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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Lindsey Bruce for Liberty Writers reports, After all the videos we have seen of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts and helping sex traffickers, it’s hard to believe that there are still organizations out there willing to support such a disgusting group. But Lifenews.com has recently reported that the popular restaurant chain “Chilis” is helping fund this abortion factory.

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  1. Shannon Davidson says

    Chili’s has gone way down hill anyway. Not going back!

    1. Joe De Jesus says

      Count me in !!!

    2. CChris says

      I only went to Chili’s 2-3 times. The food was not very good and I won’t
      even mention the restroom…Yuck!

    3. John Daidone says

      CChris Their steak was awful. ? 010

    4. Hummpy Dummpy says

      Their GMO food sucks..

    5. Nikki Seale says

      Shannon Davidson food sucks anyway! O

  2. Rod McGee says

    Come on Gary…..Chile’s saw the backlash 2 days ago and reversed their

    1. EarRegardless says

      Rod McGee he probly filmed this 2 days ago. They’re pushing out so much
      content, they’re backed up.

    2. SBow311 says

      Rod McGee He has been behind lately.

    3. Shasha8674 says

      It doesn’t matter. Giving them business when they may promote the left
      agenda in a variety of ways, when businesses should remain neutral not ok.
      They may donate to Planned parenthood privately also.

  3. Evan Painter says

    Goodbye Chilis ?

    1. 2004OrionVIICNG says

      Last time I ate their was back in 2007 or so.

    2. Lord Tigranes says

      +2004OrionVIICNG me2 loll

    3. Lord Tigranes says

      +2004OrionVIICNG me2 loll

    4. Lord Tigranes says

      +2004OrionVIICNG me2 loll

    5. Kate Chisham says

      Lord Tigranes

  4. Ave Maria says

    This is messed up on so many levels. I don’t know how I continue to be
    shocked by evil these days but I do. Unbelievable and added to my list of

    1. LadySongbird says

      Ave Maria.
      I know, I keep thinking nothing will surprise or shock me now, and two
      minutes later something else sick and disgusting pops up !

  5. Antonio Inostros says

    darn it i wanted to try that place, hey hows applebees or red lobster.

    1. Daniel Gordon says

      Antonio Inostros
      red lobster gives money too

    2. WickedTornado says


    3. WickedTornado says

      Antonio, I’ve been a hard-core Midwestern storm chaser for over 30 years.
      We go from state to state within tornado alley filming supercell storms and
      tornadoes wherever the wildest storms explode. It’s not uncommon for us to
      be done and wrapped up from an event by 11pm or later. SO…this means that
      our team will be starving when we’re able to eat dinner. We don’t eat fast
      food…we’d rather go hungry and wait until breakfast to eat. Over the
      years, we’ve found that Applebees is one place that stays open later than
      most other restaurants. They’ve saved our hungry butts many a time. It’s
      not the type of place that I would normally seek out for a dinner, but you
      can sure get a good steak and a lot of combo meals with
      steak/pasta/shrimp/etc. there. I for one, am glad they’re “out there” and
      if they’re not giving money to Planned Parenthoods, etc. then I can tell
      you they have good food, they teach their chefs how to cook these meals
      properly, and we feel they’ve been quite clean overall….and we’ve eaten
      at a lot of ’em over the years. Oh….most importantly……you bet….you
      can get beer, wine and I think hard liquor there too. For sure beer and
      wines, I know that for a fact. Hope this helps you or anyone else.

    4. Rose _ says

      There’s several great YouTube channels with interesting meal ideas and
      they’re very easy directions. We should start following them.

  6. Mon P. says

    People, just don’t eat at restaurants. Save your waist line and save your
    pocketbook. Bad food and bad ethics. And now this! Also, a fast food worker
    put period blood on someone’s burger, that is how crazy people are nowdays.

    1. Danny G says

      I disagree, we should reward those who do right and boycott those who do
      wrong. The future literally depends on it.

    2. Jerry Mcmillan says

      Mon P. I’m never disappointed with a Greek restaurant .

    3. Mon P. says

      Jerry Mcmillan haha true.

    4. CChris says

      Not to mention the sky high prices!

    5. Mic “byrd” Mal says

      We’ve come a long way from peeing in the pickles when I was a teenager.

  7. Chemtrailed Canadian says

    What is wrong with people? Do they not listen to ANYTHING. Trump did not
    say he was going to halt planned parent hoods GOOD work like cancer
    screenings etc. He said he would make people pay for their own abortions.
    Maybe people should go listen to the abortion doctor who did 1800 abortions
    and now sits in front of congress asking the administration to stop
    abortions. If you can get through those videos and not think differently
    then you are no longer human.

    1. Danny G says

      Trump clearly said during his campaign, he will cut off funding if Planned
      Parenthood does not stop doing abortions.

    2. Danny G says

      Trump clearly said during his campaign, he will cut off funding if Planned
      Parenthood does not stop doing abortions.

    3. paulette barrow says

      @Chem,I just watched a woman on tv the other day who worked at planned
      parent hood as a manager,she was pro abortion turned prolife,she said,
      there are many things PP does not offer but says tyhey do like cancer
      screenings and that the majority of work they do is abortion,i forget where
      but theres one that does only abortion,they dont do mammograms,this is not
      planned parenthood,its planned baby butchers

    4. Chemtrailed Canadian says

      paulette barrow Then im all for defunding them. Im all for defunding them
      period but thats probably hoping for too much. Our libtard govt says they
      will pick up the tab for foreign abortions that the US wont pay for
      anymore. That just puts more blood on our hands. Ive seen a few PP workers
      speak out but the media tries to keep those stories out of the news. Bill
      Gates father was on the board of PP and it was founded by a lady name M
      Sanger who wanted to eradicate black ppl. I wish people would wake up.

    5. Greg Rambo says


  8. Drexyll Durden says

    I have not dined at a restaurant or fast food in nearly 15 years. I worked
    in a restaurant when I was in college and witnessed some nasty stuff. Now a
    days I see stuff on YouTube all the time where employees are messing with
    people’s food. Today, you have to be insane or just ignorant to eat out.

    1. Shannon Davidson says

      Drexyll Durden Good for you!

    2. bee4pc goldrule says

      They found that most ice in restaurants is polluted with feces because
      employees dont wash their hands properly.then handle ice in ice machines

  9. Shayla Goldsberry says

    Chili’s sucks always have. I forgot about chili’s til jus now lol

    1. Shannon Davidson says

      Shayla Goldsberry lol

  10. Moon Shadow says

    Gary must be sick again & showing reruns ?????

    1. Shannon Davidson says

      Moon Shadow This is a rerun?

    2. ED JONES says

      His wife had a birthday and taking the weekend off.

    3. NickandM says

      ED JONES *He is wise. Maintaining his marriage is a good thing to do, you
      simply invest in your future.*

    4. ED JONES says

      I agree 100 %

  11. Walter Ferres says

    Who owns Chili’s and who does Chili’s own?

    1. Leah Germanio Campos says

      Brinker International owns, operates and franchises the Chili’s Grill & Bar
      and Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant concepts. They also have a minority
      stake in Mac Acquisition LLC; the owners of Romano’s Macaroni Grill as of
      2008. (From Wikipedia)

    2. Awi Rivera says

      Walter Ferres THER food is nasty any ways

    3. Leah Germanio Campos says

      Awi Rivera, Yes it’s not that great. Very, very salty. I only ever went for
      their Awesome Blossom (huge fried onion) but it was discontinued years ago.
      I went into labor with my second child (full term) while eating an Awesome
      Blossom at Chili’s in 2007.

  12. Ad D says

    No more Chilli’s, I am not supporting the killing of unborn babies.

    1. kokorokireikagayaki says

      Cherokee Gaddy And Donald Trump is only going to defund them for abortions.
      However, they can be privately funded. So, I’m only against abortions. I
      don’t believe it is right to end a life just because you can. If a woman
      doesn’t want to have a child, then use a thing, it is called ‘birth
      control’. It is way more moral. I also get it ,what if the woman’s life is
      in danger? My grandmother’s life was in danger when she was pregnant with
      my dad. Plus, it’s a lot safer to go with a c-section than an abortion
      because not only can abortions cause fertility problems, but are also more
      dangerous because there have been cases where both mother and child died
      during abortion because the doctor letting the mother bleed out. Please do
      not respond with an angry reply (including other YouTubers).

    2. light breeze says

      Christiana Yahweh That’s a horribly mean thing to say to a person.

    3. Mark C says

      “Cherokee Gaddy” Planned Parent Hood is a racket! and in your case in point
      the person shouldn’t wait until its a LATE TERM pregnancy, so planned
      parent hood can suck its brains out at 8 or 9 months along. If a woman is
      raped she should have a pregnancy test as soon as possible, then determined
      is she wants the child or not, at lest before a heart beat can be detected.
      Also, a lot of undercover work has been done showing the claims of PPH but
      when actually questioned about them those didn’t actually OFFER the claimed
      services, they ONLY abort babies! PPH had a goal when they lobbied for sex
      education in middle school, that was to INCREASE the amount of unwanted
      babies, they knew that careless kids were not responsible enough at that
      age and that it would ADD Billions of dollars to their abortion revenue and
      it did. They even lobbied for a law to make it legal for a minor to get an
      abortion without the consent of their parent! (that didn’t pass) they have
      DONE everything they can to INCREASE the amount of unwanted babies, they
      put out propaganda that an abortion at any point during the pregnancy is
      not taking a life, its not a life as long as its connected to the umbilical
      cord, they’ve lobby for it to be called a Woman’s rights to Health Care.
      And they want the tax payers to pick up the tab!!!!! PPH is a SCAM!

    4. VictoriaisaDiamond says

      Is your cousin able to love her child too? And yet another thing…why are
      still millions of children in orphanages??? This is a WOMANS own private
      decision and I hate stupid propaganda videos of assholes like the one in
      the video as for churches or other assholes deciding to make such
      descisions for women!

    5. Dave S says

      Mark C And Hitlery was an extreme supporter of partial birth abortion and
      abortion in general.

  13. SpiritNightBlade says

    Goodbye Chili’s. They probably put babies in their food.

    1. Ty Frank says

      Ok, type human meat Mc Donalds on you tube search and there are several
      pages of videos pertaining to the subject, and yes, it is aborted babies

  14. Arrikratos Gonzalez says

    That is disgusting!!! Now you get a placenta in every bowl of chili for
    free when you make a purchase of any meal. *vomiting*

    1. Awi Rivera says

      Arrikratos Gonzalez gross?

  15. Leon Boudreau says

    The I want my baby back jingle has a new meaning now. ??

    1. kokorokireikagayaki says

      Leon Boudreau My thoughts exactly.

    2. Blessed Mom says

      Leon Boudreau , oooooh snap! ??

    3. Hoffman Lubin says

      Leon Boudreau ???

    4. Riffelj says

      Whoa, good one.

  16. Dee Toro says

    They just lost my family from eating their

  17. TJ Pink says

    Wonder what their “baby back ribs” are made of. Disgusting…

    1. TJ Pink says

      Franklin Taylor: Gross and just full on evil. ??

    2. Franklin Taylor says

      Yeah a little over the top, but the elites love to eat there just for that

    3. TJ Pink says

      Franklin Taylor: They seriously eat there?!? I didn’t know that!!!! ??

    4. Franklin Taylor says

      +TJ Pink That’d be a vicious rumor to start.

    5. TJ Pink says

      Franklin Taylor: Haha! True. Wouldn’t surprise me tho, since they favored
      Commit Pizza ?

  18. Rachel D says

    2ell so much for chile’s wont eat there anymore

  19. Joanne Wilson says

    Disgusting! Good for you for shining a light on these cockroaches!

  20. Michael Slack says

    the only chili’s that is worth eating are those that come from the

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