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My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. KRM Channel says

    Kto z Polski daje like !

    1. Kacpero Rudziński says


    2. Adam Kepka says

      KRM Channel kacper

    3. Dominik Jankiewicz says

      Ja z Polski

    4. Grzegorz Chwist says


  2. Jack Rowe says

    I think it was a bit more than ten

    1. samila nisar says

      fak you

    2. GPGamer Pro says

      samila nisar you can’t speak English

    3. jossuele joh says

      Jack Rowe. quem e br da like

    4. stephen causebrook says

      Jack Rowe

    5. Gillian Yates says

      Jack Rowe so what at least we get more

  3. Zorgi 643 says

    Pause vid at 2:11 to see number plate

    1. khoshhemmat says

      Evan Smither f

    2. Pancakes Potts 2 says

      Zorgi 643

    3. Pancakes Potts 2 says


    4. Thomas Newell says

      Zorgi 643 14398

    5. Heinz Ketchup says

      Zorgi 643 number is “14398” 🙂

  4. Nathan van Delft says

    music 0:25 plz

    1. Hashir Malik says

      Nathan van Delft song name i like to change the world

    2. Messi XD says

      Nathan van Delft aero chords surface

    3. Chris Ben says

      AJ Maniti

    4. DC_ PLAY_Z says

      Nathan van Delft or id love to change the world by jetta

    5. Drazen Bratanovic says


  5. eugene akl says

    No wonder w2s dropped off school , he failed his math big time

    1. Milan Games says


    2. play game jr says


    3. MartinHD says

      eugene akl top 10 of 10 minutes

  6. Spade says

    6:34 xddddd

    1. Dusan football skills says


    2. Raimon Pereira says

      Dusan football skills

    3. DrawingWithJ says

      opcipcia IKR RIP

    4. gbfhvfb gbfhvfb says

      xKeisham fj

  7. Conor McKee says

    what’s the song at 1.30?

    1. Callgames says

      Conor McKee
      Just search (don’t remix)

    2. Naz Ali says


    3. DC_ PLAY_Z says

      Conor McKee ed sheeran- don’t (Don Diablo Remix)

    4. Minoki Kaki says

      what’s the song at 0.36

  8. omar mohammed says

    0:01 / aero chord boundless
    0:22 / id love to change the world
    0:33 / aero chord surface

    1. gokmen rahim says

      omar mohammed hhj

  9. AntonyJr says


    1. whydoesthischannelhaveareallylongnameidontknow says

      AntonyJr search Gangnam style

  10. Bristol Brist says

    whats the song at 1:05

    1. Games Go says

      Top Best

    2. Wakehurst A B says

      Top Best Songs called time if you want to know song go to w2s songs

    3. Bristol Brist says


  11. Abdul Hd says

    20 million views!!!!!

    1. Daniel Adaśko says

      What a Harry

  12. Galidon says

    GUYS PLEASE HWLP whats the name of the song on the 3d fifa clip

    bu bu bu the quile shakes down

    1. Joseph Reilly says

      Galidon do you mean m m m make the ground shake

    2. Joseph Reilly says

      Galidon do you mean m m m make the ground shake

    3. DC_ PLAY_Z says

      Galidon aero chord- surface?

    4. Galidon says


  13. Jonas TV - Skits And More! says

    1:31 and Ramos as well! As if Silmani was the main player ?

    1. Mustafa Daler says

      The lengend z

    2. Iwo Pawlak says

      Mustafa Daler

    3. MartinHD says

      Jonas TV – Skits And More!
      * as if IF slimani was the main one.
      Get it…if and IF of inform…haha…never mind

    4. eInvincible says

      He pulled 2 ramos

    5. RaZe Plague says

      Jonas TV – Skits And More! He Got Ramos Twice And The Duplicates Go At The
      End Of The Pack

  14. Kerem sülün says

    08:20 what is the song

  15. Saw_ Jig saw says

    music at 10:03

  16. uGur Avci says


  17. whydoesthischannelhaveareallylongnameidontknow says

    think he missed a 0 in the title

    1. 05 Pubble says

      HAHAHAHAHAHA u made my day mate

    2. whydoesthischannelhaveareallylongnameidontknow says

      05 Pubble 😀

  18. zhaoyongqin he says

    Your good

  19. xGLORobloxUse345 says

    Harry every video he makes he says “Oh My Days”

  20. Harry Wellens says

    What happend to Lewis in the sidemen

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