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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jeff Neukom for Western Journalism reports, President Donald Trump has chosen to retain the services of James Comey, keeping the embattled Obama appointee on as FBI director, the New York Times reported.

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Trump Will Keep Comey On As FBI Director

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  1. jason toppa says

    did he forget Comey let the biggest criminal in US history off

    1. Patria Ryder says

      +Donald Kasper Just her pay for play exposed by wikileaks will do her in.

    2. Patria Ryder says

      +Knuckles Muldoon Had he not drop that in July DNC would of replaced her
      with someone also corrupt that might have had a better chance of beating
      Trump. Maybe Biden….same DOJ then she would have gotten off. This is

    3. Tyson Segraves says

      +Stephen Rorhan You are poorly misinformed. If Comey did go after Hillary
      and Obama was forced to pardon her, then what? All that time wasted for
      nothing. I’ve been saying this for months and months. You are so poorly

    4. JSOMERSET994 JSOMERSET994 says

      jason toppa state attorney generals can bring charges against the clintons
      and their foundation for various illegal activities..not everything is
      covered by Federal statutes!

  2. Luke Williams says

    wow that is a thumbs down president Trump.
    comey is a sell out.
    he should be charged with hillary

    1. Patria Ryder says

      +America Myhome 4 hrs at least. Everything comes out and media and
      Hollywood can explain why they supported this beast.

    2. firefoxhits says

      Luke Williams ….*Comey still has the goods on Hillary!!*

    3. JSOMERSET994 JSOMERSET994 says

      firefoxhits Hilary has the boy banging videos of comey.the clintons are

    4. Robert Rericha says

      Luke Williams Comey was obviously threatened…

  3. Mesmerized 4Life says

    Comey has money connections to the Clintons, he should be in fuking jail
    with them.

    1. Time Machine TRUMP says

      Mesmerized 4Life yes he should

  4. Jazzy Jan says

    I don’t think this is a good idea. He did not do a good job with the
    Hillary investigation. I hope it is not more of the same. Drain the Swamp!

    1. Metallic Winter says

      Jazzy Jan He only skimmed through the evidence. He most likely still has
      all that evidence with him.

    2. Patria Ryder says

      Read Art of the Deal… Trump is slick! He’s got this.

    3. Jazzy Jan says

      Patria Ryder Ok.

    4. Jazzy Jan says

      He is intelligent.

    5. model nutty says

      +Jazzy Jan remember Comey laid out the long list of things IT could be
      prosecuted for (and lose!) then recommended no action be taken (yet!). he
      knew bungholio would have pardoned IT. his speech DID tell he knew what was
      going on but his hands were tied, just before election he announced
      investigations re-opened, was the best he could do considering TPTB in
      place. it wasn’t “satisfying”, IT does need to be locked the hell up, but
      he was a major factor in helping to keep IT from attaining the oval office.
      wait and see how fun it gets next time Comey is sworn in to testify.

  5. Bill Gorman says

    Comey prevented an Obama Clinton pardon by delaying charges.

    1. RoadRage says

      Bill Gorman
      We will see if they get arrested, I doubt it but hope so.

    2. mikes gaming and vlogs says

      Ryan Simmons no a pardon can only happen if you have been charged or
      convicted of a crime

    3. Eileen Guthrie says

      No, that’s not true. Nixon was never tried convicted of anything. The House
      recommended Impeachment but no formally charge were made because he

    4. Steve Curtis says

      Eileen Guthrie : That is true and what I remember President Ford pardoned
      Nixon when no charges being filed. That action is probably what caused Ford
      to lose the 1976 election.

  6. Jim LaGuardia says

    Now Comey can go after the Clintons and the rest of the criminals. Comey
    better kick some serious as now.

    1. Kiana Lee says

      Jim LaGuardia Yea Trump gave him a second chance so we will see what he
      does. Just hoping they hurry up with confirming cabinet picks.

    2. vR 7evyn says

      NC_Rainman just look it up

    3. vR 7evyn says

      NC_Rainman search “Attorney General Halts fbi Wiki leaks investigation”

    4. MrXemrox says

      Jim LaGuardia Unless she still has his family hostage.

  7. FireOrWater1 says

    Don’t you get it? Comey did the best thing possible at the time! Obama
    could have pardon her other wise. And Lynch was still in control because
    she did NOT recuse her self, remember?

    1. Eddie 'JaggSauce' Gluskin says

      there is a small chance Soros’ son will see the error of his fathers way
      and turn out as a better person as a result… but the odds of that are
      like 1 to 1200.. but we can hope… believe it or not, many people, poor or
      rich, actually has the well being of the inhabitants of this planet in
      their interest and will prioritize it over greed.

      Soros is not one of those people of course, but his son might be, if he has
      managed to avoid the brainwashing done to him by his father and his lackeys.

    2. Tamara Adams says

      FireOrWater1 Lynch needs to go to jail

    3. Glenn Lego says

      Tamara Adams lynch is the magic word?

    4. Sidney Melton says

      FireOrWater1 obama had plenty of chances to.

    5. samaria dream says

      And may be Soro’s want’s to punish Hillary and told Obama not to Pardon her.

  8. Dennis Gibson says

    NO…I think it was played “Perfect” with Comey…pulling out the 2nd time
    on Hillary. Had she been indited…then Obama would have “Pardoned” her.
    Now its back up to Comey / and AG Jeff Sessions to take this in their
    hands. Ohhh I can see it coming !!!!

    1. Tou Mosh says

      Dennis Gibson yes I hope your right.

    2. Elena P. says

      Gil A You sound like Clintons family historian….lol

    3. James Martin says

      Problem is Comey testified before congress that she did nothing wrong. If
      he says she did something wrong now he will be held in contempt of
      congress. Unfortunately I think Trump just figured out how not to send
      Hillary to prison and it would be a political solution.

    4. Elena P. says

      I think Trump will keep her like a hostage in his pocket until next
      He’ll start process if she go against him.

    5. Sidney Melton says

      Dennis Gibson Trump will not let that happen, hell nobody is pushing it.Did
      everyone forget her and now were worried to death about the border?Clinton
      was the #1 priority and now nothing!!!!!!!

  9. Great Man says

    I have a lot to say about this, but will stay brief after a busy week.
    Trump’s retaining of Comey has me a little concerned. That’s an extreme act
    of forgiveness. Then again, I suppose if Comey said, “Yes we found
    something bad” and then exposed Hillary, Obama could have just issued her a
    Presidential Pardon. If that happened, roughly half of the highly
    publicized dirt is gone (the other being the Clinton Foundation).

    1. Patria Ryder says

      Comey didn’t charge her in July because Obama would have pardoned her. Read
      the other comments you’ll see. It’s actually brilliant.

  10. GreatApe8919 says

    I honestly think there’s a reason comey did what he did even if I hate what
    he did

    1. Patria Ryder says

      Yes, there is.

  11. Steve says

    Trumps keeping him around for information. He’ll can him once he gets what
    he needs.

    1. Ethoea says

      yep the classic keep your friends close keep your enemy’s closer tactic 😀

  12. Terry Wilson says

    if I don’t see Hillary Clinton behind bars in the next year I’m gonna be
    highly disappointed

    1. model nutty says

      agree, it needs to happen within the next 2 months, but Soros etc needs
      jailing first to stop rioters damn paychecks!

    2. Michael Hall says

      Terry Wilson o r burned at the stake

  13. Larry Baker says

    Comey may know where all the “bodies” are buried.

    1. simonhhh100 says

      Do not underestimate Trump or Comey

  14. Sr Ruls '1 says

    if course they’ll keep him, he’s a push over and a chump, Trump will just
    use him accordingly.

  15. Frank Hardie says

    Keep your friends close, but…

  16. zxcurve says

    he was a staunch opponent…bad decision Mr. Trump

  17. samaria dream says

    If Comey was being held hostage by Obama/Clinton would you give him a
    chance if you were President?

  18. mafia Pauile says

    trump is our President deal with it or get out of trump country

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