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Top 5 Most Skillful Players 2015/16 ● Messi ● Ronaldo ● Neymar ● Pogba ● Di Maria

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Skill Mix | Messi | Ronaldo | Neymar | Pogba | Di Maria

Who is best?

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1. Just Juice – Lavish (feat. Logic & Mojo) [Prod. By C-Sick]
2. Gioni – Trigger
3. Yonas – This Goes out to You
4. Travi$ Scott – Upper Echelon (Haterade & Snafu Remix)
5. Nate Good – Gold Coast Prod. Jacob Levan

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  1. Александр Андриишин says

    где озил?

    1. FootoZ says

      +Александр Андриишин Бро, какой Озил?

    2. Mad_Max pro says

      Не реально! Понимаю Санчес но Озил?

    3. Ronaldinho De Asis morera says

      +FootoZ ты на русском и на английском разговариваешь но тогда где ты живёшь
      в россии или в Англии

  2. gReK 777 says

    Очень крутое качество!!! срочно рекламу тебе!))) очень крутые видосы,а
    песенка с Лео просто шикарная сохранил уже в плейлист)))

    1. Ronaldinho De Asis morera says

      я тоже на русском разговариваю я из России

    2. Ronaldinho De Asis morera says

      +FootoZ очень классное видео

    3. satur moreno says


    4. Fabricio Silva says

      +Ronaldinho De Asis morera oi

    5. BadB says

      Ты знаешь Русский?

  3. Kay Oh says

    The guys from the street who had bad living conditions are the best players
    in the world, GG

    1. Raul JR. says

      Yes, that’s real 😉

    2. Iraji Masou says

      Like pele

    3. SETH Sound says

      why am i not a pro player then

    4. Mody Ashraf says

      Like me and my friends

  4. Ewt -.- says

    Where is Mertesacker?

    1. Khaled Ait Ouffroukh says

      where is mahrez

    2. Nabeel Majeed says

      +Ewt -.- ??????????????????
      mertesacker ???????

    3. CR7SebyPlayzCF says

      Mertersacker is the fastest and best too

    4. Mody Ashraf says

      Yeah totally he is world’s best player better than Pelé , Neymar , Messi
      and Ronaldo

  5. NORTH Foreman says

    5.di maria

    1. KSI FAN says

      +Mody Ashraf sa- Sanchez ??????
      stop you’ll make me pee my pants…
      but serously your going with Sanchez ??
      go search how many people say messi is the best
      number 1 FU#@ING PELÈ number 2 Joe hart number 3 zlatan ibrahimović number
      4 David Luiz

    2. KSI FAN says

      +AxTheGamer HD ? then go search how he humiliats raberto
      Carlos,ronaldo,jerome boatang neur
      ect. I don’t wanna get u angry yes ronaldo is the most popular footballer
      but messi is the best footballer

    3. ABDI HASSAN says

      are crazy it’s 1.Messi 2.Ronaldo 3.Neymar jr

  6. I'm Batman says

    Best custom player Gareth bale or Neymars speed, Ronaldo’s shooting,
    Messi’s accuracy

    1. I Am Gomushin says

      +Tryptic 77 Are you f*cking kidding? He is the fastest football player in
      the world! Hold this L

    2. Edgar Davids says

      +xXx_Mano_xXx not really you sound ignorant

    3. Edgar Davids says

      +I Am Gomushin there is faster players dumbaas

    4. Abraham Lawal says

      +Tryptic 77 mertasacker is way faster

  7. P3DR0 G4M3S Monteiro says

    whats the song of Neymars part?

    1. Elias Kamaratos says


    2. Iraji Masou says

      Darude Sandstorm

    3. Assif Arekion says

      +Elias Kamaratos what’s the song of messi’s part ?

    4. Benji Katozka says

      +Assif Arekion Nate Good – Gold Coast

    5. Jamie Doyle says

      Gioni trigger

  8. ZOMB13 L1ZARD says

    1) Ronaldo
    2)Ronaldinho (don’t care if he’s old)
    3) Neymar
    5)Lucas Moura (questionable)

    1. sum go says

      Dude Ronaldinho is not old he lives in New York and maybe play for Mexico

    2. hypero123 says

      ur just dumb lol and maybe blind a player who is skillful does not need to
      only do fancy footwork or showboat. ball control etc are also considered
      skills in case u did not know. and if u watched the videos u can see
      dimaria doing skills

    3. ZOMB13 L1ZARD says

      +sum go he’s kinda old for a footballer is what I mean

  9. LM10 The KING says

    Logic is number one for me :’)

    1. LM10 The KING says

      +Muhd Syazani what up fan

    2. Maibritt Rosendahl says


  10. Mudkip Games says

    Does anybody else think Ronaldo has a long neck?

    1. Vicki Andrews says


    2. KSI FAN says


    3. Efrain Reyes says


    4. Mabula MKAMA says


  11. Simone Poretti says


    1. Hex Gaming/Vlogs says

      oh yeah Neymar’s dribbling is just epic…. you can barely tackle him in

    2. Frodi says

      Yes ;DDD neymar is the best

    3. KSI FAN says

      +HekSiu No he is a FUTURE ballond’or winner when messi and ronaldo retire
      it will be neymar that will win the ballond’or

    4. CR7SebyPlayzCF says

      2.Di Maria

  12. Epic_Girl_Playz -Games says

    Ronaldo doesn’t assist much like Neymar and messi do.

    1. Patrick SkullGem says

      Do you even watch football?

  13. Patrick SkullGem says

    All the Barca fans are fucking bandwagons, I swear. If Messi actually went
    to Chelsea all these Bandwagon 4-13 y/o would go and start supporting

    Grabs Popcorn
    Barca fanboys come at me

    1. jacka cakes (Jackacakes) says

      Don’t you mean Real Madrid fans as they are all Arabs.

    2. ItsKuotHD says

      racist kunt your pathelic

    3. Nu'maan Saloojee says

      I bet you suported man United when Ronaldo was there.
      You don’t support real Madrid you support Cristiano Ronaldo

    4. Татьяна Курласова says


  14. ScoopKing says

    Messi should have 5 star skills on FIFA. He’s the world’s best dribbler,
    his ball control is second to none and he’s a brilliant nutmegger. That
    warrants 5 stars for me.

    1. Raphael Clarke says

      That doesn’t mean he should have 5*skills. Messi doesn’t showboat so
      4*skills is perfect

  15. Jamie Doyle says

    Where is Heskey

    1. Buk Lau says


  16. Rodney Akorsa says

    if u were on a transfer marker pick one ronaldo or Messi

  17. Nick Greensage says

    1. neymar
    2. Messi
    3. Ronaldo
    4. Di Maria
    5. Pogba

  18. Noah KITZELMANN says

    In 2016 i really liked ben arfa skills

  19. Magaly Castro says

    The skills I like is messi

  20. Manny Diaz says

    messi is the becuase he got 5 gold balls and ronald wants the goals just
    for him and he does not pass

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