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Uncover Your Six-Pack! At Home ABS! 15 minute Super Shredder Circuit!

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Get your ABS six-pack ready! This routine can be done anywhere and works upper, lower and obliques.

You get out what you put in Nation, so really push yourself, stick to your meal plan, and watch the abs POP in no time!

(0:58)- Leg Lift (10 reps)
(1:14)- V-UP (10 reps)
(1:31)- Floor Side Oblique Crunch (10 reps per side)

For more workouts and tips join our community at www.MuscularStrength.com!

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  1. ScottHermanFitness says

    Get your ABS six-pack ready! This routine can be done anywhere and works
    upper, lower and obliques.

    You get out what you put in Nation, so really push yourself, stick to your
    meal plan, and watch the abs POP in no time!

    – 5 rounds
    – 10 reps per exercise
    – Rest as little as possible between sets & rounds

    – Week 2: 15 reps per exercise
    – Week 4: 20 reps per exercise

    (0:58)- Leg Lift
    (1:14)- V-UP
    (1:31)- Floor Side Oblique Crunch

    For more workouts and tips join our community at http://www.MuscularStrength.com!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +ScottHermanFitness AWWWWW YEAH!

    2. Obrey Dylan says

      your body is such amazing bro, stay Shredded!

    3. Omar Garcia says

      Is it normal for my arms to hurt from leg raises? I am doing the first
      example of it.

    4. iaknihsX2 says

      +Phil Hunter agreed.

  2. Exgecko says

    Now this will give you Titan Abs! Well done Scott keep up the good work! :)

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Exgeckos Adventure haha I like that!

  3. Dave Lotito says

    Going to have to give this a try now :D

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Pump Savages Let’s see it Dave!

  4. Peter Cservenka says

    V up more like > up

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Peter Cservenka lololol

  5. raghu Chilukuri says

    Helpful champ… Thank you !!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +raghu Chilukuri anytime bro!

  6. Marcus “K4” Lutchman says

    is the lying leg.lifts just as good? Because currently I’m doing those and
    it’s taking awhile guess I have to switch up my diet more.

  7. wolf moon says

    * eats potato chip *

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +95dank 1 potato chip per 10 crunches. 😉


    amazing video. no bullshit straight forward workout

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +I AM HERE TO TROLL Thanks man! Hope you enjoyed it!

    2. DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO? says

      +ScottHermanFitness oh my god you replied. its the first time a youtuber
      repied me. i loved this workout and i always love your videos. but
      sometimes they are too big like 14-15 mins. so its a request to keep them
      short. love you (no homo)

    3. Absolutely Deplorable says

      +I AM HERE TO TROLL 14-15 minutes too long? With that kind of dedication
      you’re not gonna go far in life. Especially not with weightlifting and

    4. DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO? says

      +Mein Neger I am not saying that 14-15 min workouts are too long as am
      saying that sometimes his videos are too long which he could have kept

    5. Absolutely Deplorable says

      +I AM HERE TO TROLL I didn’t misunderstand. If you can’t take 14-15 minutes
      out of your day to watch something that will help you improve yourself,
      then you won’t come far in life. Period.

  9. Evan Voss says

    I’m a beginner and I can do 1000 reps each exercise. Help

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Evan Voss nice man! whats the problem!

  10. Jonathan says

    wouldn’t u need to straighten ur legs to do a V-Up?

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Johnny Canamaso just touch over your core bro!

  11. Brandon Himself Vlogs says

    does anyone else Like the video before watching?

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks man you rock!

  12. Michal Jamula says

    how the hell am I supposed to do a leg lift at home? lol

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      Well, find something to hang from. And do leg lifts. You should get an iron
      gym for your house. It turns any doorway into a pullup bar!

  13. Anthony Mayatt says

    Great video Scott. I like your no nonsense approach with your videos, just
    plain and simple instruction. Big thumbs up from here in London ??

    1. wee brandon says


    2. ScottHermanFitness says

      Thanks Anthony means a lot bro. Hope your gains are coming well!

  14. wee brandon says

    scott I have a question I did 5 sets of dumbbell press then followed by
    close grip dumbbell press then I did bench press but I couldn’t lift the
    weight like I did last week on the bench press so I decrease the weight on
    the bench press will I still gain muscle through this ?

  15. Ethan Clarke says

    You should do a draw my life!!

  16. Maximus says

    Scott please give away more supps lol. I’m broke

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Maximus I plan to do more giveaways 🙂

  17. ELMITLON says

    Thanks for the video Scott, I was looking for something like this

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +ELMITLON Great! Let me know how you like it!

  18. Anabolic Aliens says

    V-Ups are so intense

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Anabolic Aliens Yeah they are! I bet you guys can’t even do them 😛

    2. Anabolic Aliens says


  19. Humberto Alvarez Jr says

    why when i do leg lifts i feel it on my lower back? (maybe hips) i feel
    them popping and it feels is very uncomfortable. any suggests?

    1. del ducharme says

      I got a hip injury and when I do stuff like that it feels weird aswell

  20. Crest Fallen says

    What exactly do you mean by “rounds?” Your video only showed 3 exercises.
    Do you mean for us to do these 3 exercises 5 times each?????

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