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Ultimate Football Skills Show 2016 ● Part 2

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Ultimate Football Skills Show 2016 by Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Pogba, Hazard, Sanchez, Dybala, Di Maria

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  1. Tania Shahid says

    2nd view

    1. Adam Irfan says


    2. Giannis Gkioulos says


  2. Andres Ruiz says

    dayumm 2 videos in 20 minutes

    1. Andres Ruiz says

      good job m8

  3. CAJ_MinerZ says


  4. L.F.C. Elias says

    u have a new subscriber

    1. Naruto Uzumaki says

      lol Liverpool

    2. Ramiro Orozco says

      +Naruto Uzumaki Fr lol poor Liverpool

    3. Sick Nigg107 says

      LOL liverpool

  5. Tomas Pacheco says

    2:48 carcela <3

    1. Tomas Coelho says

      grinaldo fez melhor nesta pre-epoca

    2. Tomas Pacheco says

      Yah, também devia estar ai o chapéu do Renato

  6. Tevin Mbuu says

    *WTF is it just me or FOOTBALLERS are slowing becoming SHORT & BULKY like
    Pitbulls… :D*

    1. Evan O'Brien says

      The only player I know that looks like that on this video, is Shaqiri

    2. Tevin Mbuu says

      +Evan O’Brien look closer it’s pretty worrying

    3. Evan O'Brien says

      Nah, I don’t see it

    4. Tevin Mbuu says

      must be me then…

    5. Doctor Sar says

      only shaqiri and Aguero, and the reasons are drugs to improve performance
      and viagra

  7. Federico Mamoli says


    1. Andy Porturas says

      Along The Road – NCT x T Sugah (feat. Voicians)

    2. Никита Чаевский says

      +Andy Porturas Thanks

  8. Juan Carlos Rivera says


    1. Andy Porturas says

      Along The Road – NCT x T Sugah (feat. Voicians)

  9. Liam O'Connell says

    4:52 how has Mignolet embarrassed Aubameyang? There is a glitch in the

    1. Backpack says

      look at 8:05

  10. GettingChicks says

    soccer is really not the same without ronaldinho, zidane, messi and george
    best and ronaldo p dribbling skills. messi need to start dribblibng again

    1. FSP Videos says


  11. Gab Tan says

    who is the no. 10 player who wears white in 1:22 ?

    1. Elvis Thuita says

      it’s yarmolenko?

    2. Gab Tan says

      +Elvis Thuita thanks

  12. Gab Tan says

    please reply. I am really curious because his skills got my attention

  13. Hamza Kebbati says

    Check out my youtube channel, uploaded two soccer videos so far!

  14. ahmet emin aydın says

    5:07 as bayrakları as as

  15. ADEX says

    Della serie A ci sono poche clip perché almeno in Italia i difensori non si
    fanno saltare come dei coglioni

  16. tariq podolski (angent double 07) says

    good one lad.. amazing soundtrack

  17. Jakub Games says

    1:41 player?I number 17.

    1. Toni Kerschke says

      Ricardo Quaresma

  18. Jakub Games says

    name please

  19. J. James says

    4;52 loooooool

  20. Samuel Kayode says

    8:37 no respect

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