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Washington Post reporter on Jared Kushner “revelations”

Here is News Insider…

National correspondent for the Washington Post, Philip Bump, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the questions around his paper's report that Jared Kushner proposed a secret line of communication with Russia and the future of the White House's domestic agenda.

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  1. Lord Luke Lightbringer says


    1. mike swiental says

      you might end  up being locked up in a mental hospital if you believe this fake news.

    2. Bra-Ball Legend says

      @ Mike the Troll: You might, but your odds would be the same as anyone else’s. Probably quite a bit less than Alex Jones’, actually, or, say, yours.

    3. jim bob says

      There is fake news going on, it’s coming from the trump team and right wing RNC mouthpieces.
      This is treason and it carries the death penalty. Lock him up seems weak.

  2. Here Again says


  3. Linda Wright says

    Maybe all the sneaking around to secretly meet with Russians is just what it looks like — Trump’s minions making a deal for Trump to drop sanctions against Russia in exchange for Russian help swaying U.S. voters and some form of profit for Trump (pay-offs disguised as real estate sales, interest free business loans …). Trump has a long history of being a con artist and huckster and he does not want the public to see his federal tax returns that would likely show a history of lots of murky business deals with Russians. Trump is interested in two things: acquiring more and more wealth and having adulation from lots of people. If U.S. sanctions are dropped against Russia then Putin and his fellow Russian thieves and also rich U.S. oilmen, such as our Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, stand to make lots and lots of money. You know that any oil profits Russia makes will not go to the Russian people but will go into the off-shore bank accounts of Putin and his fellow thieves.

    1. mike swiental says

      President Trump has been in since January and he has not dropped sanctions on Russia= you are falling for fake news.

    2. lady4real75 says

      mike swiental He better not, that would really say something! He has enough issues being INVESTIGATED!

  4. EMPOWERMENTalist says

    There is no there there!
    OOPS! There it is!
    Who knew? Isn’t this supposed to be a witch hunt…?
    All of this FAKE NEWS is beginning to make sense now…

    1. mike swiental says

      only if you believe the new fake news.hahaha

  5. mongol tyrant says

    Isn’t it obvious why they were so distrustful? They’ve been trying to start a war with Russia which has only been avoided thanks to Putin showing restraint. Treason is conspiring to get America into war with a nuclear power. When you have a Deep State invested in conflict with Russia for reasons never adequately explained to the public, looking to avoid oversight from these agencies in dealing with the deteriorating situation is a patriotic act.

  6. D Storm says

    Wash Post now owned by Amazon, and the Post has gone to the far Left Wing.   All it does is try to hurt Trump and help Democrats.

  7. Carlos Car says

    Should the United States survive in the future, you must make common people declare war with people who are in power.

    1. mike swiental says

      wise up and quit believing this fake news from the Clinton camp and their lap dog press. hahahhaha

    2. Imix Muan says

      And, the earth is flat, the moon landings were faked, the space shuttle didn’t blow up , rather it landed in Antarctica at a secret base, and 9/11 was an inside job conducted by gay hamsters. Jesus F Christ, you Trumpists are deranged and diseased.

  8. Gregory Shill says

    Flynn will deliver Trump and Kushner.

  9. Big Bamboosa says


    1. Bra-Ball Legend says


      Got that right.

  10. Bobbi Nunyabiz says

    Donald’s entire foreign trip has been one embarrassment after another.

    1. mike swiental says

      no, it is all fake news to try to stop the American peoples elections.

  11. Dennis Taaffe says

    The only way America will get true answers is an independent investigation.

  12. mike swiental says

    it is fake news about fake news

  13. Kitty Watson says

    OMG….I can’t believe, I mean I literally CANNOT believe the W.P., which does not stand for “Will of the People.” How long do you think REAL PEOPLE are going to listen, because most turned off to you some time ago.

    1. Bra-Ball Legend says

      “How long do you think REAL PEOPLE are going to listen, because most turned off to you some time ago.”

      You’re still here. Does that mean you’re probably a fake person?

    2. Kitty Watson says

      Nope…I am real, but I’m not drinking the kool aid. I doubt you are either…but my guess is that you share their agenda! I understand propaganda when I hear it…and I HEAR IT.
      An agenda filled press trying to steer the nation, is very dangerous for my children and children’s children.

  14. Sonia C says

    wow! Alex is on CBS now?

  15. Joe B says


  16. lady4real75 says

    He wanted to use the Russian facilities to avoid something! TREASONOUS!

  17. Tony From Syracuse says

    “may have”   “allegedly” ….”reports of”…”new questions arise”…… EVIDENCE…. is king. everything else is smoke and mirrors.  remember one thing….if you are hoping for impeachment….its going to take EVIDENCE…not the constant noise of news media reports.  courts need direct evidence, not “gut feelings”. see if you fail at that first impeachment….then its over. its like crying wolf.  it looks like a vendetta if the first one fails. AND IT WILL. its clear by just the dancing they are doing with wordplay instead of evidence.

  18. JPD says

    another untrusted news source from Jeff Bezos

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