Tupac murder mystery: ‘Confession letter’ names rapper’s killers


This is a extraordinary ‘confession letter’ pronounced to be pivotal in finally elucidate a Tupac Shakur murder mystery.

US documentary builder and author RJ Bond claims a request names a killers and clears swat noble Suge Knight of any impasse in a drive-by shooting.

The minute – supposing to a Sun Online by Bond – is pronounced to have been created by one of a gunmen who non-stop glow on Tupac’s automobile in Las Vegas in 1996.

A squad member called ‘Danny’ is pronounced to have handed it to a TV journalist.

In a unverified minute he tells how he was ‘told to take night out’ a anxiety to Death Row Records trainer Suge Knight.

The former swat noble was with Tupac in a Cadillac a night he was killed.

It gives chilling sum of a assassination revelation how ‘no-one would have done it out’.

It also tells of a credentials of a stolen swat song, a heartless squad violence and finally a bloody punish hit.

The ‘confession letter’ afterwards points a finger during Death Row Records confidence arch Reggie Wright Jnr claiming he told a shooters where Tupac would be on night during a attack.

Another up-and-coming rapper who is also accused of opening fire.

He can’t be named for authorised reasons.

RJ Bond – behind a Tupac Assassination documentary series – claims: “The story behind a admission minute is really simple.

“It was given to a Fox contributor who was really penetrating on a story.

“A large TV talk was set adult though he was a no uncover and a minute was afterwards given to Russell Poole (a former LAPD cop) and it was put in a record and not looked during for a prolonged time.

“When we saw it, a name of Reginald Wright Jnr only leaps out of a page. It reads he gave Tupac’s location. My jaw only strike a building when we review that.”

RJ Bond is now operative on his third documentary covering a scandalous murder called Tupac Assassination III: Battle for Compton.

“This minute is a bit like a Rosetta Stone – it creates a lot of other things make sense,” Bond told a Sun Online.

“This new documentary is critical for all those those concerned in a killings though in sold a victims and witnesses like Yafeu Fula, a Outlawz rapper who was shot after a Tupac killing.

“The night of a Tupac sharpened he was nearest to a Cadillac and gave a matter to Las Vegas cops of a motorist of a shooters’ car.

“When we saw a design of Danny he matched a outline of a driver. we mean, what are a chances?”

Wright Jr has prolonged denied he had anything to do with a sharpened of Tupac.

In 2015, he responded to a claims by indicating out that several people that had related him to Tupac’s murder had died in a past decade.

They embody a late rapper’s ex-bodyguards Michael Moore and Frank Alexander.

“I trust in karma,” he said.

“All these people are dropping dead. we keep revelation people God don’t like ugly. we wish people learn a doctrine from this.”

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