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Trump Asks the Cameras to Turn in Hershey- You Guessed it- Only Ours Move

Your president Donald Trump

Friday, November 4, 2016: From the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Hershey, PA .

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  1. Sean Ross says

    All of those beautiful deplorables´╗┐

    1. Sean Ross says

      FrakDaPirates Amen bro. They just want people hooked on big pharma life
      taking meds to suck their money and lives from them. Marijuana is the
      world’s greatest, natural medicine for almost anything.

    2. wes lee says

      +FrakDaPirates i like to light up a joint and blow smoke in the face of
      stupid alcoholics ­čśÇ we need them to stay stupid and keep drinking so we
      can keep it to ourselves!

  2. Laurie F. says

    Amazing ! How is she leading in polls??´╗┐

    1. Lori Delia says

      Laurie F. I agree ! The crowds are enormous ! Trump will win! Landslide!

    2. BC BC says

      Laurie F. ..I know..it blows my mind ..this guy pulls 10,000 + crowds and
      Hillary is lucky if 50 people show up.

    3. Jude Windmill says

      Laurie F. She’s not.

    4. BC BC says

      Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy ..unfortunately I think you are right.
      Trump is our only hope in my mind that will save this country. Just
      remember..he’s not a politician. Trump will bring our jobs back..help
      African American communities..strengthen our military…repeal
      Obamacare..LOWER TAXES..secure our boarders..And don’t forget protect our
      2nd Ammendment..

  3. Mark C says

    Trump needs to give a shout out to RSBN´╗┐

    1. finkbine xiao says


    2. Robin Poe says

      Thanks RSBN!

  4. msmithstud says

    Only way Hillary can get that kind of crowd is if the Obama’s are with her.´╗┐

    1. SAOrules says

      msmithstud I don’t think even obama attracted these kinds of crowds.

    2. Maurine Davis says

      Maybe with a Beetles concert!

  5. wes lee says

    fuckers who don’t move should be shot!´╗┐

    1. Justin says

      wes lee You make us look bad

  6. sherri99516 says

    All except RSB (Right Side Broadcasting) America’s YouTube channel favorite
    who is ONLY ONE to SCAN the CROWDS filming all the Trump rallies LIVE
    across USA…. Trump is a dynamo that is hard to keep up with 2 mostly 3
    campaign stops a day w/huge rallies like this one! THANK YOU RSB FOR ALL
    YOUR HARD WORK! YOUR AMAZING! You deserve every buck people can throw at
    you to help cover costs. Like Trump you pay for it out of pocket. :)´╗┐

    1. BC BC says

      sherri99516 ..100% THANK YOU RSB…I’M A FAN FOR LIFE. ?

  7. William Matthews says

    If Hillary Clinton wins the election after seeing the massive crowds that
    Trump draws it means only one that. Our votes truly do not count. That’s
    when we the people take this country back.´╗┐

    1. xyndey says

      William Matthews true. so many voter fraud right now. crooked hillary
      thinks that she already win the election because of voter fraud

    2. William Matthews says

      +louis borselio How? We fight back. We take this country back. Anyway we

    3. Ladi Singh says

      William Matthews u relaxe,trump going to win.we nonbeliever must unite
      politically to counter radical Islamists

    4. William Matthews says

      +Ladi Singh I know I need to relax but I’ll do that when I feel that this
      country, my family, and my American brothers ans sisters are safe, secure,
      and successful. The entire world needs to unite to defeat the enemies of
      all of us. Humanity united to fight against the evil that lurks comfortably
      throughout this entire world is how we defeat them. I personally welcome
      everyone of all ethnic backgrounds, colors of skin, sexual orientation, and
      religious beliefs to stand with me to fight and defeat our enemies, foreign
      and domestic. Welcome to all.

  8. liberty justice says

    OOOOMMMMMGGGG Folks this will be the biggest landlside in wold history.´╗┐

    1. Power Projection says

      Reagan took every state but Minnesota and Massachusetts in 1984, I believe.

    2. TekEvolution says

      Power Projection I wish Trump can do the same, but Commiefornia is a lost
      cause. I live here and I wish it’ll turn red

    3. Cheese-milk says

      +TekEvolution it will be in the ocean soon thankfully

    4. angel Midnight-girl says

      TekEvolution – Stop selling your Water ? Reserves to Saudi Arabia.

  9. Jude Windmill says

    Folks – what is your prediction for the election?´╗┐

    1. Vicki Lynn says

      Landslide for Trump/Pence! ­čÖé

    2. Paul Thomas says

      Close to a landslide but Trump will win handily. Too many deceived and
      brain washed people now days for a landslide.

    3. Moe Cubeau says

      I live in Michigan, a huge union and black stronghold. But the people
      here, even in the unions and putting race aside – see the truth and are
      voting Trump. His yard signs are everywhere [I’m 40 miles outside Detroit]
      and people are standing on I-75 and I-94 overpasses with banners for Trump,
      waving at traffic. Seeing a Hillary sign here is like seeing Haley’s
      Comet. What does this tell you?

  10. YouRNext 777 says

    Wow, I’m convinced he might take PA if he does he is the next president
    possible landslide! I think CO and NH are going to him too. Possibly MI and
    VA too but those are pushing it´╗┐

    1. Paul Thomas says

      Virginia will be close but probably not a Trump state. The other 3 are not
      only very probable but I predict the same going all for TRUMP !!

  11. Benson Davis (FtMConnectLLC) says

    i voted for Trump´╗┐

    1. Mr Bojangles says

      Benson Davis me too! in Georgia

    2. Julian Rodriguez says

      I voted for Trump in Florida. Hope my vote counts.

    3. Nikki Vendetta says


    4. Kathy Bradbury says

      Benson Davis, me too!

  12. JY G says


    1. Propane Salesman says


    2. Lord Of frog says

      Propane Salesman loool “sources on the ground say ..”

  13. Mr Bojangles says

    let’s pray for Trump and his family and let’s pray for God to help this
    nation by letting Trump to be elected! And for Hillary she’ll be in hell!´╗┐

    1. lockbot says

      With the new information coming out about her breaking on INFOWARS or
      TheAlexJonesChannel here on YouTube, there is no doubt in my mind, she is
      going to Hell.

    2. Jay Cee says

      Most of all lets pray Trump doesn’t have a “plane accident” or a “heart
      attack” or some kind of “deadly cancer.” Oh also, let’s pray he doesn’t get
      shot in the face. Love this guy he is so American.

  14. Nikki Vendetta says

    what a crowd! that’s wonderful. nice to see while I’m sick to my stomach
    with anxiety about this´╗┐

    1. Moe Cubeau says

      Me too.

    2. Nadezhda says

      Nikki Vendetta ughhhhhhh same here. massive anxiety

  15. Kevin Davis says

    Quite a few polling firms will be closing down after this election.´╗┐

  16. Yu Kim says

    What a crowd Thank you RSPN!!!
    My entire family, ralatives, community, and friends 100’s are preparing to
    vote for Trump in California Nov 8 PERIOD….´╗┐

    1. xyndey says

      Yu Kim already voted for trump from California ­čÖé

    2. Mazin Paulis says


  17. Fried Wissengesch├Ąft says

    Right Side is the best. Better than CNN, ABC, NBC.´╗┐

  18. Jay Beale says

    I was there tonight sitting behind him…literally thousands more outside´╗┐

    1. xyndey says

      Jay Beale cool.

  19. We Are Not in Darkness says

    Wonder if the lame stream media will have cameras rolling when Hillary is

    1. Duffer Man says

      oh please god make it happen. Like when saddam was hanged in the street for
      the whole country to see. Id throw tomatoes at that broad

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