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If you are looking for great Android Boxes check out the H96 Pro+ and the Yundoo Y8.

Incredible Boxes. The Yundoo Y8 is a little faster packing 4GB of ram.

Here are the specs for these two boxes side by side.

Yundoo Y8:

GearBest Yundoo Y8 Purchase Link:


Comparable Box to Yundoo Y8:


H96 Pro+


Amazon Purchase:


Keyboard + H96 combo:


Specs: (H96 Pro Kodi Box)

Model: H96 PRO
Type: TV Box
System: Android 6.0
Processor: Amlogic S912
CPU: Amlogic S912
Core: 2.0GHz,Octa Core
GPU: ARM Mali-T820MP3
RAM Type: DDR3
Max. Extended Capacity: 32G
Color: Black

Yundoo Y8 (Hecta Core!)

Model: Y8
Type: TV Box
System: Android 6.0
Processor: RK3399
CPU: ARM Cortex-A53,ARM Cortex-A72
Core: 2.0GHz
GPU: ARM Mali-T860MP4
RAM Type: DDR3

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  1. Robert Jacobsen says

    I will stay with my Nvidia Shield…thnx for sharing though

    1. Dylan Douglas says

      I don’t use the remote included with the H96 so i didn’t know that about that bug. I ways pull the power to start the box. i wish they would have a power button on the box..

    2. The Kuzco says


    3. kennysdroid says

      Just bought a yundoo y8. kodi and you tube videos are very choppy.

    4. The Kuzco says

      +kennysdroid is it the latest version of the app?

    5. kennysdroid says

      I went to system updates said it had the latest. not sure if it needs to be updated from a computer or right from the box itself

  2. Greg Arroyo says

    For the price including specs the H96 Pro Plus. One less GB due a price difference of $50 not worth purchasing the other one, H96 Pro Plus takes it. If you look in eBay the Pro Plus with keyboard remote is $85.

  3. MrBrymstond says

    It appears the youtube app is their version and was skipping (Lost Frames)

  4. Kevin Ferrabelo says

    Wow thats a really bad score for the H96 Pro+ ! My Matricom G-Box Q2 (Quad Core S812 CPU 2GB Ram) scores a 42609 beating the H96 Pro+ in UX, CPU and RAM scores! How is that possible if my G-Box Q2 has older technology across the board??? Either Antutu is a junk app or the H96 Pro+ is an absolute junk box!

    1. dabig 25 says

      Minix U9-h and T95z are great devices. I’m hearing and seeing alot of mixed reviews on the 96h

    2. Kevin Ferrabelo says

      do you have both those boxes @dabig25?

    3. dabig 25 says

      Kevin Ferrabelo no but I have friends that do. Saw a review of the minix u9-h and the reviewer said it had one of the best test scores he’s seen

    4. Kevin Ferrabelo says

      Hmmm thanks bro appreciate it! I’ll check it out. The T95Z you referring to the Sunvell?

    5. dabig 25 says

      Kevin Ferrabelo Yes

  5. David McCorcle says

    rockchip, but the Tegra Still Rock

  6. David McCorcle says

    I’m eating for xbox to come bank to kodi. witch is the only thing i know that it does the shield

  7. MrBrymstond says

    You’re so lucky if you ever get a os upgrade it’s ridiculous.

  8. Craig parry says

    I use 3 different boxes i use a meecool bb2 pro also a cooleed q10 and a cheap Chinese box from gear best 2g ram but is only £23 pound i think thats about 25 US dollars and all work perfectly i think unless you are gaming and 2g ram box will work perfectly for streaming

  9. budeweiser1968 says

    Nvidia Shield here. Looking for a second box for the bedroom. Thanks for the video

  10. tinkey 61 says

    I guess they took away ONEBOX HD it don’t work no more

  11. Jason Casas says

    Get more views on your video, check out: u2bzone(dot)C O M

  12. Rob B says

    Number One is the Nvidia Shield (Pro.) The Mother Of All Android Boxes. Nothing comes closer to that. Just my humble opinion. Cheers!

  13. James Prisk says

    hi I have h96 +pro 3g ram & 32 g mem. you can buy diff models.
    my questions is can u change the home screen icons? I don’t have Netflix etc, can u change 2 something else?

    1. Danny Boy says

      James Prisk I’ve been trying to do the same with no luck, so hopefully someone will answer this.

    2. AcousticalPaul says

      James Prisk, you can download apps from the Play Store to change your home screen and lose those pesky unwanted icons. I’d recommend TV Launcher or Nova Launcher as being the most functional, but take your pick – there is plenty of choice. There are also numerous simplified tutorials on YouTube if you need them. Good luck.

    3. James Prisk says

      AcousticalPaul OK cool but I been told adding them slows the box down as it adds extra clog to it

    4. AcousticalPaul says

      Hi, James. I’ve never noticed any slowdown to be honest – afterall, a launcher is just one more app. I have 4 different launchers currently installed – 5 if you include the launcher the box is shipped with. The H96 Pro+ has plenty of processing resources to run such applications, unless of course you’re already running at full tilt memory-wise.

  14. uk78622 says

    HOWS the y8 compared to nvidia?

  15. Mr51Caveman says

    My Kodiak 16.1 completely quit 2 days ago. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any viruses. But why would I just get a blank screen now? Everything else still loads on my Amazon Fire box. Could Amazon be blocking it?

  16. arvind padhiar says

    this box The Yundoo Y8 must be good but its bit expencive. thanks.

  17. palle dahlgren says

    Send me a notification when you get the x98 ?

  18. Max E says

    Zidoo x9 x9s and MINIX neo 7 PS. Your 4k,s were choppy ?

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