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Video: Donald Trump Rushed Off Stage by Secret Service in Reno, Nevada

Donald Trump was just rushed off the stage in Reno, Nevada, on Nov. 5.

Several Secret Service agents rushed up to Trump and took him of the stage as he was speaking in front of a crowd.

Trump appeared back on the stage shortly after that, thanking the agents, and later thanking supporters who tried to help. In video footage, military personnel appeared among the crowd, possibly escorting an attacker out of the venue. “Nobody said it will be easy for us, but we will never be stopped,” he said after returning to the stage. “I want to thank the Secret Service. They don’t get enough credit … they’re amazing people.”

Unconfirmed reports have said that the protester may have had a gun, despite the tight security. ABC reported there was a scuffle in the crowd before Trump was escorted off the stage. A man was taken from the room.

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