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Trump Asks the Cameras to Show the Crowd in Wilkes-Barre, ONLY Ours MOVE

Your president Donald Trump

The first person to hold up a sign at a rally and get Trump to acknowledge that ONLY our cameras move and show the crowd, we'll give you $500.

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA 10/5/16

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  1. Q Vet says

    Black girls for Trump

    1. Armand79th says

      No… He was taken to court for his ACTIONS.

    2. TheArtyFarty says

      +Armand79th keep telling yourself that libtard.

    3. TheArtyFarty says

      +Uncl Dolan lmao

  2. Arkham Asylum says

    cnn sucks!!!

    1. MegaBait56 says

      CNN = Clinton News Network. losers

  3. gunnuts82 says

    these turds are embarrassed they can’t turn the camera and TRUMP is calling
    the shills out!

    1. James Merz says

      Trump is a BOSS.

    2. GrandAndreasK1 says

      They get instructions via a earpiece or headphones… 00:57 so they are
      basically soulless robots.

  4. HectorW C says

    What was the chant?

    1. Sweet Baby says


    2. Marcie R. says

      CNN SUCKS ! cnn sucks CNN SUCKS cnn sucks !

  5. Global Threat says

    CNN SUCKS!!!!!!


    1. GTA 5 Online says

      C- clinton
      N- news
      N- network

      CNN is biased

    2. Ken Steiger says

      ^^^ Enlightened liberal SJW…

    3. bundycamp says

      Ummm is this a joke? Pretty sure Canadians can’t vote in an American

  6. Right Side Broadcasting says

    The first person to hold up a sign at a rally and get Trump to acknowledge
    that ONLY our cameras move and show the crowd, we’ll give you $500.

    1. Willy Durf says

      I saw a sign with RSBN written on it.

    2. Cedartree 1325 says

      RSB did a wonderful job.

  7. Andrea Hardwick says

    The camera girl at 0:58 is letting us know that she is under instruction
    via earphone not to turn the camera

    1. Adam Smith says

      OhmVibe hahaha

    2. robit ussin says

      OhmVibe redd fox?

    3. Lou Eckert says

      Oh yeah!

    4. Rudolph #TRUMP2016 says

      women studies graduate, SJW, hardcore feminist

  8. greengrassofhome says

    CNN SUCKS is such a hilarious chant.

    Wow, this is what the resistance sounds like.

    Go forth and make history, people.

    1. Mark Shishnia says

      Yep, look long and hard. Maybe 5000 at Hillary’s first speech out after
      debate. This IS what the resistance looks like. And funny you should call
      it that. We just call it the Train.

    2. TheMattd546 says

      I thought they was chanting “Scan the crowd… scan the crowd”???

  9. Nikola Bijeliti says

    No one ever claims Black children are “too Black” and have to be chased
    down with “Diversity.”
    No one ever claims Asian children are “too Asian” and have to be chased
    down with “Diversity.”
    But anti-Whites tell us that White children and ONLY White children are
    “too White” and must be chased down with “Diversity.”
    Diversity means chasing down the last White child.
    Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    1. Sarahmint says

      no, it’s not. There is no white genocide. However, there IS a Yazidi and
      Christian genocide.

    2. Nikola Bijeliti says

      1 – FORCE flood EVERY and ONLY WHITE countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites
      until White children are a minority.
      2 – FORCE assimilate them into all aspects of White society.
      3 – 24/7 push interracial marriage in the movies, TV shows, and media.
      4 – Instill as much fear into the Whites as possible to not object to
      their own genocide by verbally attacking them “RACIST”“NAZI”“WHITE
      SUPREMACIST”, get them fired from their jobs, threaten them with violence
      them etc.
      If EVERY and ONLY Black countries in 1965 opened their borders and let
      hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries, then people in
      government/media force assimilated these non-Blacks into the Black
      population, and then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities
      in those countries; that’s not done by accident.
      It’s obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA GENOCIDE
      This is what’s being done to my people, White people. It IS genocide.
      Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    3. limitbreak32 says

      +Nikola Bijeliti The white people are the biggest race-mixers in world

    4. Nikola Bijeliti says

      +limitbreak32 Does that justify White genocide?

  10. Muadib223 says

    CNN Sucks!!!! No truer word’s have ever been spoken…

  11. lockbot says

    @2:39 ”They turned like a pretzel” LOL!

    1. James Rodriguez says

      lockbot c n

  12. Ethan Michell says

    what do they chant around 1:16?

    1. haytham thabit says

      Ethan Michell CNN sucks

    2. TheMattd546 says

      I thought they was chanting “Scan the crowd”

    3. robert4you says

      “See us all” and “CNN sucks”.

  13. The Music of Kathleen Vick says

    If every person held up TWO of Hillary’s emails, that’s how many emails she

    1. robert4you says

      Damn, she wrote and received a lot of emails… 33,000… when did she have
      time to work???

  14. Laura Bishop says

    Thank you RSBN for being honest!

  15. Yiling Liu says

    Thank you very much for turning the camera!!! Really thank you!! If you
    didn’t turn, no one would see this crowd!!! Thanks!!! #trumppence2016

  16. vertex2100 says

    Moral humans for Trump!!!

  17. Frank Marion says

    Whatta buncha MSM whores those reporters and camera people are!

  18. D Marino says

    RSBN is the only cameras that turn. Only them! I hope Trump knows that it
    is RSBN doing it.

    1. Venger Vihlop says

      if he cared he knows it dont worry

  19. MaddSweetGT500 says

    Anchor Babies for TRUMP!!!

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