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Top 15 Most Expensive Cars Of NBA Players

Alux News Top 10-15

Top 15 Most Expensive Cars of NBA Players
Most Expensive Cars in the World: https://goo.gl/UBD8ta

Specs for each car: https://goo.gl/ijVLtF

Most expensive cars owned by Rappers:

Hey Aluxers, many of you are wondering which are the most expensive cars owned by NBA players, so we made a video for you!

We'll be looking at some of the top nba players, with their net worth and salaries to see if the really expensive car they bought makes any financial sense.

In this Alux.com video, we'll try to answer the following questions:
How rich is Lebron James? Lebron James Net Worth
How many cars does LeBron James Own?
What do NBA Players spend their money on?
How Rich is Stephen Curry? What car does Stephen Curry drive?

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  1. KCS XIV says


    1. Alux.com says

      First Actually! Congrats!

    2. KCS XIV says

      Alux.com Wow! It feels so good?

    3. waldy javier says

      sta ana racing

  2. Saqib Shaikh says


    1. Alux.com says

      Second but really really close!

    2. Priyanka shah says

      damm hahahahaha

  3. frosty ! says

    Did she say Steven curry? bruh I give up.

    1. William G says

      frosty ! My brothers name is Steven but spelled Stephen

    2. Brice Glover says

      William G technically both of you are wrong look it up cause his middle name is Stephen his real name is WARDELL

    3. Mason Mcgill says

      Brice Glover boi it dosent matter his name still isn’t Steven

    4. the rage team 469912 says

      frosty ! lol

    5. Quadé Martin says

      frosty ! she did

  4. Ebic dotdotdot says

    I dont understand this video, a lot of these players have vast collections that costs almost 5 to 10 times more expensive than these car lmfao

    1. 3forwade says

      Ebic dotdotdot ikr, for example Lebron bought that 450 years ago. Most of the cars on here are probably sold

    2. lal love says

      Ebic dotdotdot your wrong those NBA players cars are from back then

    3. Sophia Flynn says

      3forwade I

  5. Harshit Vashist says

    the girls voice is very annoying

    1. dope plays says

      Harshit Vashist ikr

    2. Zarif Safin says


  6. Ajinkya Pathania says

    Constructive criticism

    You should have kept one car per player. And a lot of people were missed in the video.

    1. Fritz Asuro says

      But the title said MOST EXPENSIVE CARS of NBA PLAYERS. So it’s basically ranking the price of the cars regardless who the NBA player is.

  7. Fritz Asuro says

    So Kobe is driving a…. RICE Prius?

    1. Wayne Collins says

      Fritz Asuro he’s not a NBA player anymore

    2. Funny vine Videos says

      Wayne Collins still he should be a million air

  8. Turbzay / Gaming Edits says

    Ste-f-en Curry not Ste-v-en.

    1. Tanner Krupp says

      it is archaically it is stefhen curry get your facts right

    2. lal love says

      Tanner Krupp its stephen alpha PAC is right

    3. Sheri Carter says

      its stephen curry

    4. Leopoldo Gonzalez says

      Turbzay / Gaming Edits same

    5. Daniel Warriors30 says

      Sheri Carter I know but that’s how you pronaunce it

  9. Jay Travels says

    When you call yourself a car enthusiast but want a Bugatti Veyron… you ain’t a car enthusiast bruh

    1. 1967 Camaro says

      Echo Tribute exactly

  10. Cash Volpe says

    I love sports cars so i personally would most likely end up spending at least half of my 20 million dollar salary (if i had one) I would buy a Koenigesgg agera R (arond 2.5 mill$) A Lamborghini Aventador SV roadster (500.000$) a Audi R8 v10+ (200.000$) A Mclaren P1 (2 mill) A Pagani Zonda cinque ( about 2.mill$) a la ferrari (1 mill) a lamborghini aventador with the liberty walk body kit (500.000$) a aston martin one 77 (1.5 mill$) and to finish it of a honda civic

    1. Argenis Arteaga says

      Cash Volpe laFerarri is more and a million.

    2. Victor Rivera says

      Cash Volpe all you’ll need is the Koenigsegg one: one forget the other cars

  11. peekay ang says

    they r fucking rich by putting balls in the holes

    1. GBSHDtECH says


    2. Epic Michael says

      peekay ang and entertaining millions, the NBA is a very wealthy association so you should know they pay a lot for their investments aka the players

    3. Lottica Allen says

      peekay ang yup

    4. Matthew Wilson says

      I agree tho. Its so stupid.

  12. Koro Sensei says

    4:33 He is not even with adidas he is with this chinese brand Lin somethin

    1. Zaid Al-Koor says

      Koro Sensei yep

    2. Tae75001 says

      I heard adidas as well lol

    3. Dalton Kimbro says

      Koro Sensei Li-Ning

  13. george sampras says

    the 599 that lebron had in the pic was a gto, those go for like 800k

    1. Bustalucka says

      george sampras my dream car is a Nissan GT-R

    2. george sampras says

      +Bustalucka hell yeah, I have a 370z so its kinda close to that  

    3. Bustalucka says

      george sampras yes bro nice what year ?

    4. george sampras says

      +Bustalucka its a 2011, 40k miles… its a great car for the money, silver.

  14. Owen Teems says

    If you have $1.7 million go out and buy a 918 spider not a Bugatti

  15. dan-jor prrt says

    derrick rose shiuld give me a 1.7 million euros

    1. cesar Valencia says

      dan-jor prrt He doesn’t live in Europe

  16. Andyy Rivas says

    I thought LeBron had a Kia..

  17. bad boy ML says

    steven curry lol

  18. Penny Mitchell says

    The narrator person is the stupidest person I hope they die


    steven curry my whole life was a lie

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