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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly announced in early January that she would be leaving Fox News and joining NBC News. Some predicted that this sudden change would ultimately hurt Fox’s bottom line, but it actually appears to have done the opposite, The Hill reported.

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UH-OH: Megyn Gets Bad News at NBC… Bet She Wishes She Hadn’t Left Fox Now

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  1. NBC’s numbers would increase if they reported the news HONESTLY- without
    politicizing it and fabricating it to suit the leftist agenda……that’s
    all they need to do!

    • That’s because the “agenda” is bought and paid for. There is no more
      reporting, they only follow the script. They read from the teleprompter and
      nothing more. Like Sean Hannity said, “Journalism is dead”

    • but then theyd lose all their funding from soros and theyd have to live
      like everyone else instead of retreating to their pedo mansions. So its not
      going to happen. The only option is to put all the liars and fakes out of
      business and support only truthful businesses

    • NO she gives fair interviews unlike her conservative counterparts at Fox.
      Sean Hannity was literally in a political ad for Donald Trump and tries to
      get President’s elected, hes admitted it! That’s irresponsible and bad
      journalism. You don’t want fair and balanced media, you want media that
      agrees with every one of your views. OH and she’s an independent like good
      ole Bill O’Reilly.

    • daniel Swatske Somebody brainwashed that cache, I can’t help but wonder if
      they really think obummer was righteous in his treason and murder, and theft

    • Alexia McFadden FIRST: Sean Hannity DOES NOT have a news show, Sean Hannity
      has an opinion based show. Sean does NOT have to be nuetral in his
      Megyn Kelly is a witch with a capital “B”!!!
      she started the war with the president(Trump), & it backfired on her! She
      had no intention of being fair with President Trump!
      Megyn Kelly had major fights with Bill O’reilly BEFORE she left Fox, that’s
      why she wasn’t on his show for a very long time!
      She may very well be an independent, but if she leaned any more to the
      left, she would fall over!!!
      Bill O’reilly may be an independent, but he’s a little more in the middle
      than the liberal Megyn Kelly!
      Bill still has some faults, he’s a little out there on some things! His ego
      is his biggest thing, he has an ego bigger than any I’ve seen before!

    • right on boss can’t be bought period Miriclw someone can even do this but
      we see God working good what is. first negative or evil God can use for
      Good, Eight years for the delay of nwo. purge swamp please

    • chris guess

      That’s because you’re a libtard.

      The mainstream media is totally biased and only shows or makes up stuff
      against Trump and conservatives.

      Fox News, in general, does support Trump (even though some hosts don’t) but
      aside saying they are “fair and balanced” (because they put liberals on to
      give their opinions), they don’t pretend they are just showing the news and
      everyone knows they are the only TV station to support the Republicans. But
      the mainstream media pretends that they are impartial and are just
      reporting the news.

    • the smear campaign backfired and put trump in the spotlight so their
      attemps at trying to destroy him literally only helped him gain popular
      support from AMERICAN’s!

    • Tuck tells them they don’t make sense because they don’t. They’re totally
      unprepared to present any facts or construct a rational argument or
      rebuttal because for the Loony Left, it’s all about ‘feelings.’ Don’t
      confuse them with facts; their tiny brains will explode.

    • Russ G ….I don’t understand why libs would go on his show unprepared…..
      it doesn’t make sense, unless they never watched it

  2. Kelly brought all this on herself.. I used to watch her show nightly, as
    did most of my Conservative friends… But that changed on the first
    Primary Debate night, when she acted far more like a hysterical rookie
    prosecutor, rather than a responsible & fair moderator..

    • Ever noticed how certain people project their own natures onto those they
      envy or perceive as their enemies? Liberal racism leads to a liberal
      obsession with (perceived) conservative racism. In my own daily foray into
      Biblical philosophy, “as a man thinketh, so he becomes” expresses the very
      same sentiment. Most conservatives recognize that skin color or gender does
      not define you, it is your mind and heart that defines you. Liberals on the
      other hand, are collectivists, and you have to be a collectivist to be a
      racist. They believe you are defined by your skin color or gender just as a
      racist or sexist does. They believe in multiculturalism, not Individualism.
      As usual, they take the wrong side of the issue. The truth is that more
      conservatives invoke Martin Luther King’s rebuke of color for “the content
      of a man’s character” than do the “Affirmitive Action” proponents, the
      Congressional Black Caucus, (just imagine if we had a “Congressional WHITE
      Caucus), the NAACP, the faux reverends of the political plantation
      industry, and the former occupant of the White House and his highly racial
      surrogates. The Liberal Democrat may no longer believe in God, the
      Constitution or even motherhood and apple pie, but he/she devoutly believes
      that somewhere out there Conservative Republicans are sitting in a sealed
      room, plotting to bring back the 50s. Progressive racial paranoia makes
      perfect sense if you assume that your opponents are part of a conspiracy
      whose defining feature is a paranoid projection of your OWN racism. In a
      nutshell, the liberal-progressive leftist Democrats are barking mad,
      exhibiting the behavior of rabid dogs tethered to the leash of CNN, where
      they get most of their “information.” They project their own neuroses onto
      others, and blame them for that which they are guilty of themselves.
      Incapable of reading the script or understanding the plot, in their
      universe everything is inverted. The heroes are the villains and the
      villains are the heroes. Which takes me to one of my favorite Biblical
      philosophies from Isaiah 5:20 ..”Woe unto them who call evil good and good
      evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter
      for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” This perfectly sums up the
      liberal/progressive mindset. The original Democratic Party has been fully
      infiltrated and contaminated by the madness of the far left and the entire
      country is paying the price. The Democratic Party has been waging a war of
      attrition against We the People by using simple divide-and-conquer tactics.
      As long as people continue to allow them to race-bait through the corrupted
      media, they win, and We all lose. The truth is out there in plain sight for
      anyone who wants to study it. It’s not hidden at all. All you have to do is
      research it, and read it for yourselves. Just don’t listen to anything
      mainstream media says right now. They’re in full panic mode, and
      practically everything out of their mouths right now is a complete lie.
      Especially when they bash someone. Anyone the media hates, you should check
      into supporting. At least until they finally admit no one trusts what they
      say anymore. Then they’ll start endorsing your friends, and bashing your
      enemies. For now, they’re still too arrogant to figure that out. Study your
      history the KKK was a democrat organization and it is your party that talks
      about someone else’s hate while you destroy cities and burn cars. It was
      BLACK AFRICANS who sold their own people into slavery and it was white
      Republicans who freed them during the civil war. Once again, your words
      prove again that Liberalism is a mental disorder and liberals only know how
      to parrot what they hear the chattering skulls on CNN say. They have no
      idea how to do their own research.

    • +dorothy parker megan does not make up her own debate questions. It was fox
      news tat gave them to her. Use your head. It was a question about negative
      things trump said about women, so they gave the question to the female
      anchor at the debate. Blame fox news.

    • Megyn was a responsible and fair moderator on the Debate; representing
      American people. It was Donald who could not take the probing questions
      that are set up for all candidates. Why? Because he has to win at all costs
      and attempts to crush whomever wants honest answers…(the American people).

    • well these people are to look at, and some think people like looking at
      her, sex appeal, and woman always get paid for sex, men pay for it. Cause
      its not what they, or how they talk.

    • I used to be a Feminist, Hun; and you are woefully wrong, misguided and
      naive. True Feminists believe they should be paid the same amount on day
      one as somebody who has been working there for a decade.

  3. I used to adore her, but her attack on Donald Trump during the Presidential
    debates left me loathing her. That was it for me

    • Oh really Traci, her asking a fair question was an ATTACK? I wonder how you
      feel about your doctor when he asks all those invasive questions ATTACKING
      you? lmao Sissy Repubs.

    • +Traci Mann you should at least realize that megan kelly does not make the
      questions for the debate. It wasn’t her attack on trump…it was fox news
      who gave her the questions. But also what she said was not untrue. Trump
      said lots of crude things about women over the years, so fox news decided
      to give the anti women question to their woman anchor (megan kelly) to ask

    • Alexia McFadden …. how was her question fair, it was loaded. You wouldn’t
      know that though, would you? You skipped a lot of classes in high school,
      didn’t you?