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Viola Davis Weighs in on Annalise Being Pansexual | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The "HTGAWM" star opens about character's journey leading up to season 4 of the hit ABC series.

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/872475/viola-davis-had-the-best-answer-about-her-how-to-get-away-with-murder-character-s-pansexuality

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Viola Davis Weighs in on Annalise Being Pansexual | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Niles Reacts says


  2. TOJO J says

    lol Viola you don’t get old stop it beautiful 0:13

  3. Ana Clara Sixel says

    AWOMAN!!! Love Viola ❤️

  4. sup dude says

    i love her an her acting

  5. Jeanne sb says

    There’s nothing more beautiful than this right now. God knows, I love this woman everyday more than before. Literally I run out of ways.

  6. Opheliasghost says

    Are the htgawm writers gonna make Annalise actually define her sexuality?While it’s okay for any member of lgbt+ community to choose or not a label, I feel as this a fictional representation of our community it’d be nice for Annalise to refer to herself as “pansexual”. Sometimes tv and movie characters avoid this word so much like it’s a dirty word, and it’s not. Just as ‘bisexual’ ‘polisexual’ also aren’t dirty words, yet they are also avoided in the media. I’m glad E! is openly discussing with the cast and writers about Annalise’s sexuality but I think the writers could do more.

    1. jlilcutie says

      Opheliasghost Exactly, because as of last season Annalise said “it’s complicated “. I love how Viola talks about her character but the point is mute unless AK comes out.

  7. Riri's wife x says

    ahhhh so happy to see this! viola is so beautiful inside out and im happy they are acknoledging annalise’s sexuality

  8. jlilcutie says

    I’ll be more impressed if Annalise comes out. So far she’s gone from I’m not gay to its complicated. I do love how Viola speaks about her character though. I’ve always seen her as bisexual. Im excited that AK will be getting her mojo back this season.

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