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How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. FpFuzion PlayspF says

    Is that his dad as gk?

    1. gamer 10.0 OP says

      FpFuzion PlayspF yes

    2. Anna Mcgee says

      FpFuzion PlayspF yes

    3. Liam_FC says

      No Arjen Robben LOL

    4. Archiegaming Hunt says

      FpFuzion PlayspF yes

  2. TheDiamondWolf says

    what’s the song at the start??

    1. Boss Bro pro boss says


    2. The Gamer vlogs says

      If I tell you will you subscribe

    3. Jaimie and Jaxon says

      The Gamer vlogs u

    4. FUISON Games437 says

      TheDiamondWolf ŷ

  3. Tristan RJ says

    When he needs a striker and passes on two 85s to take an 82

    1. The Sniperking says

      I am in year 5 and my position is LW

    2. Omer Tuğrul Şehitoğlu says

      The Sniperking

    3. the emerald burger says

      I play Lm because on a FIFA card I would have like 94 pace

    4. Dinujan Indran says

      Omer Emir

  4. Gustavo Wellmann says

    look at Harrys dads face when he saved this goal 4:51

    1. a a says

      Gustavo Wellmann L j

    2. Gema6frank Bullen says

      Travis Hampson and

    3. Csaba Tőzsér says

      csabi bané

    4. Ana Luisa Fuentes González says

      Gustavo Wellmann

    5. Kereskényi Rómeó says

      Csaba Tőzsér dikk egy magyar

  5. john cuellar says

    Harry’s moth is so big and freezy’s to ?

    1. abood _ gamer says

      thamer Khalil

    2. Franz Wurst says

      john cuellar his mom has expierence with big things in her mouth

    3. Road to fifa 123 says

      abood _ gamer
      bhopal bhkjb 6sddxdd22dc3ec

    4. Samuel Rogalski says

      Franz Wurst jy

    5. Christopher Haddad says

      you literally spelled mouth wrong you idiot and your stupid

  6. Woofybob says

    What were they eating in the Chubby Bunny?

    1. Birmingham City Tekkerz/Matches says

      Woofybob marshmallows

    2. The legend says

      Woofybob is a nobel ?

    3. gamer 10.0 OP says

      Woofybob its kind of obvious

    4. RIGGERZ 71 21 21 says

      Woofybob a tree

  7. Lorcan Murray says

    Why not eat the marshmallows when done

    1. Kate Reay says

      Lorcan Murray p

    2. Vale Best says

      Cool ?

    3. Ost och Smör says

      Lorcan Murray

  8. The passive frag says

    harry moans when he has 87k coins I am happy when I have 1k

    1. Matt Dominou says

      The passive frag I’m with you I’m fine with 1k

    2. Octupus opdecam says

      The passive frag welcome to the club m8

    3. FIFA Gamer says

      The passive frag same

  9. Beast Boy says

    Name of song at 9:50

    1. Lionel Messi says

      Beast Boy Ctrl Alt Destruction

    2. Beast Boy says

      Lionel Messi Not this

  10. Zia 360 “dazzling” Skillz says

    You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full JK ?

  11. Crakz ! says

    harry hit two crossbars thats really unfair

  12. Skilled Freestyler says

    Harry if you sub to The Real Freestylers I will sub to you oh wait I
    already did LOL???

  13. Niko Floros says

    Who’s watching in 2017

  14. Aj3 games Fifa says

    I know it’s so weird the most cons I ever had is half k

  15. Matt Dominou says

    you should treat your dad with more respect

  16. 1 Subscriber With No Content? says



  17. Eren Yeager says

    What is 0:05 song name

  18. Victini Gaming 12 says

    It was my birthday when u uploaded this.

  19. Brendan Boyd says

    Josh the is gonna grow up to be a famous footballer

  20. Viktor Mårtensson says

    is dat candi?

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