Twin Boys Look So Different After Their First Haircut


Rumble via TimAndKarenAlexander

I think it’s safe to say that all parents want to document their child’s “firsts” — their first steps, words, trips to visit Santa, and first days of school are generally well-documented, especially in today’s day and age.Well, this dad wanted to make sure he got a big first recorded on camera: his twin boy’s first ever haircut.

Well, this dad wanted to make sure he got a big first recorded on camera: his twin boy’s first ever haircut.

Haircuts, especially when you’re a kid, can be kind of a scary thing. For instance, when I was four, I got my very first haircut; it had taken a few years for my hair to really grow in, and I finally had a full head of perfect curls. But my first ever hairdresser completely demolished my curly locks, giving me what can only be described as a horrific “bowl cut.”

It wasn’t a cute look and it took YEARS for it to grow back out. Needless to say, I cried for hours afterward and had a hard time returning to the salon.

So when this video starts up, showing these adorable twins sitting in the backseat of their dad’s car, four-year-old me understands their hesitation.

The two boys, Allen and Brandon, are sitting in the backseat while dad teasing them for having to go get their haircut. Allen has a well-meaning smile on his face, but Brandon looks thoroughly unamused by the idea.

RumbleDad asks if the boys want a haircut; Allen nods, but Brandon nervously says, “No.” When asked why not, Brandon blames mom, saying, “Mom wants us to eat.” Dad dismisses the funny excuse and off to the hairdresser they go.

Already, with their hilarious dad as a narrator and their complete opposite reactions, we can tell this is going to be one funny home video.

At a trendy salon on Sunset Vine in Hollywood, CA, the boys go in for their first-ever trim. Allen, the happier of the twins, gets into the high-chair first; we’re sure Dad wanted to show nervous Brandon that haircuts are easy!

However, it doesn’t quite go that way for little Allen. As the haircut progresses, and the stylist brushes out his curly hair, Allen can’t help but tear up! For a little boy, he has A LOT of hair, and it must have been a new, uncomfortable experience to have it tugged on like that.

Despite his tears, Allen loves his amazing afro after his hair is brushed out! After running around the salon and shaking out his hair for a while, he goes to stand by his brother as the same is done for him.

Then, it’s cutting time.

Since the boys have so much hair, it takes a few rounds of cutting to get it down to a more manageable length for mom and dad. To see the fantastic job their stylist does and how adorable the twins look after the get their new ‘dos, you have to watch the video below!

Then make sure to comment on their great new looks or your first haircut experience in the comments section below.