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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, President Donald Trump had a busy first week in office issuing a flurry of executive actions and orders to kick start his agenda, some of which flew under the radar of both the media and perpetually outraged liberals.

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Trump Signs Orders That Would Allow Police Officers to Enforce Immigration Laws

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  1. Cole's World says

    Finally a President that has some balls..

    1. todd Brewer says

      I oopsed it has been 28 years.

    2. Loreen Degenstein says

      That would be Prince William. After the death of Princess Diana, who also
      leaked information online, we all just loved and glorified the off-spring
      of our beautiful fairy tale princess. Why? He’s nothing like her.
      Unfortunately, Grimm’s fairy tales always end in death, supposedly to
      forewarn us. Online leaks go as far as the Queen being directly involved in
      the biggest secret global Paedophile ring, involving the NWO and it’s
      elites, World Leaders, Amassadors… Start some research into this
      connection. Pick on the true anti-christ if you must. Revelations state
      something about crowns… do your own work.

    3. TB 123 says

      Cole’s World You’ve been buffing?How else would you know.

    4. Elena Palleschi says

      Border taxes , papers from foreigners. Wow Just like in Russia now days.

    5. Scottrick LaRoque says

      Ed De Toro, did you have to go racist? There’s not even a reason to swear
      if you have an education but there’s NEVER a reason to be racist. Not even
      to liberal morons. You swore, used racist epithets and broke a commandment
      all in the same 2 line comment. And what did he even say besides he won’t
      take a chip? I won’t take a mark of the beast either. And then you try to
      be cool and use a Marine saying at the end of all that? Shameful.

  2. dsemt54 says

    I sexually identify as a 1997 chevy blazer. I’m actually on my way to go
    talk to a plastic surgeon about replacing all of my extremities with 235/70
    R15T tires. I already found a surgeon that will replace my small intestines
    with a 4.3l v6. You may not like it but this is what 190 hp of peak
    performance looks like and if you disagree or do not like me then you’re a
    racist, sexist homophobic bigot!

    1. georgiaridgerunner 79 says

      melissa ridgeway. they done went nuts….oh well a. it of comic relief in
      these times is good

    2. SuperDrifter4000 says

      And if I had a dog that believes he’s a cat does that mean I have to get
      him a litter box and feed him tuna fish next? But I guess that means no
      more walks anymore. Ha! ?

    3. Queen of Hearts Baby says

      charlie Harper your a TROLL ???

    4. melissa ridgeway says

      +georgiaridgerunner 79 Laughing is good. We have just go back
      laughing……We don’t laugh nearly enough ?

  3. Jennifer Coy says

    I hope for America’s sake this is true.. Then we need to dis ban the aclu.
    . non Americans should have no more rights here an illegals should have
    none they broke the law.

    1. Aimee Curry says

      Jennifer Coy

    2. Queen of Hearts Baby says

      oksills well ❗ BUSH put the E Verfiy ACT on ❗
      Jan 2016

    3. Rocky Davis says

      Sue catlady Matt. 7:1-3

    4. oksills says

      I’m afraid I do not understand this comment.

    5. Mike Evans says

      Jennifer Coy everyone should have the rights that God gave them , they’re
      not given to us by the constitution , only guaranteed by it . anyone here
      legally is also guaranteed their rights , they are not guaranteed to those
      here illegally .

  4. Jason Boner says

    How great would it be if this happened ?? I’m tired of having to press 1
    for english.

    1. Marine Manukyan says


    2. mr 305 monje says

      Jason Boner you reap what you sow,keep hating will come back to you soon or
      later mark my words

    3. Fargo The Elite says

      mr 305 monje what you classify as hating
      We all classify as hilarious.

    4. mr 305 monje says

      you don’t get it,a lot of families suffer because of this and for you is
      hilarious ok enjoy on my pain laugh as much as you want,cause tomorrow
      youll be crying and im going to laugh,

    5. Fargo The Elite says


  5. brando92711 says

    now impose a $100k fine for hiring an illegal immigrant without a work visa

    1. renegadebiker24 says

      Michael Dutch True, but, also add in the liberal snowflakes that are
      college and universities administration that makes up most of the reasons
      why college or university degree students do not find a job within the time
      frame of graduation, and the real world business demands of skilled or
      educated labor in the field that the student went into, and the
      technological advances in that field, that made all those courses obsolete
      by the time the student graduates, and then is in debt enough for that
      student to not make enough money to cover the cost of the education. This
      is where there is a big disconnect between the business demands of skilled
      or educated labor in the workforce, and the outdated educational
      institutions. Something has to be done about that.

    2. Ted Turner says

      What Donald is not going to issue the Mark of The Beast. No way! But if he
      does I will come back to this post and say I was wrong!

    3. Jim LaGuardia says

      brando92711 Fining is not enough. They must be put in jail.

  6. Gustavo Alba says

    Donald Trump was America’s last chance trust me he is no Saint but he’s not
    a traitor to the American people!

    1. Lynn Kueh says

      Gustavo Alba Nobody is perfect.

    2. mspollynicole1 says

      +Shoshannah B. ..Most of us have guns, will use them.

  7. Barney Fife says

    This is the start of: “Papers Please”.

    1. ryan jopling says

      1st amendment dude?

    2. Wayne Davis says

      I don’t care for stopping people and asking for ID. I do find it OK for ID
      to be asked for when: Voting, Banking, Entering the Country ,Getting Hired,
      Seeking Welfare or Government Aid, or many other business transactions.
      These are all things every country in the world does, except America.

    3. Peter Pate says

      Barney Fife They have been doing that for 15 years.

    4. Anita Mihalik says

      Barney Fife. good! I do NOT Want Muslims trying get to take over America
      like they keep threatening to do. They that believe in the Quran CANNOT get
      along with anyone. Freedom of speech in my country says I can say the Quran
      is stupid and you’re killers and I don’t like you but they want to cut my
      head off for that. kiss my butt

  8. Pallas AnitaSarkeesian says

    You have to love how much difficulty Gary the cuck has reading lol. He
    sounds like the semi illiterate Trump.

    1. Pallas AnitaSarkeesian says

      NorwayJoseXXX I don’t support Obama.

    2. Pallas AnitaSarkeesian says

      +Summer Joy No. What I mean is that he can barely read.

    3. Ron Remy says


    4. Steven Greeson says

      so when you read and chew at the same time, do you spit or swallow?

  9. Caffine addict says

    Wonder how MSM will tell the zombies out there.

    1. Hettman says


      He is a fascist dictator!

    2. me says

      Brenniman65 + Httman. Calm down Brenniman65 you’ve OD’d on MSM. When it’s
      out of your system you’ll see it’s all better.

    3. Brenniman65 says

      me Perfectly calm here but *You* will come to learn lad… keep studying
      and keep vigilant…:-D

    4. Traditional Values says

      Hettman*********Obviously you’re wrong and in enormous error! The Bible
      specifically states that it is God that establishes the borders of nations
      and it’s Trump’s responsibility to control those borders or the United
      States will cease to exist, as it becomes an impoverish third world open
      borders Hell hole with rapidly rising crime, assaults, rapes, buried under
      a sea of illegal drugs! These are the goals of our enemies in Mexico who
      openly threaten turning lose an invasion of drug dealers to destroy
      America, as Mexico’s President recently threatened America, is undeniably
      unacceptable behavior by any leader of bordering territories!

  10. Dave Jan says

    Better way yet. Cut off ALL welfare, housing, food stamps, medical, &
    support for ANY non citizen. Remove the “free ride.” Provide for the needs
    of legitiment alien workers but all others, adios!! Dont build the damned
    stadium & they WONT come.

    1. ryan jopling says

      you do realize they get none of these. for starters you need a ss#. if they
      had that then they ARE a citizen. only thing they are “guaranteed” is ER
      care just because doctors took an oath to not turn away anyone in a life
      threatening situation. your a fucking moron…

    2. Anita Mihalik says

      Dave Jan oh hell yes! we are paying for them to be here illegally that
      really pisses me off.

    3. Tyler Buchholz says

      ryan jopling Yes they get benefits without a SSN. They also get to send
      their kids to schools they don’t pay for. The only time they use a SSN is
      when they need to show an employer, and then it’s a stolen one. Wake up and
      do some research on your own.

    4. Tyler Buchholz says

      Dave Jan Exactly, if they can’t get benefits, and employers refuse to hire
      them for fear of tough penalties then these people will self deport back to
      where they came. Then only the terrorists and drug mules will be trying to
      get in.

  11. Roe Kemp says

    Liberals quit obsessing over immigrants and lets take care of our veterans
    and the homeless Americans.

    1. Fred Flintstone says

      +Roe Kemp
      And you also my dear friend!

    2. Marcial Ramos says

      thank you i have been saying it for a time now

    3. mspollynicole1 says

      +Roe Kemp ..Amen.

    4. shaban beluli says

      Roe Kemp illegal immigration is the reason we can’t take care of our
      veterans and homeless

  12. MontanaMountainMen says

    Want to end illegal immigration, here it is. Any business that knowingly
    hires illegals will lose their license to operate, any individual harboring
    or aiding illegals or helping entry in the US will be imprisoned. Any
    person or persons breaking Federal laws regarding safe havens or “Sanctuary
    Cities” will forfeit all Federal funds and face criminal prosecution.
    Simple and very effective.

    1. Dan Kelly says

      MontanaMountainMen …I feel that criminals and freeloaders should be

    2. Shirley Stone says

      Jonathan Ramirez can’t they get a work visa

    3. MontanaMountainMen says

      Well they should be. Thing that upsets me is they are illegals, they
      willingly broke a Federal Law. You break the law you and I go to prison.
      Next they have been here for 10,20, 30 years and still never became a
      citizen, slip their mind perhaps, no they are just pissed for now we have a
      real President who will not tolerate any excuses and will deport them, that
      is the Federal Law. I’d love to see Trump abolish “Anchor babies” next.

    4. Shirley Stone says

      Me too. Some of them are here for 30 years and still can’t speak english.
      And when our boys are fighting to keep us free they need to shove that
      mexican flag.

    5. MontanaMountainMen says

      Exactly, this is America, we have laws. We are not a nanny state that just
      hands out money and benefits to anyone that just shows up.We work, pay hard
      earned money to taxes, can’t pay for our kids college , but they “demand
      “we pay for theirs, I don’t think so.

  13. Bernie Sully says

    I hear snowflakes melting as a steam rolls off the snow

  14. harper levert says

    gonads Finally

  15. bluedonkeyman says

    75 thumbs down = 75 snowflakes

  16. Ed De Toro says

    !!! FACT !!! OOORAH !!!

  17. Peter Summersett says

    Looking good.

  18. PezX Candy says

    It all depends on who is ruling. Obama said… Catch and release. Our new
    commander in chief says… Catch and deport. and I like that.

  19. lumie soucek says

    His wife is illegal immigrant. No show no proof.

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