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Top 5 Best Leather Soccer Cleats/Football Boots 2017

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  1. Paul Johnson says

    I have the leather puma EvoTOUCH pro

  2. Lyon Li says

    can you compare nike premier 2.0 vs original premier?

    1. Soccer Reviews For You says

      Definitely a possibility.

  3. Ronaldo Luís Nazàrio de Lima says

    I am literally wearing my Copa Mundials right now

  4. Kalos says

    18, spanish, not good at football by any means, still love your reviews <3

  5. Nirvan Jaffari says

    I laughed so hard when he forgot the 3rd rule????

  6. Jonathan Magallanes says

    Josh you should do a top 5 best uppers you ever tried??

    1. Jonathan Magallanes says

      not just leather boots but different uppers that you’ve tried overtime that have really surprised you and u really like?

  7. FutArt Plus says

    Can you do a video with top 5 best synthetic

    1. Soccer Reviews For You says

      Definitely a possibility.

    2. aruzman says

      Soccer Reviews For You please do both type of synthetic list, current gen and all time.

  8. Kevin Wightman says

    Them Samurai Blue Morelia MIJ ???

  9. afcforever says

    “I don’t remember three…” dead ?

  10. Zacharie Roy says

    Legend 7 is amazing

  11. Harry Dixon says

    I liked the video just for the thumbnail ?

  12. Alan Ureno says

    Hey, you should make a video on top 5 soccer boots under $100

  13. Brian Lizarraga says

    Can you review your cat?

  14. Iam Sensei says

    Josh were you able to get the blackout Puma K-leather Evopower Vigor 1?

  15. Christopher Choo says

    Can u do one for synthetic cleats

  16. zach wilson says

    i feel like the adidas gloro 16.1 is very underated

  17. blown out says

    I’ve been wanting to try those copa 17.1s but the tongue is HIDEOUS

  18. Taylan Aplar says

    Do a top 5 knitted boots please

  19. Sumfunghai says

    Which do you prefer the Mizuno Rebula or wave ignites 4

  20. William Djokro says

    Are you going to get diadora match winner?

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