    5. Jimmy Martin says

      Cardiffmaniac me to

  10. Skorcher9000 says

    I have seen all of these

    1. Mehdi Abbas says


    2. Flaming Freddie says


    3. Claire Saxby says

      Skorcher9000 ddddddddxxxxd

    4. The gaming Champions says

      Claire Saxby me too

  11. Bbl_BrynR says

    I’m pretty sure that’s more than 10 moments

    1. Vexilitio - gaming/vlogs/Q&A's says

      Bbl_Bryn R I’m!! XD

    2. RAINYSpawns HD says

      Bbl_Bryn R

    3. kimberley sidebotham says

      Bbl_Bryn R who CARES

    4. Parkour Trainer says

      Bbl_Bryn R *facepalm*

    5. Jack Buckley says

      Bbl_BrynR I know I think everyone knows

  12. Aerialled says

    Do you know how to count to 10?

    1. kathryn holm says

      Aerialled yes

    2. kathryn holm says

      Aerialled no they don’t

  13. Markus Arntzen says

    W2S’s first vid to go over 20 min xD

    1. Dyfan Jones says

      Markus Arntze

    2. Leon Becker says

      Markus Arntzen du bist Dummheitskopf

    3. Leon Becker says

      Markus Arntzen Passwort

    4. Austin Lemieux says

      no there was one over an hour

  14. elguay xD says

    harry why u did put ur grandad or dad on goalkiper

    1. THE FIFA LEGEND says

      Lisi YT ti idi u picku materinu pederu jedan. Idi popusi kurac debeli
      jedan.kosovo jeste srbija

    2. THE FIFA LEGEND says

      Other way around,oops

    3. No Name Gamer says


    4. MartinHD says

      elguay xD lol grandad

  15. stefan talpalaru says

    2:42 song please ?

    1. stefan talpalaru says

      Jeeta- I’d love to change the world

    2. Blank Blank says

      3:08 music please?

    3. stefan talpalaru says

      +Blank Blank some Trap City, go to Aero Chords videos and then you will
      have it in recomended

    4. Dark Kenshin says

      stefan talpalaru l

    5. Dark Kenshin says

      stefan talpalaru ñ

  16. CyberHex says

    Why is it top 10 when there is more than 10 moments????

  17. yamath 21 says

    Ya des francais dans la salle !??!

    1. jahmar stewart says

      oui je suis parles le fracais quel que age a tu

    2. Arthur Noubibou says

      yamath 21 moi mais je suis bilingue

  18. Tanner Fox says

    more like 100 w2s moment you havent seen

  19. Shifaul Ahmed (WarriorKraken) says

    That’s got to be toby

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