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Wayne Dupree Interview with James O’Keefe on RSBN 10/13/16

Your president Donald Trump

Wayne Dupree Interview with James O'Keefe on RSBN 10/13/16 http://projectveritas.com

Call the show! (202) 470-6738 and tell them you are watching LIVE on RSBN.

For more on Wayne, visit his website at http://waynedupree.com

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  1. Cole Phelps says

    We can do this guys we just have to keep fighting! Don’t give up!

  2. Kevin (Czech) says

    Don’t let the establishment depress you into thinking your vote doesn’t
    matter. Trump by a landslide or get the hell out of dodge.

  3. Rita Canavan says

    good work Wayne.

  4. S.A. Morris says

    …LOL…. the woman accusing T on the plane flight… her phone number
    connects to the clinton foundation…. her tesimony is word for word from a
    song lyrics …back in the 1980’s none of the first class had arm rest that
    would lift…the first class seats were seperated by a little table….

  5. Julie Wilson says

    great to hear your back James! Bombs away…

  6. Freewoman says

    I hope you are in a safe place James…. Good job Wayne!! awesome

  7. Nooob lol says

    There is no way this only got77 likes?

  8. Nooob lol says

    Lets take over the media ourselves.The mainstream media is dead.

  9. Christoph Wilhelm says

    O’Keefe ‘soon to be dropping atomic bombs’… I hope so!

  10. Sean Ross says


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