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Top Ten Chicken Quotations Disguised As One Introverts Humor

Everyday sayings about chickens can give a person pause to think about how one of God’s little creatures could be so prevalent in our daily lives. It just seemed like an interesting comparison. If you’re more of an introvert and ever find yourself feeling “chicken” in anyway, consider some chicken quotations to help you the next time you feel – chicken-hearted.

1. “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.” Chuck Palahniuk, fiction novelist Using more extroverted behaviors doesn’t make you an extrovert. It just enhances your introvert tendencies, much like the additional responsibility section can improve the look of a resume. The best you is in your innate strengths, the “feathers” only give you more flight.

2. “An author in a Trappist monastery is like a duck in a chicken coop. And he would give anything in the world to be a chicken instead of a duck.” Thomas Merton quotes, American and Trappist Monk An introvert who is networking for a job or business can be like a duck in a chicken coop. You want to be a chicken don’t you? Maybe. Maybe, not. Consider the Chinese Proverb…

3. “An over crowded chicken farm produce fewer eggs.” Chinese Proverb Cock and bull stories about me, my and I are prevalent in business and life in general. Consider taking a different path and do what you do best – get other people to talk about themselves first. Don’t let the crowd ruffle your feathers and have you thinking you have to go right along. Fell free to be you.

4. “Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect Regardless of our style we might think we aren’t enough. That usually comes from comparing ourselves. But the truth is when you compare a chicken house to a cathedral there is no comparison, is there? They each have a distinct purpose and service. So do we as introverts. So do extroverts.

5. “Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken poop from chicken salad.” Lyndon B. Johnson, former USA President Each of us serves our best mutual interests being who we are. Being inauthentic has that distinct chicken poop smell. Or, is it feel? If you prefer to do sales prospect research, then delegate the front selling piece of being face-to-face. But if you want to build your confidence and strut your stuff, then do both. No chicken poop.

6. “I’ll change you from a rooster to a hen with one shot!” Dolly Parton’s character in 9 to 5 movie Maybe someone is labeling you aloof, anti-social or shy. You know none of this is true. Like Dolly playing Doralee, do some explaining to educate and clarify. Then play a little chicken with her famous line. That would be so rooster, extrovert, like wouldn’t it?

7. “The chicken came first-God would look silly sitting on an egg.” Author Unknown Once you get in the flow of being yourself, the momentum of your confidence begins to carry itself. It’s the clich√© chicken and egg situation. Which came first – you being you or you being self-confident? Can you sit on self-confidence?

8. “You can’t cook one half of a chicken and expect the other half to lay.” eggs.” Sanskrit Proverbs Introvert and extrovert is a spectrum. The majority of us are not a pure one or the other. Most of us are actually ambiverts. An ambivert normally finds a balance in their comfort with groups and socializing, and also relishes alone time and being away from the crowd. The extrovert needs the social and the introvert needs the alone time.

9. “You can’t hatch chickens from fried eggs.” Dutch Proverb As introverts our personal energy needs recharging regularly. It is after all an extroverting world. Little time to be alone and answers needed at dawn. Be sure to plan alone time or else, like fried eggs, nothing more will hatch.

10. “Sins, like chickens, come home to roost.” Charles W. Chesnutt, author, essayist and political activist It’s never too late. There’s time to expand yourself with some additional social skills if it will help you in your pursuit of happiness and success. And every smart contemplative introvert can determine you can avoid negative consequences of any earlier actions with a plan that suits you.

It’s natural to want to be what seems like most of the world is – in our introvert situation, it seems like it’s a good deal more extroverted. The truth is, according to statistics from the MBTI publishers, we’re about half and half extroverts and introverts. Now that is something to – crow about.

Source by Patricia Weber

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