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  1. W2S SONGS says

    Who agrees Harry is the best YouTuber ever :D?

    1. AA Gaming says


    2. D'Angelo Miller says

      yes ge is

    3. Murray FINDLATER says

      W2S SONGS no but hes one of the best

    4. The football Legend123 says

      W2S SONGS you are right.??

  2. freddielm says

    I would’ve made a fort like in the Simpsons but that was pretty cool

    1. Adam Mammoliti says


    2. Adam Mammoliti says


    3. Diego Delgado Gonzalez says


    4. Charlie Johnson says

      then attack it and wet it with a hose pipe

    5. Alfie Pickett says


  3. X-_SAVAGE_-X says

    How to be a troll

    Read more

    1. It'sJoe It'sJoe says

      Oscar Wilson geez

    2. Oscar Wilson says

      It’sJoe It’sJoe ??

    3. Zara Kennedy says

      ilove da

  4. Jack Brander says

    My favourite football players

    Lukasz Piszcek
    David Luiz

    Bastian Schweinsteiger
    Eric Bailly
    Nicolas Otamendi
    David De Gea
    Thomas Muller
    Eden Hazard
    Romelu Lukaku

    I’m just joking

    Read the first latter of every name.

    1. Marta Malińska says

      SoccerView No! It’s wrong – (Ł)ukasz Piszczek. Łord Bendtner? xD

    2. Hubcio says

      Łord bendner xDDD Pozdro od polski

    3. TH3 KILL3R says

      Marta Malińska ty polka?

    4. TH3 KILL3R says

      Hubcio elo

    5. Hubcio says

      VeXeM VeXeM siemka

  5. Aspiq (Aspiq) says

    1:58 Whats the song called?

    1. OG SparkS says

      Grandtheft & Delaney Jane – Easy Go
      There u go! 🙂 <3

    2. Rhiz Peroz says

      +OG SparkS

    3. Wivan Barbero says

      Rhiz Peroz

    4. OG SparkS says

      Easy go! by Grandtheft <3 there u go bro

  6. Fifa Master Muhammed says

    What type of YouTuber are you? Oh yeah a FIFA one!!! Upload fifa!

    1. George W. Bush says

      +Fifa Master Muhammed
      I’d rather just leave it at settled; I don’t do subscription for

    2. Fifa Master Muhammed says

      +George W. Bush OK then

    3. IanIs XD69 says

      Fifa Master Muhammed no that depends of wat he wants

    4. facegarrr facegarrr says

      Fifa Master Muhammed no he’s a football youtuber

    5. Fifa Master Muhammed says

      +the gaming apple n No he isn’t

  7. Gilbert Li says

    oh look theres a 2 foot height, soooo dangerous

    1. Vicky Cb says

      antonio laviano

    2. Stetson Reynolds says

      Gilbert Li they are wimps

    3. Shauna Harkin says

      the gaming apple n UK you have you you have you you have l

    4. Magnus Andersson says

      Gilbert Li

  8. Mastergamer 329 says

    Harry is very good at front flips and backflips

    1. Jamie R (Renno) says

      Mastergamer 329 next joke.

    2. Khalid Alabdulla says

      Mastergamer 329

  9. Blake Plays says

    Josh’s voice of changed so much

    1. fiona Dawson says

      Blake Plays puberty

    2. Joe Plant says

      Blake Plays q

    3. BigDaddyMaster 9000 says

      my brozer say my voice wil go deeep wen hairs grows from my face

    4. It'sJoe It'sJoe says

      Blake Plays cause this how life works

  10. Galaxy Princess says

    WWE moves I should do from up there with trampoline

    1. Oisin Barker says

      That would be sick like a stunner or RKO or Aa

    2. Eve Gamer08 says

      I never knew he said bad words!

    3. Kyle Giles says

      Nilimah Begum tttttt

    4. Manraj Ghataurhae says

      Hahaha do a german suplex from the roof

  11. FastFoodLegend26 says

    Someone give me an “Oh, my days!” counter for all of his videos

    1. Louis The doge says

      FastFoodLegend26 over 43

    2. DoPe SnIpEr says

      FastFoodLegend26 745678755443456

    3. AirJeans Gaming says

      FastFoodLegend26 OVER 9000

  12. CarrotDude YT says

    I love you Harry

    1. HusamTV says

      well he don’t love u

    2. HusamTV says

      its a joke

    3. Leon Halsey says


    4. albin rosenvind says

      CarrotGamer YT me too

  13. yashvardhan goyal says

    question-Why did Harry’s parents allow him to do this? Answer – He makes
    more than they ever did
    Like if you agree

    1. Nadaa Tee says

      yashvardhan goyal

    2. EpicBigJ101 FTW says

      I don’t know tbh

  14. chargersfan1111 says

    If you watch on mute, the whole video is full of overreactions

    1. primegamer 485 says

      chargersfan1111 you fucking suck

    2. chargersfan1111 says


    3. Amazing Tomax says

      Isaac Jiang shut your fucking gob

  15. tobischanu HD says

    3:18 Whats the Song called?

    1. KING HARAMBE says

      tobischanu HD darude sandstorm

    2. tobischanu HD says


    3. Moïse Guessou says

      tobischanu HD “sum wave – mountain downhill”

  16. syöpä tatti says

    vittu miten paska perhe

    1. zEBINKULMAAz says

      syöpä tatti tori??

    2. syöpä tatti says

      zEBINKULMAAz ?

    3. xLF The beast says


  17. ReLLim WaVe says

    Why does he over react to everything

    1. Fart Face says

      ReLLim WaVe lol ya

    2. E4A Tricks says

      ReLLim WaVe for views

    3. Ben S says

      ReLLim WaVe so we don’t realize it’s like 4 feet from the trampoline to the

    4. Shauna Harkin says

      ReLLim WaVe the the​the grand scheme of things

    5. CJA CJA says

      Ben S

  18. Jonik_ HD says

    WHO’s watching in 2017

    1. Pompella Rodriguez says


    2. Dominic Bradshaw says

      Jonik_ HD me

    3. JW Gaming says

      Jonik_ HD me

    4. Brisa Martinez says

      Jonik_ HD me

    5. Beverley Hehir says


  19. Cale 1011 says

    Someone that speaks spanish?

    1. Mark The VIPie says

      Cale 1011 Nein… oh f*ck!

    2. Zmowgameplayz Hd says

      Cale 1011 Hola amigos vamos!

    3. Dereisenboss YT says

      Cale 1011 me

    4. iKingFreddy YT says

      Yo si pincho pendejo que va lol como estas?

  20. Boom Slime says

    Is that green shirt kid midget or something

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