Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, I’m sure y’all are just as tired of hearing all the Liberals out there complaining about Trump having the nuclear codes. Uhhh…DUH! That’s why we elected him! Well, yesterday President Trump did his first interview since taking office and he revealed to ABC EXACTLY what he thinks about having his finger on the button…

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TRUMP WENT NUCLEAR! Look What He Said Last Night About His Plans for Our Bombs

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    • If he keeps going the way he’s started his presidency, you guys may as well
      cancel the next election in four years time as he’ll absolutely DEMOLISH
      anyone who stands against him.

      Yes indeed, it looks like this man may go down in history as one of the
      greatest presidents the US ever had.

      Greetings from Northern Ireland.

    • Cole’s World so his plan is “make the right decision”? great plan, great
      story franchi! keep up the b.s. fluff news pieces.

  1. Having nukes is just part of being the most powerful man in the world, may
    God bless our President Trump to continue making the right decisions for

    • Care Bear the left? I’m democrat and I don’t like John McCain but he’s not
      left he’s republican dummy that’s the right not left.. wow..

    • +WrittenInFilm baby is a troll. He/she knows damn well that isn’t true but
      insists on writing that crap. Really sad.. no conscience!!

    • There are thousands of parents out there that treat their children just
      like Donald treats his son Barron Trump. Just because Barron is autistic,
      Donald locks him away hidden up in a tower like some shameful scar on his
      families reputation. We need to spread Autism Awareness so these families
      don’t feel that type of stigma, and they hopefully accept and embrace their
      unique special children.

    • +Baby I have to ask this question before we continue: Are you mentally
      deficient? You are beating the proverbial dead horse even after it has been
      long dead and unable to prove its worth. Next, I WANT PROOF OF YOUR CLAIMS.
      Show me anything from a valid, trusted journalistic source that
      demonstrates your position on the topic is accurate. I am confident you
      cannot. Then we will consider this discussion finished with you verified as
      a liar.

    • Donald Trump comes from a Time when they took their autistic children and
      sent them off to a hostel or an asylum for “not being right in the head”.
      That is an archaic approach, yet he is sticking him up in the tower instead
      of letting him live in the white house, unlike his other children that get
      to live and work in the white house. His shame needs to end, these days it
      is much more acceptable to have an autistic child like Barron Trump. We
      need to spread Autism Awareness for the sake of autistic children like
      Barron everywhere.

  2. man we need to intercept nukes,using em will just end humanity. countries
    hg Ave Nuke as a deterrent , we will likely never use em.liberals wake up,
    get a life.

    • Daniel Maurer never use them?? you know how many tests we’ve done dude alot
      okay and we did drop 2 on Japan so I think yeah people will use them we are
      humans out emotions get ahead so the world will end with nukes

    • Yeah so true, nukes only Jim Kirk can win. No win situation. Nuclear
      fallout kills us all. We should dismantle em , send em into sun.

    • He is an Actor and puppet of the NWO,he is not allowed to “make decisions
      “,C’mon people,don’t fall for this guy as some sort of outsider.
      He is not genuine!

    • +IcantSignIn lol those people stranded are not terrorists for christs sake
      they are normal people who just happens to come from one of these
      countries, one of them told he been living in US for 7 years and now he
      cant get back in back to his home. Also I dont live in USA so I dont really
      have to care but I do because I think it’s stupid what he is doing and not
      very well thought through, could have been done a lot better. Someone from
      my country was about to travel to USA to do a speech at some convention, it
      was all planned for a long time, but now he cant go because he’s not
      allowed in because he was born in one of those countries, even though he
      havent lived there for many years and have passport from where he lives
      now, but still he is not allowed in.

    • Dmen Npace I hear Bill Clinton is dying they say pancreatic cancer…but by
      the sores I’ve seen it more like HIV…death comes to us all…and so does

    • Dmen Npace

      Righteous karma demands to bring Bill Clinton a slow and horribly painful
      death… with butt cheeks packed tight with turd.

    • Katie Secouler that’s what the elites do when they have no more use for
      you, kill you along with the secrets that you know of them

  3. Democrats want to start a war. This is reason they want 200 million of
    their refuge violent Muslims friends to come to America !! While our men
    are fighting a war, these male Muslim refugee would be forcing US women
    under Sharia Law. Who would have to fight for us??? no one !!! Keep them in
    their own country for our safety !!!

    • Pinkie Bo I don’t know about the rest of the comment, but I do think they
      want a war. The way Obama, Clinton, and a whole lot of NATO has/would’ve
      been treating relations with Russia, they want to back it into a corner.
      Obama even made it illegal to work with them. That sh1tty Establishment,
      world would be a better place without it.

  4. He has respect for the position he holds. He understands the gravity of the
    results. But if… he was left with no other solution ,I trust him.

  5. no sir , everyone else besides America want commerce, business,.. Trump
    just is opposing to all laws and treaties through the world , Wich that
    means war ….