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Sub for more: | Mark Lutchman for Liberty Writers reports, President Donald Trump’s Administration is exploring & looking into different ways to end “Sanctuary cities”. He believes he could by cutting federal funding to these cities, such as New York.

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Trump Just Made a HUGE Announcement That Has Sanctuary Cities Trembling!

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  1. Cut the funding, send authorities to these cities and flush the
    illegals/Muslims out and deport them, let’s disinfect and restore this
    country again!

    • Marie Rigg Shariah has been around for 1400 years and has been the cause of
      death for millions and millions of conquered peoples who would not convert.
      Look up a general called Tamerlane and the bloodbaths he instilled in
      India. And how his son acted exactly the same. Something with walls of
      heads and rivers of blood and women raped and children enslaved. How is
      that for ethnic cleansing? Just a regular day’s work for a seventh century
      muslim general. And they have been at it ever since. Look up the Barbary
      Corsairs. Do your research. I say do not let sharia out of the Middle East.

    • carolineleiden i dont say Sariah law is fair how does it apply to you ? you
      all miss the point here ans if you are looking into what and who did what
      do you know how many civilians your so call nice country kills recently in
      the middle east two unnecessary war in Iraq you sat in your in your
      livingroom call it shock and awe liike it was a 4th of july firework it was
      people culture monunment civilians peacefull people that was getting
      bombarded where is the weapon of mass destruction?? So drop the moral high
      horse when you are comparing genocide from one culture against another your
      America is blameless i stand for justice i am neither americains nor
      muslims i stand in the name of justice itsnt ok to punish people base on
      their origin if the shoe was on the other foot i will say the same for your
      country too and yes i hear americains talking about christianity is start
      with peace your problem is one thing you feel superior and everybody else
      around the world are barbarians i said americains keep yourself in check
      that how nazi germany started what difference betweem then and now yea
      expelled all muslims immigrants then if you cannot do it fast you will
      start incarcerated then have a practice target because baking isnt an
      american thing wake up their is no place in this world for that whatever
      party you vote for is simply an injustice against another race period

    • +carolineleiden nope . follow the money and u will see the problem not
      religion. Reason why religion is still around. The mark of the beast will
      finally force people to trade under his reign or starve etc. which is
      another name for currency, chip or w/e. If u understand anything we will
      agree on that currency difference creates wars. #markofbeast

    • Jaspeth created merikkka only to see it fail just like everything else he
      has done. He cant go on devouring the earths natural economy without its
      people fighting back.

    • N’th DEGREE DRONE Good, hopefully they put more stringent laws in place for
      truckers. I think it would be hilarious if the shipping rates to
      kommifornia sky rocketed even more than they have already. FYI- NO truck
      older that 2007 can go to California without very expensive modifications
      to their trucks. I haven’t taken a load there in three years because of
      that(you can go with special one trip permit). I have a 2002 Pete. There
      are tens of thousands of trucks NOT going there anymore. AND Kommifornia is
      the ONLY state that has those stringent emission laws. So the entire
      trucking industry has basically changed for California. of course the FEDS
      mandated that all new trucks manufactured after ’06 meet a certain standard
      – its just funny that no other states requires the new trucks. I wish they
      all would. I would retire convert my truck to a NON-COMMERCIAL RV and visit
      Yosemite, the Redwood forest, The Sequoia national park…heck I would hang
      out there for a couple of months just for spite —

    • And most Californians HATE IT! Wait til next elections and see how many
      “legislators” get kicked out! NOT ALL OF US ARE FRUITS AND NUTS! MOST WANT

    • Leonard Wells there are a few who do, a lot I think are still quiet behind
      the scenes… But I agree with Cat, this state is so corrupt and pathetic!
      I hope trump sends the feds here after Chicago. Cuz I’d be willing to bet
      your voter fraud was here!!

    • Robert D your goverment use loan shark tactics
      give money then ask some stupid ridiculous favor and if you dont complain
      then it’s invasion time
      if TTIP would go trough it would end of pure(no chems etc.) european
      only difference between you and ISIS is just color of flag

    • Lap Lander- So what perfect country do you live in that gives money away to
      other countries with no expectation of some kind of return?

    • BAKALCH N’ Ermo reality check! his first week has been a disaster, many
      insiders are walking out of his meetings, senior staff all around the world
      have been fired witout a reolacement, we still dont have a secretary of
      state, the visa ban has been halted………

    • And what sbout all those successful executve orders signed? And what about
      the calls to world leaders and meeting with British PM? What about
      fullfilling his promises (suport him or not) in the first week? This guy
      delievers and is a LEGIT BOSS

  2. I heard on the radio New Orleans is giving up because lawsuits would
    bankrupt the city. When Mexico tears down the wall on their southern border
    then we’ll talk.

  3. cut the funding immediately. sanctuary cities are the dumbest ideas ever
    created. suicide for America and heaven for criminals.

    • +Kat S yes I know I’ll be addressing Congress soon. Starstruck with Trey
      Gowdy.. go before him with these issues. 🙂 #bucketlist. We need all
      countries ban for a moment maybe find homes for the homeless. If we can
      house other countries we certainly shouldnt have any homeless. Give FEMA to
      the immagrents. I know it’s mean. They built them for us Americans, they
      should be legal for the others. Ima be before Congress soon ?

    • Robert D By the name Lap Lander, I’m assuming he is Finnish. That’s one of
      the countries where the men are all cucks and standby while their wives and
      daughters are raped by middle eastern migrants. The Finns are pussies.

    • Nk m u yhink whites benefiting your.cost of living will increase and your
      welfare decrease most whites not in cities that benefit from illegal labor
      will suffer. we will be fine. you better start getting those jets and
      starting civil war if u think u can bully anyone

    • Alfonso Mena yeah you shouldn’t breed at all.And who cares what type of
      work you do, their is a lot of other people who can do the same job.I don’t
      have to worry I am not tied down to a single occupation

    • +mikeql bbejas​ thats why they are incest. No u cant its like saying. U
      cant do what wrath of khan can. U can talk more than me or complain how
      better.u are but never do. #prototypes and yours are like nasa

    • Alfonso Mena wow you are so deep.Your stupidity astounds me.Yeah pinto’s
      are still a hot item in South and Central America.It must feel great to
      know that you are on your way back,to the nothing you came from.You are
      starting to bore me.

    • Alfonso Mena seems your still water logged.Everytime you open your mouth
      your stupidity shines through.Will be waving from the wall.But chances are
      you wont see it from your cesspool of a country.That hotel is going too be
      doing alot of business once the smell of tortillas is gone. I Bet you are
      bunk mates with about twenty guys.Kinda like a roach motel.And don’t forget
      your hotplate on your way out.

    • +mikeql bbejas sure in your aryan world . I would be in a fema camp making
      license plates and being your slave. Any others hopes you arent going to

    • West Kaintuck yup and all the comoanies too. charge usa for using google
      yahoo youtube a nominal fee. then u see what cali is.worth. no more milk
      oranges avocados tomatoes etc u gonna need to change your diet to soylent
      foods after u start a war for being fuking lazy

    • +West Kaintuck / Hold up there dude! With the exception of the people who
      hire them instead of paying a living wage to citizens WE IN CALIFORNIA DO

  4. I in California he needs to defund the whole state I don’t care what price
    I have to pay I want my Constitution, state and my country back

  5. See! Now why should defunding Sanctuary Cities be a big deal? Oh, now I get
    it…You won’t have the rest of America to PAY for your little indulgence
    of (transforming) America against our will to have illegals live here with
    U.S. Tax dollars – Now will ya?!!! Notice how Obama never directly delt
    with the problem (by his design); Trump is finally having Mexico own up to
    THEIR end of this problem and the Mexican President for the first time has
    to THINK about solving this problem that both countries have, not just the

    • Cheryl Powers Trump will bully them we don’t need Mexico they need American
      money they play ball they don’t have a Choice

    • +Mike Grover I was thinking more on the lines of the illegal Hispanics and
      their kids. Many of them are bullies, especially here in Southern
      California. They expect everything handed to them and act like the rest of
      us should be greatful that they allow us to live in their country! I even
      heard one woman try to berate a friend of mine because he doesn’t speak

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