Twisted Sticky Caramel Roll


This twisted sticky caramel roll makes waiting for the weekend worth it. Think of this pull-apart breakfast treat as the ultimate sticky bun because you get a little bit of all of the best parts in every bite: the browned edges; the creamy, nutty center; and the soft, fluffy dough saturated with sticky caramel glaze.

Using pre-made pizza dough is a time-saver, but even if you want to make the dough from scratch you can make it the night before. And if pizza dough for breakfast seems weird, don’t worry — we didn’t want the dough to be too sweet because we’re already stuffing the twists with a brown sugar filling and soaking them in a caramel glaze. We used chopped walnuts for the filling, but you could trade those for the classic pecans or leave out the nuts entirely if you’re not nuts about nuts.


You know from our Braided Apple Walnut Strudel, Nutella Star, and Blueberry Breakfast Braid that we love to get a little fancy with our dough. But you also know that we love a good kitchen hack more than anything, and this is one of those recipes where the finished product looks way more complicated than it really is. So watch our step-by-step video and try it for yourself and you’ll see that making a twisted sticky caramel roll ain’t no thang (but your brunch guests will certainly think it is).


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