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TheMacLife: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC789h3eqw0H1HqGmIsI26OA
All Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZackHemsey

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw

SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Ben Heas says

    Great Vid! Im Irish so…. #Ireland

    1. DG101 says

      Ben Heas I’m Irish as well

    2. Kyle Donnan says

      Ben Heas me to

    3. Tyler Moloney says

      DG101 I’m Irish

    4. Sean Haydo says

      Briovo right

    5. ArcticMongoose says

      Ben Heas right here

  2. Not a Bandwagoner A says

    Hey lads, I just wanted to thank you for your support throughout these
    years. I appreciate it so much and it really helps me out

    1. Clayton HD says

      W2S !!!!!!!! FAKER !!!!!!!

    2. Jaiden Stevens says

      W2S . where is the journey

    3. Roberto Rengifo says


  3. FaZe Doge says

    I thought they were actually gonna fight physically LOL who else did too?

    1. W2S SONGS says

      FaZe Doge I thought that xD

    2. Адил Надиров says

      FaZe Doge

    3. FaZe Doge says

      Alex K what do u mean I thought that..

    4. WWE and Pokemon says


    5. WWE and Pokemon says

      FaZe Doge

  4. Fifa Master Muhammed says

    Step1: Highlight the numbers.
    Step2: Ctrl and F.
    Step3: Put 9 in.
    Step4: Enjoy!

    1. Superdood 123456789 says

      help me get to 10000 subs in 150 Videos d

    2. Coolboy mc says

      help me get to 10000 subs in 150 Videos

    3. laura owen says

      Fifa Master Muhammed what

    4. Fifa Master Muhammed says

      +laura owen it says love you

    5. Daniel Bell says

      this is my favorite video on youtube

  5. Yosh monster gaming says

    1:19 i see you burntchip xD

    1. Tania Shaheen says

      Yosh monster gaming

    2. Mr. Weirdman says


    3. Buster Rankine says

      Yosh monster gaming true I sawn him in the mirror

    4. Nukem Gaming says

      My pet dUck 2 window

    5. Buster Rankine says

      Nukem Gaming yeah you know what I ment

  6. Turtle guy123 100 says

    Yea Conor mcgregor won I’m irish

    1. Paul smith says

      I’m from Kildare

    2. aidan dorey says

      I’m from Monaghan

    3. Tommy Sinnott says

      I’m from Waterford

    4. Jason Gilsenan says

      I’m from cavan

    5. Cesare Campidoglio says

      i’m from isis

  7. Tr3y Hard says

    I live in Ireland and Conor does as well

    1. SSterge101 says

      I don’t care and no one else cares as well

    2. laura owen says

      SSterge101 and iujujji

    3. laura owen says

      Tr3y Hard bjjjjjk

    4. laura owen says


  8. Göran Med SWAG says

    You should have much more subs?! You’re the only youtuber that get this
    much views when you have 8 million subscribers

    1. Göran Med SWAG says

      And why do you not play FIFA anymore?

    2. Luca Nic says

      He gets lots of views because he never posts any videos

    3. Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball says

      yea so true

    4. Frank Markson says

      Its MondoGaming wtf

  9. Golf Soccer (Tiggy) says

    happy birthday w2s it’s my birthday aswell hope u have a good 1

    1. Purv Ashar says

      Golf Soccer Happy Birthday

    2. Ray-Youtube says

      Golf Soccer ..

    3. Duncan Marcoguisepp says


    4. Golf Soccer (Tiggy) says

      Purv Ashar thank u

    5. Golf Soccer (Tiggy) says

      RAY-YOUTUBE yes

  10. Pasci Schmed says


    1. Deniz Akyüz says

      W 2S

    2. Kelly Singh says

      W 2S oh you watched miniminter’s Simon video with his funny moments with
      Harry. he said go to W2S Harry’s channel and go to his comments and say

  11. Ruben GAMER 2.0 says


    1. RonnieAFC1886 says

      Orbit J.D.J here from simom

    2. RonnieAFC1886 says

      Orbit J.D.J Simon

    3. XxtigerboyXx 456 says


    4. XxtigerboyXx 456 says


    5. Chris Saliba says

      Ruben GAMER 2.0

  12. Krishna Pallikonda says

    Do a Fifa squad builder with your legends

    1. DON'T Believe WATCH says

      guys check out my youtube channel i try to upload 1 video a day pls

    2. Wolfierapes says

      DON’T Believe WATCH I subbed

    3. ben mcdade says

      Krishna Pallikonda x

    4. Mrs T DIGNUM says

      Krishna Pallikonda I agree

  13. Em and Aov's fun world says

    I’m irish

    1. Jake Kenny says

      im offaly

    2. Liam Grey says

      I’m Australian

    3. Jhon Cena says

      Em and Aov’s fun world

    4. MrGhostbot says

      Em and Aov’s fun world

    5. Oisin O Comhghain says

      Em and Aov’s fun world same

  14. The Two Pandas says

    Harry vs Conor McGregor book it…

    1. Triple H's Sledgehammer says

      The Two Pandas Stephanie

  15. Latvian soldier says

    whats the song at intro

    1. Fayad Ruhomally says

      poh get out of my way

    2. Shin Babakuhi says

      Latvian soldier ye I know

  16. Dynamic Playz says

    Can I get some subs for New Years and Christmas ?

    1. Ariyan Bayati says

      Dynamic Playz no

  17. Ahmed V says

    Please tell me very end music

  18. Declan McCartney says

    Conor thinking what a fucking gimp haha

  19. master of Storm says

    I had a fight today in my muy tie

  20. Ampking says

    What was the song at 2:00 I have been looking
    For so long but can’t find it

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