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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | This is HUGE! Trump just fired the acting attorney General! In a statement released by the White house moments ago regarding the Appointment of Dana Boente as Acting Attorney General they declared, “The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States. This order was approved as to form and legality by the Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel.”

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  1. RedIceBlueFire says

    Completely love what Trump is doing, but I won’t be satisfied until he
    takes the sanctions off of Russia and takes the troops and missiles out of

    1. Maria Gee says

      Agreed.. Russia and Hungary are wondering why Canadian troops are at the
      boarders?? NATO is obsolete.. Trudeau should wake up… he will not see a
      second term for sure..

    2. Zenny G says

      Well Russia did elect him after all…
      quid pro quo (just saying)

    3. Matthew Hopkins says

      That’s funny, I thought he just gave his generals the order to invade

    4. RedIceBlueFire says

      Zenny G Not sure where you’re going with that? I hope you’re not saying
      Russia deserves the BS our government and NATO has been pulling on them
      because Putin was elected by the Russian people. Putin deserves a big fat
      damn shiny metal for what he’s done for his country and for the world
      actually fighting ISIS instead of helping them like our government has been
      doing, not to mention helping to expose US, NATO, Saudi and Israeli
      involvement in helping ISIS.

  2. silver Sun says

    Good for President Trump!!!!!! Drain the swamp!

    1. silver Sun says

      An FBI insider said about a year ago that just about everyone in DC is
      corrupt. So President Trump must do exactly what he’s doing. He’s obviously
      giving people the opportunity to do the Right Thing. But if they don’t, he
      is being a Strong Leader and firing them. Good for him!

  3. Aaron Davies says

    so glad for this channel am in the uk you should see crap they bin putting
    out about Trump they bin saying Teresa may had a trump travel ban to the uk
    known why she went to meet him my country is a mess wanting to stop trump
    coming here

    1. Vicki DeBolt says

      Aaron Davies Know you have the same liberal insane people there that we
      have here. I think crazies are mass produced. Very best wishes on Brexit.

    2. Adolf Lothbrok says

      Aaron Davies … i live in England too ignore the TV buy an Android box get
      Kodi and choose what you watch when you want to watch it

    3. followtruth says

      Brits need to kick all those lying muslims out of the UK. Nigel Farage is a
      great man and Trump is cut from the same cloth – TRUTH!

  4. GeneTheMachine says

    The draining of the swamp keeps on going.

    1. DAN PARKER says

      BTW…in Saudi Arabia a woman can’t even go to a Starbucks for a
      coffee….She has to send her driver ( male) in to get one….Here the
      hypocrite CEO of Starbucks is going to hire 10.000 immigrants to work in
      there…How nice!!!! (not)…I would watch that coffee very closely

    2. Natasha Caufield says

      DAN PARKER so what’s it’s his company and his right don’t like it don’t go
      there ?

    3. Roseanne Reddy says

      Starbucks – boycotted!

    4. KyleRoku says

      Star Cucks

  5. Angelina Perkins says

    if she wasn’t so brainwashed by Obama she may still have a job. I can see
    her political career it done. Bring in Trey Trump!

    1. J Burnett says

      Mr. Zell Check out her pupils – sure she’s not a human lizard hybrid?

      You’re spending too much time on YouTube.

    2. J Burnett says

      J. MATA151. Love the self parody! Southpark-worthy

    3. Isabella J. Monroe says

      Angelina Perkins .

  6. Rahshan Rocquemore says

    where is lorretta lynch?
    we need to prison her

    1. John Lilliott says

      Think she may have been LYNCHED ! lol

    2. gigi ngala says

      Rahshan Rocquemore Just like you have held grammar captive???

    3. gigi ngala says

      Rahshan Rocquemore Just like you have held grammar captive???

    4. Rahshan Rocquemore says

      gigi ngala yeah sure

    5. gigi ngala says

      John Lilliott Play on words that was quite ignorant. You better save your
      comedy routine for the Gulag..
      you’ll need it, Comrade

  7. D Thompson says

    He was right to fire her for not following the law. Drain the swamp.

    1. Manon Gingras says

      Boam Boam You’re so late in the news… That lawsuit was dropped for ”Jane
      Doe” retracted herself…. I have a copy of the document right here.
      Thomas Francis Meager, the plaintiffs attorney, deposited a notice of
      voluntary dismissal at same court dated November 4th 2016. Get your
      fookin’facts straight!

    2. Boam Boam says

      Ex-Director: President Donald Trump CIA Speech ‘Self Obsessed’

    3. Boam Boam says

      ‘facts straight!? she dropped it bc Trump supporters were threatening her
      life. That’s Ok it was just a civil case anyway, some AG or DA will dig
      into it, pick up the case get a criminal grand jury indictment Trump will
      stand trial for felony rape. If convicted it will be automatic
      impeeechment, also interesting are the similarities here where he slapped
      her repeatedly in the head after raping her. A few years before he raped
      his then wife Ivana, and pulled out gobs of her hair. Ivana filed court

    4. Jacqueline Jacques says

      D Thompson

  8. Carol littlecarol says

    carol from England

    1. Renee Ksnp says

      i second that we have about 20 celebrities we can trade ya for

    2. douglas howard says

      you’re right it’s the international banks that OWNE us they took this
      country in 1933 with the help of the bar and THE UNITED STATES COMPANY
      CORPORATION that was created by the 1871 act. owned by THA NORTH ATLANIC
      CORP which is owned by the crown represented by the LAWYERS OF LONDON CORP
      which runs the BAR. and members of the BAR are foreign agents that are by
      law supposed to show their foreign agent papers anytime they enter court.
      failure to do so make an imposter in what ever role they play in the
      corporate courts we have.

    3. Marco 馬克 says

      We love him too! (yes, there’s a noisy minority that doesn’t care for
      him…but a lot of them were PAID to protest). Just FYI: Trump Won 3,084 of
      3,141 Counties in the USA, Clinton Won 57!!

  9. Cplifj says

    Ugh, does she look like a tranny or what ?

    1. Jose Ferrer says

      Cplifj thought it was bruce jenner at first glance

  10. CyclingReport says

    Was Sally Yates a transexual? Sorry, not my intention to offend with this
    one, but in the picture sure it looks like a man with lipstick (I’m not
    from the USA, this is the first time I get to see this person, and when you
    are only seeing the close-up is hard to find female features other than the

    1. Josh “TheFnNoobee” says

      +Juicy Balls FOB Marez Mosul 2003-2004
      Taji 2005-2006
      Talafar 2008-2009
      Afghanistan 2010-2011
      Combat Action Badge and NATO medal
      First push was in 2003, ijit. It’s OK. You cleaned up Stryker Brigades’
      sloppy seconds!

  11. Kelvin M says

    Bruce Jenner was the Attorney General?????!?!?! what!!!

    1. wkdemers says

      Kelvin M BWAHAHAHA!

    2. John Lilliott says

      Maybe Bruce is the only one with a pair of tits ! lol

    3. Rutn Rampage says

      LOL…funny as hell

    4. Tanya Lenmark says

      Kelvin M !!!!too funny Dude!

  12. Mr. Zell says

    Is she actually a man? She looks like a man; anatomically a man because she
    has a clef chin. What’s up with all the trannies in government??

    1. Mr. Zell says

      You can put lipstick on a pig; it’s still a pig. That X Attorney General
      Sarah is a man. Search the tranny conspiracy; there are a lot of Shemales
      in government. Does anyone know why this is?

  13. Bill Rich says

    I’m not at all surprised by the shake up in Washington DC, as it was hardly
    ‘not anticipated’. I believe the term was “Drain the Swamp.” I commend the
    President for following through on his campaign promise to protect the
    people of this country, and fully support his removing any obstacles in his
    way toward that objective. Thank you President Trump!!

    1. Bill Rich says

      If Obama taught us anything, he taught us how a President can be a dictator
      while ignoring certain laws and choosing the ones he wishes to follow….so
      please spare me about that. Circumventing the Constitution aided and
      abetted the mess we have today. It only stands to reason that a reversal
      needs to be done to clean the mess up. Obama’s so called pretty pond was a
      cesspool in disguise. Uncovering it released the stench that we now smell.
      Obama’s abuse of our Constitution was for nothing but “malice”. Trump is
      using his Executive actions to put this country back on the mend. And I
      have a hunch that if those who were fired over refusing to adhere to
      Trump’s executive order(s) consulted with his administration in a manner
      prescribed, results would probably be different. Had they followed Trump’s
      order, don’t you believe they’d still be employed?? In my background if I
      flagrantly refused to follow a commander’s order, dismissal was most
      certainly on the table…immediately. But if I followed an order that was
      blatantly wrong, who takes the weight now???? That’s right, the commander.
      Lastly, Donald Trump could have never had the success he has enjoyed if he
      hired unqualified people. And if he had, which I’m quite certain somewhere
      along the line he has, you can be certain they were gone…and gone quickly
      if the job was not up to his standards. Give Trump time to get the job
      done, and not be so hasty to ridicule. Why is it that most were nearly
      silent while Obama and predecessors had their hand in ruining a perfectly
      good country, but damn a person hellbent on fixing it. Boggles the mind!

    2. Phil Smith says

      Bill Rich The democraps are so intelligent that they are fools. You could
      walk outside at noon on a bright sunny day and say wow it is a nice day
      today and these fools will come behind you and say it is dark and rainy as
      it can be. Although reality is obvious, they think because they say it, it
      somehow magically becomes reality. Intelligent fools.

    3. gigi ngala says

      Bill Rich problem is he RESTOCKED it w/snakes,barracudas,sharks,
      nincompoops, etc.Tally ho

  14. J Clemens says

    This is literally a Second American Revolution. Go President Trump! WE THE
    PEOPLE stand with you! Save The Republic!

    1. Tesla Cumba says

      J Clemens How do you suppose Trump will save the republic, (which doesn’t
      need saving) by giving it to the billionaires to run and fire anyone with

    2. TheTrueMeep Meep says

      Tesla Cumba
      He doesn’t, she worked for him, his right to fire her

  15. Lars Paulsen says

    It’s about time to kick these traitors out…

    1. Lars Paulsen says

      +Tesla Cumba I’m from Norway, and I guess it sucks when I have to tell you
      to go read your own constitution before commenting on it 🙂

    2. Lars Paulsen says

      +Time-is 1117 I was afraid so 🙂

    3. Lars Paulsen says

      +Sy O. I think “Time-is 1117” was referring to Cumba, not to you.

  16. sharon r says

    Thank you President Trump! Finally we have a President who is taking a
    stand for this country! No more traitors!

    1. sharon r says

      “Traitor” Tesla Cumba not “trader”! No wonder!!! Do you know what a trader
      means ha????? What would you know about our constitution anyway please
      don’t lecture me!

    2. Tesla Cumba says

      sharon r I have an American history degree genius. Yates clearly upheld the
      law and the Constitution.
      Trump was trying to go against the law and the Constitution!

    3. sharon r says

      What a bunch of hog wash! I have a degree in constitution law! Get your
      facts straight!
      American History you better get it right this time!

  17. Woyam Chny says

    Didn’t she betray her client, The American People, and isn’t she guilty of
    violating her Constitutional oath? Shouldn’t she be disbarred from the
    legal profession?

    1. Caroline Fialo says

      Woyam Chny, Yes she should!!!! I hope they proceed to do so! Welcome to the
      real world, attorney general!!! Biting the hand that feeds you! And going
      against our Country and our freedoms! Enjoy the unemployment line and
      welfare. Enjoy working for McDonalds cause the Democrats having nothing to
      offer you anymore!!!

  18. Dan Vaught says

    I wonder if they should file charges against her as well.

  19. hunter2008 says

    Damn now i really want to live in America. Trump is going to be the best
    president. Unfortunately he can’t do something about Merkel over here in
    Germany :(

    1. wkdemers says

      hunter2008 yeah you guys are invaded already. that’s terrible. I’m sorry
      for you.

    2. Lim Lin says

      We know that God establishes leaders, and God removes them. God uses human
      choice to fulfil His master plan for the universe. You can always pray to
      God the Father and ask for Merkel to be removed. God answers all prayers if
      they are asked in Jesus’ name.

    3. hunter2008 says

      Lim Lin nah. I’d rather become a politician and make Germany great again

  20. tom jackson says

    That is either a Tranny or the ugliest woman I have ever seen.

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