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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Do y’all remember when Trump promised to slash the price on those F-35 jets that the Air Force ordered? Well, Donald Trump made a lot of campaign promises when he was running and so far he has managed to keep ALL of them!

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  1. wino guy says


    1. The15secondsOfame says

      I was thinking the same thing.?

    2. Rainbow Farts says

      I dare you to eat mine. LOL

  2. Ambrose Rodriguez says

    Bring the troops home already.

    1. President Trump 8 Years says

      Ambrose Rodriguez that’s what Hillary did that’s what gave isis an open door

    2. Juggernaut383 says

      *That’s right, Obummer sent thousands of troops and tanks to Europe before
      his presidency ended to provoke and start a war with Russia, and now
      President Trump doesn’t even acknowledge that there is a problem with that.
      So much talk about building good relations with Russia yet they put and
      leave U.S. troops on Russia’s doorsteps.*

    3. Sigkim says

      +Juggernaut383 “That’s right, Obummer sent thousands of troops and tanks to
      Europe before his presidency ended to provoke and start a war with Russia”

      Yes. (dont forget NATO)

      “and now President Trump doesn’t even acknowledge that there is a problem
      with that”.

      Did obama?…lol

      “So much talk about building good relations with Russia…”

      Unlike obama and hiliary with their constant poking the bear with unfounded

      Then again, Id be pretty pissed off to if all my dirty laundry exposed by
      wiki leaks cost my run for president.

      “yet they put and leave U.S. troops on Russia’s doorsteps”.

      Why move them back if we are going to work with Russia, to do what obama
      and hiliary couldnt/wouldnt do…get rid of isis/isil/radical
      islamists/caliphate/…..or whatever the 30 or so muslim factions are
      calling themselves this week…so they cant establish a caliphate that
      would by their words, continue to spread.

      Besides the strategic/logistical factor, we were just on the brink of war
      with russia, and even though we are talking peace, it may not be wise to
      simply disengage because Putin and Trump are acting all buddy buddy.

      THEY will have to negotiate a withdrawl and considering we are part of NATO
      (have you considered this fact), there are other allies to consider as well.

      SO, lets put it on the scale:

      obama and hiliary funding the terrorists in syria and constantly poking the
      bear OR…..President Trump and President Putin talking peace and trade
      AND, a possible partnership in defeating “the terrorits”.

      Ill take the later:) It is clearly the better option.

    4. mohamed Khalifa says


  3. Atheist Allah says

    Allah loves porn and pork!

    1. Mark Rybeck says

      Atheist Allah and barry the fairy has been a muslim most of his life

    2. S C says

      Atheist Allah LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  4. Raylectron Render says

    That is the reason why we need a businessman as a President, not a

    1. Bob Giglio says

      Jonny5 You Are So Right ! We Should Have Had Joe Biden Running & I Believe
      We Would Have Had a Different Outcome.

    2. ethan basturmator says

      Jonny5 but the establishment are the bad guys

    3. Jonny5 says

      +ethan basturmator I know.

    4. ethan basturmator says

      +Jonny5 my bad dude, i didnt fully read your comment

    5. Jonny5 says

      +ethan basturmator Thats ok. I’m not always crystal clear.

  5. Roe Kemp says

    Beefing up the military as promised. Saving money as promised. Two birds
    with one stone.

    1. John Kaszanek says

      Roe Kemp
      That savings alone will pay the cost of the wall! Build the WALL!!!,

    2. Vigilant Libertarian says

      No, Obama did the absolute bare minimum, arguably intentionally avoided
      doing anything effective. Even so, drones, jets, or troops, there is
      unavoidable collateral damage on foreign soil which only buffers the
      argument in favor of Obama intentionally being ineffective. The skills for
      “droning” are about as crosstrainable as many “specialized jobs” us members
      of the military opt in to, and those military members who were deployed are
      not being discharged, they still have an enlistment to fulfill with
      opportunity to stay for retirement pensions so that was a really stupid
      argument. Regardless, we, the members of the military, signed up knowing
      full well the sacrifice and dangers we could face and are more than willing
      to do what needs to be done. What we don’t need is Leftists standing on
      false soapboxes exploiting the Constitution to subvert it and fucking up
      the country we risk our lives to protect only to come home to a screwed up
      economy and more bloated, more incompetent, more encroaching government
      that incentivizes the VA with bonuses to avoid repairing our “messed up
      bodies and minds.”Obama is getting credit where credit is due; all of his
      illegal executive orders scrawled in between his Tiger fantasy golfing
      sessions are being repealed and his signature legacy is literally
      collapsing on itself… arguably designed to fail anyways to pave the way
      for centralized healthcare, but I’m not even going there with you, ADDAM B.

    3. Jonny5 says

      +Seig Meow Maybe you have a point with Israel, that’s not an easy
      discussion. But we don’t want Iran to have nukes man. Nobody over there
      should have that capability and all financial “aid” should be stopped

  6. Mary Jo Foston says

    I hope Lockheed Martin does not use cheaper material because of the

    1. suz g says

      Trump never built cheap Chinese sht in his life.

    2. Frank Wall says

      Mary Jo Foston — They are held to military standards (MIL-HDBK-5…,
      etc.), especially now “Made in USA with pride!” — Design & National
      Resource Specialist.

      Fasteners have a resume (chain of evidence).

    3. Laurie Bronowicz says

      Mary Jo…..not a chance with President Trump….he’ll have an eye on that
      I bet.

  7. Ty Hartong says

    More bang for less buck. Gotta love it.

    1. Mark Rybeck says

      Ty Hartong UNDER BUDGET AND AHEAD OF SCHEDULE ( something the swamp knows
      nothing about)

    2. Allison Charles says

      Queen of Hearts Baby

    3. President Trump 8 Years says

      Mark Rybeck they’re saying he knows nothing about politics and the way “we”
      do things..moron that’s why we voted for president Trump

    4. S C says

      President Trump 8 Years agree agree agree agree we love our president Trump

    5. Lynn Kueh says

      President Trump 8 Years There are still those protestors morons and retards
      who said he is inexperienced and does not have track records. ?

  8. windy city55 says

    Damn Trump keeps winning. 600 million can help a lot of Americans

    1. Allison Charles says

      suz g ???????????????

    2. Rosalia Pena says

      windy city55
      Don’t forget he also stopped the money transfer to Palestine that Obama
      tried to do at the last minute before leaving office. So that would be 227
      million that didn’t leave our country. Once he cuts off Sanctuary cities
      and social benefits to illegal immigrants, the savings are going to be
      felt. Reducing regulations that have strangled small businesses. This is
      just the tip of the iceberg and that is why Democrats and the left go
      against him.

    3. robert c says

      Rosalia Pena I feed he did! but of course mainstream sheeples media don’t
      tell you that, they just cover the Soros funded protests

    4. suz g says

      +windy city55 I agree with everything you say. Don’t think I would be much
      of a challenge to a pack of wolves, as they are only able to attack in
      packs. However, the best thing at this point is to listen to Trump, and he
      has said he does not want his people out there ramping it up into an all
      out combat zone. The rioters are being given a long leash for a reason.
      (I have no issues with self defense if they come at an innocent bystander,
      just to make my thoughts clear).
      There will be professionals activated, just depends on how far the rioters
      want to take this, personally I think they have ran out of leash, but it is
      not my call.

    5. letsthinkitover1 says

      windy city55 build the wall

  9. Michael Byrnes says

    I don’t know about you but I’m just getting so tired of winning

    1. One MercilessMing says

      Behaven 01–This surprises you? The Democrats, funded by Soros and other
      billionaires (think where Obama stayed in Palm Springs), have no
      compunction whatsoever about false information. It’s not going to be easy
      to turn this around, but those who want our laws enforced, our borders
      secured, and the criminal element curbed must remain vigilant about
      exposing poseurs.

    2. Bhaven 01 says

      You are a brave soul.
      I hope you rest well.
      Peace to you as well.

    3. Bhaven 01 says

      +One MercilessMing​
      Doesn’t surprise me at all.
      The part of them choosing to post as Racist whites.
      Even though they are Black and Latino.
      That could catch some of our minority Trump supporters off guard.
      They post Latinos for Trump and get attacked for example.
      Surprise me. No.

    4. letsthinkitover1 says

      Michael Byrnes it feels so bad!]

    5. Michael Byrnes says

      Sigkim We are the boss… the people. as good as a president Trump is.
      Never forget he works for us.

  10. Thomas Dennis says

    Trump for leadership in NORTH America

    1. scott firman says

      Chad Baker That was my thought a long time ago.

    2. Sigkim says

      +Chad Baker Nope. They are their own country, their own culture, and they
      have their own values….as do all nations.

      I love the people, I hate their government and they need to fix it for
      their future.

      Maybe, america can actually set an example….instead of telling others
      what to do and how to do it, and screwing it all up.

      This should be interesting.

    3. Chad Baker says

      Sigkim they’re Spanish immigrants who invaded the area and took it over.
      invading them wouldn’t be destroying any culture, it would be giving them a
      taste if their own medicine.

    4. Joel Gawne says

      As a Canadian I second this! We need a war between America and Canada, so
      that Conservative Canadians can rebel against the liberal tyrants!

  11. My eclectic gay life says

    It’s great to have a real President running America again.

  12. Jeff Underwood says

    he is my president! proud deplorable

    1. silverbird58 says

      No jeff as of November 8th you got a new strip , your despicable

    2. President Trump 8 Years says

      Jeff Underwood he’s doing a great job..sent federal aid to tornado ridden
      cities in south GA really faster than Obama ever did

  13. Tree says

    All you liberal extremists need to start another movement “Jump for Trump”
    head to the nearest tall building or bridge and jump the hell off! We will
    all celebrate YOUR martyrdom!!!!

    1. Tree says

      Wolfy The Wolf, wassssup my brother!??✌?

    2. Bob Giglio says

      GAVE YOU !

    3. Wolfy The Wolf says

      +Bob Giglio if he doesn’t come through with his promises then we *won’t*
      ignore it.

    4. Richard Brown says

      Bob Giglio
      I agree with you but I don’t think he’s referring to intelligence that you
      seem to have

  14. Chris Frickie says

    Obama wanted to weaken our military, disarm us and turn us into a Muslim
    country, thank god we have President Trump now! He is a man that has
    Americas best interest in mind. God Bless President Trump

    1. awake and alive says

      Chris Frickie. Amen.. I ‘ve come to the conclusion that liberals hate this
      country And at least 33 percent are white kissing minorities butts. How can
      you explain that there’s Mexicans like me that love this country more than
      stupid white liberals that hate it .!!!

    2. Lynn Kueh says

      Chris Frickie America is still surviving as God has not removed his
      blessing from her. Now it comes in the form of Trump.

    3. Jeri Carter says

      Only if PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP does the will of OUR FATHER in heaven.

    4. awake and alive says

      +Jesse Zirkle .amen brother. I’m glad you feel the same way and I’m with
      everyone that truly loves this country .I’m thankful to the Lord for
      bringing me here proud to be an American 100%

  15. Sheena Boyles says

    Order some new drones and try them out on Hillary and obama’s houses lol

    1. Don Hammer says

      +Sheena Boyles; That reminds me, Oblablabla ordered 20,000 drones to be
      used “in the U.S”. They need to be Re Tasked!

    2. Lynn Kueh says

      Don Hammer Oblablablanla ???

  16. Dawn Nickeas says

    Free Trump T-Shirts on TrumpRights*com only pay for shipping!

    1. model nutty says

      yes lets all give away our banking information and home addresses for a
      T-shirt today and monthly recurring charges at some porn sites for months!
      WHAT A DEAL!

    2. sybil ali says

      jane smith g

    3. Pirate LeStrange says

      Mr. Nick b
      Yes! Only the free tshirt is a scam! TRUMP is the real deal! MAGA!!!

    4. dubvc1 says

      Dawn Nickeas I’m still waiting for mine. its been a week and half now.

    5. letsthinkitover1 says

      model nutty oh God

  17. john harris says

    President Trump has already accomplished more in 11days than the previous
    idiot did in 8 years!

    1. Wanda Roderick says

      john harris Trump loves America and wants to save it and help the American
      people Obama is Kenyan he hated America and wanted to turn it into a third
      world country that’s what he said when he was campaigning that’s why he
      started destroying America every which way he could

    2. Allison Charles says

      john harris damn nothing but the truth

    3. awake and alive says

      Wanda Roderick. Yeah but liberals are like apostate christians that allowed
      themselves by the false prophets and teachers of today to hypnotized and
      deceived them . That’s what Obama was doing to liberals.

  18. mustclime says

    the f35 is not a bomber dumbass……..what ever you are getting
    paid….its to much……how does this help the troops???????

    1. cjhyde78 says

      mustclime I thought the “F” designation stood for “FIGHTER” it’s psyops
      strategy it really stands for “BOMBER”

    2. mustclime says

      Its no more a bomber than the harrier….thats what it is designed to
      replace….the bitts are going to be using them on their new aircraft
      carrier as fighters….its a supersonic, stealth, vtal fighter…..VTOL=
      vertical takeoff and landing…… so much fail on this channel

  19. patty says

    I’m so glad to see our President doing so much–and I must say I’m having a
    hard time keeping track of everything that he is doing. He is attempting to
    protect American, secure the borders, stop wasteful spending, removing
    illegals–I really think he is going to be good for all Americans

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