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Sub for more: | Stephen Dinan for The Washington Times reports, President Trump on Wednesday ordered the Homeland Security Department to begin releasing a name-and-shame list of sanctuary cities, listing the specific crimes such as murder or robbery committed by those who have been released back into their communities under the sanctuary policies.

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    • send him back to Israel, he served in their military and get him out of
      America, along with all others whose first loyalty is to any other nation
      than the USA….If they think any other country deserves their loyalty or
      will treat them better, send them there and NEVER let them back to America

    • ITILII any leftovers from obumer’s administration got to go to make America
      great again !! it starts in the county, city, state ! draining the swamp
      should start in each town ,counties, cities states .we did it in November
      when leftist thought it was impossible lets do it again at the polls!!!

  1. I got deported out of Mexico for not having my birth certificate once.. not
    one Mexican cried about my “illegal” status.
    the dark ages are over!!

    • Caveman Flintstoned59
      yeah I got caught at the airport without my birth certificate. this was
      before passports were mandatory.

    • There are nice areas and good people in Mexico. But until Mexico stops
      playing these games with our new policies to uphold the law already on the
      books….any good American should boycott going down there.

      Same with sanctuary cities….they don’t comply, my money don’t fly
      …..I’ll visit a pro American city first.

    • +Many Different Things It’s mx. Government that’s acting like a
      irresponsible parent, refuses to better the lives of its citizens and why
      should they? With the U.S. cheap labor fix! Compound that with the Cartels
      iron grip! Life over there will never improve!

  2. Perfect plan. Honesty. The leaders of these sanctuary cities are socialists
    and everyone knows this is what immigrants vote for for protection. That’s
    why this is happening.

    • Scottrick LaRoque
      i have seen many examples of that and it just puzzled me as to why they
      protest law enforcement for helpoing rid the community of those destroying
      it….google edward bernays…. there are videos of his work on
      youtube…it should help you to see why some things happen when they

    • thebookofcreation I know why this particular thing happens, it’s because
      they see all of us as racist no matter what we do. I’m not saying there
      aren’t bad cops because I know full well there are but they aren’t
      responsible for all those kids standing on street corners selling crack for
      the older kids. I HAVE seen the proof that the CIA started the crack
      epidemic in south central LA. But it doesn’t mean they HAVE to keep doing
      it. That’s on them wanting easy money, and when I had to spend the night in
      county jail once for an unregistered gun a passenger had I talked to
      several that laughed at being in jail. “2 years of free meals? Hell that’s
      vacation, we call it 3 hots and a cot” That is literally what one told me
      about spending jail time. But I will look that up, thanks for the info.

    • Adega Outlaw You said a mouthful! We divert everytime we go on vacation or
      just a drive for the weekend! No way we go to these crime and crazy
      sanctuary cities! Let these Hollywood freaks let these illegals sleep in
      their mansions! Especially Madonna and her buddies!

  3. hell yeah my friend works for ICE in Chicago and it’s sick what these
    politicians get away with breaking the law and wasting tax payers money.

    • Robert H–Did you even read your own unreasonable response? There are going
      to be a large number of teachers furloughed when the illegals and their
      anchor babies–flooding the schools in CA–are sent packing. So, your
      diatribe makes no sense.

      Run along, now. You’ve had more than ample opportunity to vent your spleen.
      Take your “shame on you” with you.

    • So we shouldn’t deport the lawbreakers because one group of people might
      suffer? Sorry! The illegals are a drain on America, that’s just reality.

    • Sonia Zalipski agree with you 100%. They collect all types of benefits and
      lower job wages for Americans. FYI they also get to claim up to 11
      dependents when filing taxes. Dependents that are not even American
      citizens. The rest of us law abiding citizens get to pay for it.

    • The great thing is that Trump is using common sense. Enforcing the law
      already on the books. Immigrants that go through the vetting process and
      deemed good for the country….they get a handshake. For the illegals, put
      them through a serious vetting process and get rule of law back in the

    • Matthijs – I’m baffled with what they cannot see. they never suffer
      injustice by this immigration.
      the ycannot see A to B. how western society is disintegrating.

    • How on all earth can the Mayor of Chicago talk about sanctuary, given the
      rampant crime level that he has presided over ? And now Mayor RE wants to
      ignore the government, when the government wants to make Chicago safer. And
      he responds by saying he opposed to it. Illinois is a one party, failing
      state because of the way the Dems run Chicago. That IS the real problem.


    • Lily Tran They need to be arrested & all their assets & monies be frozen &
      levied immediately. The assets can be liquified & all of it can be put
      towards the enforcement of immigration. I also mean those assets & monies
      that they share w/their spouses. It is best to hit them right where it
      hurts them the most.

  5. The wall was not why I voted for Trump (I do support it). I voted for him
    becatI believe him to be a strong business leader who will build up the
    economy and restore respect and prestige worldwide. Anyone else the same
    way? Or do people disagree and voted for Trump because if his build the
    wall pledge?

  6. Tennessee is loaded with Muslims.A lot of them work for Tyson Farms.I’ve
    seen them in Shelbyville when I stop by there.They were put there by Obama
    and Hillary.Minnesotas loaded too.They are rude and no disregard.The
    church’s help these rude people,they complain about housing and food.They
    should be in their own countries fighting their own wars.its not only

    • this Thread is full of ignorance. Christians have no room to talk about
      Muslims read your own fucking history. the the arrogance on this thread is

    • Caffine addict they killed five I’m a vhattsnpogaass shooting one year ago.
      was not random shooting. all five were military personnel specifically

    • Judd Hurst we are not talking about ancient history. we are talking about
      current events. and besides all history between Islam and Christianity is
      exactly the same story.

    • Donald Wood He should be arrested for not being qualified for being
      President & then the major theft of all our country’s monies.

    • +Kat S …and what about the CITIZENS of this country who put up with Obama
      for 8 years, so he was able to do all that damage?! As a NATION, we ALL
      deserve a bone-jarring, teeth-rattling KICK IN THE @SS!!!

    • Women’s Faith Chat Faith M. President Trump needs to drain the swamp that
      is hudson county new jersey. The democrats have been using that place as
      their playground for far too long.

    • Yep, the only people still complaining about Trump are the elites that are
      going to lose their cheap slave labor, the liberal idiots still crying
      because they wanted that murderous wretch Hillary to be President (Talk
      about brainwashed) and the Governors about to be outed as useless leaders.

    • Umm, ever heard of Thou shalt not bear false witness? I know a lot of
      people that voted for Hillary that just hated Trump and were good people
      and good Christians, they were just misled by the media. To say every
      single liberal is full of the devil is just wrong.

    • +Scottrick LaRoque I’m judging by their words and actions- no more, no
      less! The clods who voted for Bill Clinton in 1996 IN SPITE of what
      happened to those people at Waco, and everyone who voted for HiLIARy in
      SPITE of what happened to those people at BENGHAZI, can ONLY be described
      as “full of The Devil”!!! “…you will know them by their fruits.”

    • + Dale Burrell I don’t know why you are stereotyping tens of millions of
      people as being exactly the same Have you ever heard of being deceived?
      Just because you are fooled doesn’t mean you are full of the devil. And as
      I stated before you are breaking commandments yourself, not to mention
      judging those tens of millions which God himself said not to do, so what do
      you call yourself? You said it yourself you are JUDGING. That’s not your
      job. So before you go around accusing others I would clean up your own acts

  7. Mexico and its ppl cries Mexico is a great country then why the hell are
    you here in the USA if it’s so great . I will tell u why to come here and
    get free and cheap housing that many of USA born ppl need and free welfare
    and more disgusting

  8. I’m Mexican-American and i approve. My parents went through the process and
    came here legally in 82. I don’t see why other’s can’t do the same.

    • Legal immigrants are residents and citizens and belong here. Illegals are
      criminals and need to be punished and hopefully deported. The excuse that
      illegals do jobs that legal residents will not is absolute garbage. Who did
      those jobs in the past? US citizens and legal migrants. Without illegals to
      drive down wages the youth of America can once again get a living wage.

    • You sound like a good American which the immigration services deemed good
      for the country. You are an American as anybody else and you get a

    • +chargermopar​ Yes, Illegal immigrants “drive down wages”. This is a fact!
      Especially in construction. I am one of the people who is personally being
      affected by it. The wages of brick masons hasn’t increased in nearly 20
      years! The prices of everything we need, and must buy go up constantly, but
      how much we make per hour stays the same. It’s ridiculous. Masonry is one
      of the trades most affected by Illegal immigration.