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  1. Vida de Homem says

    Paul, você não sabe, mas você faz parte da Turminha do Loen

    1. That one bitch, over there says

      +PTCreeperKiller that might be because save for a few word differences,
      it’s mostly just accents. Maybe there are more differences between
      Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese?

    2. Fernando Pereira says

      +PTCreeperKiller I can easily communicate with a Portuguese, in fact, i do
      have a portuguese friend and we don’t have any problems whatsoever to talk.

    3. PTCreeperKiller says

      +Fernando Pereira me too, but some words that Portuguese use have no
      meaning whatsoever for Brazilians.

    4. That one bitch, over there says

      +PTCreeperKiller Then I don’t know lol ^^;

  2. hello9GAG says

    Fff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff first.

    1. Martin Ourhour says

      +Demarcus Franklin
      “So what you are saying is that it’s okay to let some run up in your spot,
      attempt to cause mad havoc and discord because the motherfucka doesn’t
      agree with what you saying?”
      Yes, if they are not causing violence, that is what I am in fact saying. 😉

      Btw do I look like a Merkel to you? 😀

    2. InYourFace says

      +Martin Ourhour
      The only violence that is being perptrated is by the people who don’t like
      the things that Trump is saying, and essentially he is saying all the right
      things regarding the IslamoMarxistNazis, who are behaving in violence, not
      only in words, but in deeds, against those who disagree with him and the
      millions that agree with him.

      And no, you don’t have a right to gate crash and trespass on other people’s
      party and property. That is against the law of the land. And you sound
      like a merkel.

    3. Martin Ourhour says

      +InYourFace “IslamoMarxistNazis, who are behaving in violence, not only in
      words, but in deeds”
      Some protesters are violent, which is despicable. Non the less, they are
      not as dangerous since they will not, under any circumstances, get nuclear
      codes… unlike Trump.

      “And no, you don’t have a right to gate crash and trespass on other
      people’s party and property. That is against the law of the land.”
      Of course. And as such should be dealt by law enforcement, not some crazed
      agressive mob. 😉

    4. Dead Planet says

      Best “first” comment in all of YouTube history!!!

  3. Shelley's Churchill says

    if we turn against each other based on divisions of race, we’d be following
    your plan, and we’d end up exactly where we are now.

    1. Mycroftsbrother says

      Well, he did ruin the country… and Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, and all
      of those countries flooded by “refugees”. So, that’s not all he’s been

    2. yopandas says

      are you serious here or just a misinformed little libatard? obama has done
      everything in his power to DIVIDE us based on race and religion. the very
      fact that he’s lying to our faces when all the evidence is right there is
      not only laughable at this point but outright insane.

    3. TheDarkri1 says


    4. yopandas says

      +Joyce Bagby nope completely agree. a government’s loyalty and service is
      to its people not foreigners. it is neither a charity nor should it be in
      any position to go against its people’s wishes/well being. but it’s clear
      why they want these immigrants. they tend to vote for bigger governments
      and if you bring more of them in government benefits from their votes to
      gain even more power.


    His teleprompter must have froze.

    1. Arcade MusicTribute says


    2. GuMpAkC says

      It did. People think it’s a joke, it’s not. It totally stopped working.

    3. Gottlieb Pinball says

      Bwaaaa; just as he was ‘speaking’, that damn teleprompter started to update
      to windows 10.

    4. Mihail Mantakas says

      You can see the panick in his eyes.

    5. Dylan Trilliams says

      Look at your amount of likes, you’re welcome.

  5. Silver24k5 says


    1. Ruben Prime says

      Billy Madison haha


      Eryoo makin’ fuhhh’fufufuhh ‘fuhfah funna me ?

    3. Richard Queso says

      damn!!! i came back to say that. good job!

  6. travisbickelll says

    Clearing Michael’s cum out of his throat.

    1. Razvan Constantin says

      fucking hell my ribs are hurting!

    2. Tomorrow We Live says

      Who is Michael? Oh wait, never mind…

    3. AsianCat says

      omg XD

  7. Raiden Shibou says

    Press F to pay respects to King Harambe

    1. Carp says


    2. MatEnAlks says

      Hi Gandhi, wanna sell me some nukes?

    3. Pi is fun says


    4. Mr Moonhead says

      Roses are Read, Harambe is in heaven, Bush did 9/11

    5. Raiden Shibou says

      +Mr Moonhead Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
      And you know it’s true

  8. Jondo says

    the teleprompter running windows 10

    1. Penemuelish says

      I’m on Windows 10, and it’s funny.

    2. Fhqwhgod Morloch says

      I’m laughing about people on Win10 daily. Funny indeed.

    3. lelwut says

      +Fhqwhgod Morloch
      Be happy with your inferiority. <3

    4. johnbenson222 says

      Remove KB3035583

    5. Sebas Tian says


  9. Zen Macrobiotics says

    *Without the convenience of a teleprompter it becomes very difficult to
    talk with a forked devil tongue that wants to keep flicking in and out ..*

    1. Bruce Wayne says


    2. Zen Macrobiotics says


  10. MrRiggyRiggs says

    this is me when my ex asked if I cheated on her

    1. J Bullast says


    2. Lucas Lawson says

      +askjiir Crawl back into your hole, little eagle. It was a joke.

    3. askjiir says

      +Lucas Lawson How do you know

    4. 187ᵘᵐ Killa says

      +askjiir Cause that’s his ex

  11. Lady Jersey says

    This coming from a president who’s done nothing but use race and religion
    to divide his citizens.

    1. killerxray says

      He only has the authority to ENFORCE LAWS AND CONTROL THE MILITARY.

    2. Coffeeandasmoke says

      +killerxray Then, he jots down a new “Executive Order” and VOILA!… a new
      Gee, how did that happen?

    3. Daniel Gerhardt says

      yup and that’s the guy America voted for…just sad…so many Americans
      blindly follow him and crooked hillary

    4. Daniel Gerhardt says

      +irascibblejustice Oh sorry it looks like u was talking about trump, I’m a
      trump supporter. The man I was talking about was Obama. Sorry for the

  12. Dorset Soldier says

    That’s what happens when you perform way too much fellatio.

    1. Zanard Bell says

      I guess that explains the Bill Clinton visits in the Oval Office.

    2. Dorset Soldier says

      +Zanard Bell
      Lol, good one.

    3. Oksana Fore (Oks) says


    4. geojoeyINW says

      Eric Schmidt.

    5. Stacey Stakeley says

      No no no no no

  13. slantyrock says

    Go easy on Barack you pack of unmerciful bastards!

    Well all know the reason why he stutters is because every night Michelle
    pegs him for hours on end.

    1. slantyrock says

      Ah yes, bow legged Michael, sorry 🙂

    2. Worthless Urchin says


    3. thunberbolt two says

      Lol.good one.

    4. farleygranger says

      and she’s a man baby…

    5. Dominic Bennett says

      Yes, pegs him with her fully functioning black penis.

  14. im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username says

    Obama.exe has stopped working

    1. retroact1ve says


    2. Droid-Life Interface says

      Due to glitch in Kikedows.

    3. Cheez Wotz says


    4. Rishabh Agarwal says

      He stopped working because he’s running windows 10…

    5. Nathaniel Olsen says

      If he used Linux like normal people, he wouldn’t have a problem.

  15. Mr556x45mm says

    404 teleprompter not found.

    1. who is this cute says


    2. Carter Paulson says

      404 birth certificate not found

  16. Jennifer W says

    it’s amazing how there’s always about 547 dislikes on all the Trump vids –
    that must be the number of Hillary Clinton trolls on the payroll. lmao

  17. Necro Varium says

    I hope Trump has seen this video. He deserves a good chuckle after the two
    years he’s had.

  18. Elijah Bradley says

    Lol, I feel bad for Obama. Not.

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