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Top 30 Assists 2015/16 ● HD

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Best Assists 2016 by Mesut Ozil, Lionel Messi, Ricardo Quaresma, Mata and other

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Song: Kasger – Out Here [NCS Release]


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  1. ERI ኣስላን ቤክ says

    I’m already client of Footoz. thanks I’m on The top viewer of all time

    1. Naruto Uzumaki says

      how do you know?

    2. ERI ኣስላን ቤክ says

      +Naruto Uzumaki sorry I don’t know from where it comes.

  2. Kabs Rance says

    nice video, where do you get your clips because i struggle to find for my

    1. FlairsMD says

      get from youtube and edit them

  3. Brandon Sanelli says

    Beautiful video! Anyone who knows football knows that assists are just as
    important as goals.

    1. Trahman Purnomo says


    2. Herve BLanchard says

      thats a chop^

  4. TopiaTube says

    Lol guys this guy is copyrighter!

    1. Jischbaal GKS says

      +TopiaTube … nobody cares indeed

    2. TopiaTube says

      +Jischbaal GKS U should cuz he can get bans… And after many copyright
      disclaimer warnings he should pay money…

    3. Trahman Purnomo says

      Yes and you enjoy it lol

    4. TopiaTube says

      +Trahman Purnomo well yep maybe 😀

    5. Trahman Purnomo says


  5. Alperen İri says

    Where is Aurelien Chedjou’s assist to Lukas Podolski in Galatasaray-Benfica
    match ? @FootoZ

    1. SwePow says

      Lets say 31st place

  6. M A L A N D R A M E N T E says

    Muito bom o video
    ate me lembrei da minha peça

    1. VlogME says

      Qual é a sua parte ?

  7. Marco Rossi says

    wtf and the Bonucci assist for Giaccherini ???

    1. cappa14$ says

      se lo e dimenticato spero

  8. ilFenomenaleZ says

    cuadrado for dybala vs sassuolo
    morata for cuadrado vs bayern

    1. U Mercat D says

      Poco juventino mi dicono…

    2. ilFenomenaleZ says


    3. cappa14$ says

      Dimentichi l’assist di Bonucci a Giaccherini!!!?

    4. ilFenomenaleZ says


  9. Amber lily says

    FootoZ why do you copyright everything

  10. Zachary Erwin says

    3:40 was beautiful so was 3:29 and 4:30 and 4:38.

    1. addison worley says

      What about 3:31?

  11. lightbombs says

    neymar’s assist to rakitic vs athletic bilbao

  12. E. Junior Gil Ramirez says

    Martial? lol and where are the assist of iniesta in the Club World Cup…

  13. erick yoel says

    madre mia quaresma tiene un pincel en el botin derecho grande mago ¡¡¡

  14. Mahdi Al-Hussein says

    the song was so bad and annoying

  15. Andre Casillas says

    Quaresma….King of Trivela?

  16. Robby Speed says

    I Don’t See Ronaldo Assists ..
    Oh yeah…

  17. Whitey Truffle says

    fucking hate this song

  18. Eliad Eyar says

    pogbas assist was strange since the opponent is from Africa and the ball
    was a euro ball. is it a friendly?

  19. Shaikh Mohammed Yunus says

    Quaresma’s outfoot crosses are lethal

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