Top 5 Worst Dropped Passes in NFL History


Top 5

Top 5 Worst Dropped Passes in NFL History

5. Kenny Stills
4. Stevie Johnson
3. Wes Welker
2. Lee Evans
1. Jackie Smith

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  2. we’re all human but no one wants to be the guy who ends up reminding people that, especially professional players damnnn

  3. Highlight Heaven that’s pretty jerkish that the only time you put the cowboys on the thumbnail is when it is a top 5 WORST of something.

    • thats just how it goes. kinda like how blair walsh made 3/3 field goals in the wild card game and everyone blames him for missing the 4th even though it is the offenses job to score TDs.

    • Matt V just like how a drop or a tipped interception still counts as an incompletion and interception on the quarterbacks part

    • Alex Wheels that was not an awful throw at all. He put it on the back shoulder and was a bit high but Welker put both hands right on the ball. No excuse for dropping that ball and you can see it in his reaction. If he catches that it’s a first down and New England can run the clock down a lot more

    • Saved by the Le’Veon Bell There’s a lot of controversy over it. For Brady’s standards it wasn’t a good throw, but for welker’s standards it was a drop. No one really knows what to make of it but when all said and done, the ball hit the ground and the pats lost.

    • Joseph Iannuccilli bottom line is it was a good enough backshoulder throw for it to hit Welker right in both of his hands. Should have definitely been caught

    • Lazarus Kabrareah kind of agree with you considering every other play on this list was a clean dropped pass. they dropped it without the defenders getting in the way of it. number 2 is the only one where the defender actually made a good play on the ball. I feel like there is another one that could have been added on here that was 100% on the receiver