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Trump Asks Cameras to Turn in Las Vegas- Once Again, Only RSBN’s MOVE!

Your president Donald Trump

Sunday, October 30, 2016: Donald Trump asks Cameras to turn in Las Vegas- Once Again, Only OURS MOVE!

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  1. Favs forme says

    Thank You for showing the INCREDIBLE Crowds. Believe me we appreciate it

    1. Traditional Asset says

      And even if some don’t, they too, deserve the truth.

  2. Matthew Tangonan says

    Trump is about to lead in Florida again. Make ?? Great Again

    1. bigrig0625 says

      Ramped Upp

      I use to live near Williamsport, Pa. I early voted Trump the other day in a
      “safe state” but i wish i could’ve cast my vote back in Pa. I miss it
      there, great and beautiful state!

    2. Mark Dorchester says

      Yep, he has 11% early polling/absentee lead according to the most recent

    3. We Like Mike says

      OBAMA ended ban on ‘domestic propaganda’ Jul2 2013…help spread the Truth

    4. jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says

      Make Florida Great Again

  3. John Flemming says

    lol, who thumbed this down? CNN , CBS, ABC, NBC, Joe Biden, the New York
    Times, Hillary, Obama and Glenn Beck

    1. Johnny Utah says

      John Flemming lol i was about to say the same thing

    2. Papa Neil says

      +Alex Williamson ,Satan is running and they are voting for her

  4. Sam M says

    You guys need to have a board that says RSBN. Let people know that you are
    not like the other lying media companies.

    1. Hagen GO says

      Journalism is something to publish, which others do not want it to be
      published. Everything else is propaganda. George Orwell

  5. The Atomic Rewind Show says

    Hillary is on her way to Camp Cupcake, and the Media can’t spin that.

  6. Edward Fontaine says

    The guy at :19 seconds

    1. flamesfromblazer says

      *Mr Blue Shirt Finger Man !!*

  7. Usa Patriot says

    Thank you! Keep up the good work. I cannot wait to see RSB covering the win
    for Trump on the 8th.

  8. Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill says

    in the meantime … Hillary campaigns in a gay nightclub to 200 gay

    1. dash capture's of Vermont says

      Adventures With Wild Kooda Bill do you think that in there investigation,
      they will have enough evidence? Or do you think her and her cronies did a
      bang up job at disposing evidence. I’m sorta relying on that part to close
      the deal as with the fact voter fraud and so fourth could very well serve
      to elect the witch to demolish this country’

    2. We Like Mike says

      OBAMA ended ban on ‘domestic propaganda’ Jul2 2013…help spread the Truth


      Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill funny

  9. Brian Asay says

    Trump is our general and we are the soldiers. RSBN thanks so much for your
    work keeping us informed

  10. JueputaGuebon says

    Love or hate him it’s the truth

  11. Rickenbacker954 says

    968K people watched this live on Facebook. Nuff said BOOM!

    1. Pamela Evans says

      Rickenbacker954 xl

  12. LiamPlayz All says

    Keith C (Canada) To view over the last several weeks the CROOKED ! U S main
    stream media (CNN!!) continually slam Mr.Trump hour after hour day after
    day, while protecting & shielding his opponent, is enough to make one with
    any common sense vomit! God bless the USA and RSBN for providing real

  13. human151 says

    I was there. the whole experience was great! everyone was very kind to each

    I don’t understand why the press says he is doing horrible with
    women…there were many women there. there were also many non caucasion

    1. Smooth van Slik says

      +Shell-ice-ice Baby = oblivious trump sheeple

    2. Mel hooprah says

      I literally don’t see one ethnic person there lol

    3. Shell-ice-ice Baby says

      Smooth van Slik = extra chromosome 21

    4. human151 says

      Mel hooprah there were thousands of people there, but just around me I had
      two black people I. front of me and behind me were some Filipinos. I’m not
      going to day there were thousand of non white humans but there were, from
      my estimation, several hundred.

    5. We Like Mike says

      OBAMA ended ban on ‘domestic propaganda’ Jul2 2013…help spread the Truth

  14. flamesfromblazer says

    > > > *This has become a game of GRAND MASTER Level POLITICS* < < < What you are seeing people is the *evil entities* that control Humanity pulling every underhand trick in the book , using all their unfair advantages and prior secret knowledge , so as to try to salvage a changed situation that they HAD NOT envisaged , because they had UNDERESTIMATED the large number of intelligent Humans who had become aware to the LIES of their long running corrupt system and the strength of the HUMAN SPIRIT to *Desire & Demand Truth & Justice over Lies & Deception*.

    1. bigrig0625 says


      I agree with what you said! All of it!
      The elites thank I’m stoopid but I ain’t! Lol jk
      Early voted Trump two days ago!
      GO TRUMP!

  15. Papa Neil says

    finally a election were I feel i will be on the right side of history,
    thank God for Donald Trump!

  16. Jeanne Frye says

    Hey Hillary, how does it feel to be aborted 10 days before the delivery
    date? BAM…..

  17. JD Web says

    Screw the press and bring back Investigative reporting.

  18. Jason Thornton says

    RSBN The Truth Network! Keep up the great work RSBN!! We love you!!

  19. J. Rob says

    That CROWD!!! WOW! 17,000 people; that’s closer to 20k. The crowds are
    always big at all Trump rallies. Thank you RSB for showing the crowds.

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