Upper Alum Creates Summer Camp For Children With Diabetes


Upper Sandusky Alum, 19 year old-Corrie Knapp, combined Camp Ohana for children with diabetes and their friends.


The Daily Chief-Union reports that, Knapp was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 11 year olds and attended many identical camps, nonetheless she wanted to move a knowledge closer to home.  


Knapp combined a 3-day summer stay for children in Kindergarten to 8th grade, from 9am-4pm, Jun 27th-29.  This stay will be hold during Camp Trinity in Upper Sandusky.  Activities embody diabetic training and discussions, cooking diabetic recipes, as good as normal stay practice such as games and horseback riding!


Campers can register a day of camp, a cost is $30 that includes lunch, snacks, and a T-Shirt.  All campers are speedy to move a friend!