‘Wait for them to DIE’ Ian McEwan claims 1.5m Brexiteers ‘in graves’ will SWING referendum


Mr McEwan has formerly enraged Brexit voters with his provocative views on a referendum.

In Mar he was forced to apologize to a Spanish assembly after he compared a referendum to a Nazi regime

Yesterday, he told a crowd: “This country, like a vexed teenage self-harmer, takes out a razor to scour a forearm and now contemplates a possess throat.

“Truly, Brexit has influenced something not drastic or celebratory or inexhaustible in a nation, though instead has coaxed into a light from some dark, damp places a lowest tellurian impulses, from a small-minded to a mean-spirited to a murderous.”

The writer added: “I go to a smallest, saddest, many pessimist faction: we am a denialist.

“Almost a year on, we am still jolt my conduct in disbelief.

“I know it’s not helpful, though we don’t accept this nearby mystical, emotionally charged decision. we can’t trust it. we reject it.”