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Top 30 Funny Worst Open Goal Misses 2016 ● HD

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Worst Open Goal Misses 2015/16

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  1. Wassim Orchi says

    some of them are realy hard to score

    1. Jack. EL says

      ?hmmmm ye defo ??

    2. Abraham Alvarez says

      It’s harder than it looks

    3. Dimitris Georgiadis says

      no way

    4. Eoin Smith says

      I wouldn’t say really hard, not easy tho.. but for a professional
      footballer they’re definitely huge misses..

    5. Roger Favela says


  2. gonaedeath2 says

    00:54. Even the opponents were wondering how he missed that.

    1. 1904 says

      they may have lost the league title because of him

    2. Owen Roberts says

      +1904 they did

    3. 1904 says

      +Owen Roberts yeah but he is still a good player

    4. Owen Roberts says

      I know the keeper touches it a little id promly mess it up aswell

  3. Ky' Oo says

    *Slimani* ♥

  4. Adnan says

    99 finishing

  5. yota-007 says

    Le raté de Balotelli était chaud à reprendre faut arrêter

  6. Armando Diaz says

    Bruh these are good goal line clearances

  7. Natanael Garcia says

    00:54 the keeper touched it and moved it enough for the striker to miss

    1. Shadyy says

      I don’t think it had anything to do with that. I was the speed of the ball
      and where the striker hit the ball

    2. peter kooiman says

      the ball bounced up right before he hit it

  8. Raafat Essam says

    the one before the last for dzeko was the weirdest the ball was coming to
    him slowly and the goal was open he chose his weak foot and slide the ball
    in the impossible place to miss :O

  9. Oneil Wilson says


    1. Skydragon100 says

      Electro-Light – Symbolism

  10. FKsDpTx says

    Messi header ca joe Hart after the penalty?

    1. LikeFifaDontHave It says


  11. Bob Cuber says

    None of these guys looked like Torres… ?

  12. GrmGames says

    Some of them aren’t even open goal missers like Balotelli and Hulk

    1. Hamzah Randy says

      +GrmGames I am right ?

    2. GrmGames says

      +Hamzah Randy nah. everyone knows you’re the fool here

    3. Hamzah Randy says

      +GrmGames I am right and I don t need to ask you??????

    4. Christian Pulisic says

      +Hamzah Randy that wasn’t an open goal miss it was actually a pretty
      difficult shot and he just hit it wrong. The goal wasn’t open it had two
      defenders and a goalie in front of them. Nice try though

  13. thành lê thị says

    It isn’t easy to score a goal…

    1. ramanvir dhaliwal says

      But when the net is wide open with no Keeper and your 6-12 yards away from
      it, it shouldn’t be hard

    2. thành lê thị says


  14. Je pic tes sous says

    at 1:00 the goalkeeper mode the ball

    1. travel and wildlife says


    2. Je pic tes sous says

      +travel and wildlife yes, I have saw the match

  15. Connor Hd says

    Alli had a hard angle

    1. PugLife says

      He didnt…. It was just really bad finishing

  16. Francesco Mastillo says


    1. Entity GamerITA says


  17. Michelle Coetzee says

    most of the goals are like 10 times harder to miss than score

    1. travel and wildlife says

      Not when your a pro footballer

  18. Fynn Aston says

    wot song is this

    1. Hai Tran says

      Electro Light-Symbolism

  19. Valentina Miele says

    ??????? pure io li segnavo

    1. Entity GamerITA says

      Pure ip XD

  20. TheLegendaryJohnson //JemNae says

    Balotelli days are over :(

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