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Sub for more: | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, President Donald Trump on Monday indicated that he did not issue a notice that his immigration ban was coming because the need for security outweighed the convenience of the traveling public.

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Trump: ‘Bad Dudes’ Could Take Advantage If Warning Preceded Immigration Order

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  1. I support Trumps executive order. It’s not a Ban on Muslims over 300,000
    foreigners enter the united states daily. All he is Trying to do is make
    sure a couple thousand are who they are and of that few thousand only a
    couple hundred were actually delayed. Sounds to me like he’s making people
    do their jobs.

    • Michael Shapiro
      What does instant gratification have to do with any thing. Just don’t care
      to see them again until or if there is a time they’re waiting for trial.

    • David Gibbard
      No he wasnt. He’s got the same globalist visions for the world as Obama &
      Hillary. They just differ on the road to get there. Conservative globalist
      want to change things slowly so people don’t realise things are changing.
      Devious & just as deadly in the end. Its like putting frogs in water & the
      heats turned up slowly until without knowing its coming they die.
      The liberal globalists don’t care who gets hurt as they work to achieve the
      n w o agenda. They’d throw their own mothers under the bus to see a quick
      progression of their agenda. That’s why the Bush’s supported and voted for
      Hillary. They have the same globalist goals. Trump hasn’t ever said or
      acted in a way that identifies him as a globalist.

    • Lauri Granny S. — it is unbelievable what Obama did. Between Bush and
      Obama, and all the bad ones in Washington- they were bringing the U.S.A.
      down quickly. It is almost past recovery, not sure it can be recovered.

  2. Trump’s getting to declare war on ISIS. He’s locking down the country. As
    far as us citizens, we need to be vigilant and watch out for terrorist when
    he does. You know they are already here.

    • +Don Hall : No idiot what I am telling you is that more white women are
      marrying black men. And soon or later there will not be a pure white person
      anywhere. Because they will be mixed people of all races.


  4. You said SJW snowflakes need to be educated, as I see it that’s where the
    problems start and lie…with liberal educators!

    • Used to be women were the teachers because any man worth anything was
      working. Then we let those who couldn’t work or “make it” teach our
      children (we felt sorry for them and “gave” them something useful to do).
      Now it seems these people have elevated themselves to superhero status,
      wanting to tell everyone what to do!? If everyone could sit around all day
      “contemplating” instead of really working, I bet we’d come up with some
      pretty great stuff! Even a busted clock’s right twice a day!!

    • teedub127
      The colleges DO try to shove liberal feces in our faces. I was in college
      in Oklahoma and the professor whined about affirmative action and other
      students took offense at it. After the class at lunch, one of the students
      remarked that he felt like “Hitler’s propagandists Josef Goebbels and
      Julius Streicher were teaching the class.” (Streicher published and
      distributed Hitler’s racial crap such as pamphlets that attacked Jews and
      blamed them for everything.)

  5. If he brings back enough Jobs he could cut Welfare off almost completely
    saving a 1/2 trillion dollars to build more infrastructure

    • +David Stanley if the majority of the ppl demand a solution then the
      government should deliver that solution yesterdays evil might become
      todays good even thou i myself find it bad in a moral way but the way the
      liberals behave these days the majority of the ppl demand that solution
      like i sayd in my previous comment some evils are nesecary for the greater

    • +derek rivera
      In a democracy the majority of people rule
      In a Republic the Constitution rules
      A republic assures that even if the Majority decides they want Mr x to go
      to jail that it won’t happen it protects the minority..
      That is why the mobs of people going crazy in USA will accomplish nothing
      and never will.
      Mobs do not rule in USA but go to Pakistan there a mob rules.

    • +David Stanley as long as the the constitution rules there wont be fema
      camps well leats I’m reliefed that wont happen but still ya gotta admit the
      milenial goons are out of control out there right now they are the mob in
      this wich reminds me that they are being manipulated by mainstream media
      well lets face it both side are manipulated by mainstream media

    • The real issue is that we need to crack down on those who are hiring
      individuals that incite violence and destruction of property as a form of
      “protest.” There are many Non-Government Organizations that are doing this,
      many of which can be traced back to the DNC, George Soros and a handful of
      other members of the Social Elite.

      To incite insurrection or rebellion against a lawfully elected government
      is an act of Treason and should be handled as such.

      Those who are hired should be handled as we would a mercenary OR terrorist
      organization hired to harm American citizens and/or destroy American

      As for the Corporate/Propagandist Media, we need to find out who exactly is
      behind the promotion of their narrative to weaponize the media, through
      biased, distorted and outright false reporting – and drag them out into the
      light. These people are equally guilty of incitement of insurrection and

      Meanwhile those that accepted those orders, encouraged and/or allowed the
      reporting of falsehoods as news, should be disbarred from ANY involvement,
      be it through commentary, financial or business with the press.

      These people are no longer remaining true to the credo of delivering fair
      and unbiased news as is necessary for a Free Press to remain Free. To
      protect our first amendment we must take those that have twisted it and
      perverted it out from their ivory towers!

      Without the funding, by continually monitoring money trails leading to
      demonstrations and ferreting out these Communist Elites, continually
      prosecuting the hired mercenaries or terrorists and ending the broadcasting
      of weaponized media, things should settle down somewhat.

      The next step is to completely revamp our education facilities from the
      bottom to top. I learned just yesterday that neither of my children had any
      idea who Osama bin Laden was OR what a terrorist really was. My daughter is
      a high school graduate, though is a vulnerable adult, and my son is in
      middle school. How on Earth have they NOT discussed this topic?

    • +Sir Tenzan you are so right we should all focus on the ones who are
      responsible for commiting these type of criminal acts cut off the head and
      the bodie will die

  6. Seems to me liberals have very poor memories. Remember 9/11 remember
    Orlando shooting. Must have slipped their minds.

  7. Trump brings back thousands of American jobs and libtards are crying about
    109 people traveling to our country from terrorist nations. We dont want
    European style terrorism in America.

  8. While Trump does have the right idea in temporarily stopping travel from
    known terrorist sponsoring states, and states in severe chaos, while
    repairing their customs and immigration systems, I do have to agree with
    Info Wars reporter Owen Shroyer on one thing. One huge blunder I feel he
    made was in not including some major known terrorist sponsoring states like
    Saudi Arabia in the ban. That just left him with a huge soft spot others
    could legitimately attack. If he’d included those extra couple or 3 of
    known terrorist sources, there’d be a lot less legitimate arguments one
    could make against that ban.

    • That’s the main problem. We are in bed with the Saudis for the oil and they
      are the world’s biggest terrorists. (next to US, of course)

    • +Qingeaton
      Yeah, even more so now that the oil prices have crashed a couple of years
      ago and the Alberta tar sands are a no-go until the prices come back up

      Or we push forward with alternative energies and do away with oil as a fuel
      source altogether. Then all we need if for is a manufacturing material,
      which will still leave a huge demand for it anyways, especially if we need
      plastics for insulation of electronics for space exploration, which is
      really what we should be focusing on anyways, clean energy and space
      exploration and colonization.