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We Need Islam Control, Not Gun Control

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They're lying to you about the gay nightclub massacre. We don't need gun control, we need Islam control.

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  1. Chase Plays Some Games says

    Maybe Trump was right after all…

    1. jaybone23 says

      That’s like saying he predicted a heroin sale in Baltimore.

    2. Schwachkorb says

      +jaybone23 That’s racist.

    3. James Grill says

      he was always right even before people who said islam is a problem for the
      west have been always right

    4. jaybone23 says

      You really think Trump was the first one to predict problems in the Middle
      East affecting the US at home? Of course he wasn’t. He just parrots lines
      he hears from smarter people. Not to mention, he’s an enormous hypocrite,
      at least to people in the know, because of his ties to Saudi money…the
      same money financing terrorism. Clinton too.


    What next.? Take away knives and forks?

    1. Aria Ebone says

      I hope so

    2. James Grill says

      probably ban assault trucks because of the Nice attack

    3. Sarahnewks says

      You can’t kill a room full of people with a knife in seconds

    4. Arin Jäger says

      +Sarahnewks did you try?

    5. RandomStuff Stuff says

      +Reflex I recommend you watch the first episode of Black Butler

  3. Gwen S says

    gosh I fucking HATE muslims, cancerous the lot of them

    1. Arin Jäger says

      +MueTiny good

    2. Deadpool 4 real says

      Yeah you’r not the only muslim hater. I hate the Islam to! ?

    3. michael masore says

      why couldn’t of you used those gas chambers to good use? no Wonder there
      own government uses gas on them in iraq

    4. MLG Josh says

      Kys hitler

  4. Bob Badeer says

    Let’s blame Trump, the NRA, Islamophobia and homophobia. I’m surprised they
    haven’t blamed video games yet for the massacre. But of course, let’s not
    blame the obvious, the elephant in the room, Islam.

    1. Acts 17:11 says

      Bob Badeer
      True ?

    2. Mr. conservative says


    3. Robert Willard says

      Trump and the NRA had nothing to do with this.

    4. Mr. conservative says

      yeah they did nothing Omar is the person to blame.

  5. Daryle Hayward says

    It,s time to wake up and smell the kebabs!!!!

    1. Phoenix Deux says

      +AncientFury Neither. I am a man who lives his life avoiding everyone he
      can, because they’re all degenerates who wont stop attacking each other
      until they drop dead. Just like you, you completely ignored my comment and
      decided to be stupidly aggressive and racists. But yeah. I’m used to it. I
      can pretty much predict your next reply.

    2. samuel rollins says

      Remove kebab

    3. GeorgiaIsOnMyMind says

      Daryle hayward kebabs are fast becoming a mainstream staple of the American
      quisine (along with things like humus), but Christian pigs like you are
      being laughed at and rejected. No wonder you’re insecure of kebabs. 🙂

  6. Wolf Scott says

    Twitter was censoring #GaysForTrump also. Basically they were telling gay
    people who they were and were not allowed to support. No one on the left
    considered that homophobic at all

    1. Scooter Ahlers says

      Trump is not against gay marriage. He simply feels it’s a STATE issue – not
      a federal one as some parts of the US are more conservative and moralistic
      than others.

    2. Henry ford says

      +alx64uchiha hey dude 🙂 Im from a country where our gun laws are very
      strict nobody has guns here except for the bad guys. they have connections
      and guns.

    3. alx64gr says

      +Henry ford which country is that? My country is similar which is why mass
      shootings are almost non-existent.

    4. Michael Walton says

      Wolf Scott and of course gays qould be for trump we dont want islamic
      ideology in a country of all.#killingaysisnotok

    5. Jack o says

      alx64gr you are such a dumbfuck. Our country isn’t the CRIME capitol, Latin
      American and islamic countries are. which is why you DONT mention them,
      those “mass shootings” happen “GUN FREE” zones, which you ALSO DONT
      mention. America isn’t the rape capital of the western world, that title is
      being taken in FACT, by Sweden. America isn’t the stabbing capital of the
      world, like Paris, or London. where you have SHARIA LAW.. thanks.. to
      ISLAM. go figure.. btw Christianity does not teach rape or beheadings.
      people in the old testimate castrated gays, and Christians, TODAY, believe
      the ones responsible for that are up to the judgement of god. Jesus would
      condemn that, Jesus wasn’t a fucking murderer, He never STOLE, he didn’t
      LIE, he wasn’t a misogynist pedophile. MooHAMmad …WAS. read your quran,
      dickhead. you clearly have not read the quran nor the bible. or else you
      wouldn’t spout such foolishness. there is a night and DAY difference
      between any religion and islam, you fucking neanderthal.

  7. Noelle Blanche says

    No gun laws could have saved these people in Orlando. The Killer was worked
    in Security so he would have had guns. This was a Gay Muslim trying to gain
    absolution from Allah for being Gay.

    1. vurtualboy says

      I mean, just because someone has a reason, doesn’t mean they’re not insane
      as well. You’re all forgetting all to well the extend of mad men and what
      they do. There’s people who will continually go to a place for years before
      attacking quite easily. Men who just shoot up churches and ended up being a
      regular member of that church are a good example. I think answering that he
      was truly gay or not is a waste of time, only the possibilities are worth
      discussing. Then again, most people aren’t really good at rational thinking
      so I’m not very surprised.

    2. Tyler Hibbard says

      He wasn’t gay, that guy made the story up, and if everyone was armed, sure
      some people would have died, but not as many

    3. Giovani Rodriguez-Ceja says

      Research this again. He used firearms he purchased himself, despite having
      a history of three FBI interviews for terrorist-related suspicions. Is it
      so hard to agree with liberals that people suspected of terrorism should
      *NOT* buy guns, just because the topic itself is called “GUN CONTOL”?

    4. Викентий Мадзин says

      Giovani Rodriguez-Ceja If under investigation for terror related stuff he
      should not have been able to possess firearms till cleared.

  8. Andy T says

    This is not about gun control, this is about population control.

    1. keith moore says

      damn right!!! looks like Orkin has a new line to come out with!!!!!!

    2. DalekSupremeWithCheese says

      Where are the Daleks when you need them?

    3. Gary Barton says

      re: Daleks. They`re in for a re-fit at present, they`ve been on a diet this
      last year and should be back to normal after mods. by autumn. GT, Head

    4. zzxp1 says

      because it open jobs, food and air for straight people to feed their sons
      (someone want to join me in hell?)

    5. James Grill says

      wtf? no one is excused for murdering/slaughtering people in the name of
      “population control” its simple Jihad

  9. Travelator says

    Alright peaceful Muslims, if you’re so adamant to prove once and for all
    your religion is peaceful, do me a favor and wipe out the radicals and
    reform the Quran to fit the 21st century not the 7th century, then us
    non-Muslims will trust you again.

    1. qjtvaddict says

      is it asking them to ask Isis to stop he’s asking them to downright kill
      these bastards

    2. American Liberty says

      Travelator Same with the Bible, there are a lot of horrible things in there.

    3. munzer abufarah says

      Travelator how about sending ur peaceful american troops home! And just
      stop killing us! Makes more sense right!

    4. munzer abufarah says

      Creator’s Hub true

    5. Schwachkorb says

      +munzer abufarah how about you tell your Muslim friends to stop killing
      innocent people

  10. Dominick DelliPaoli says

    I hear people are being arrested for speaking out against islam in Germany.

    1. James Grill says

      +Mythic Dawn how so?

    2. Mythic Dawn says

      +James Grill Well almost obviously trad cons have lost the sex and morality

    3. James Grill says

      +Mythic Dawn
      am an atheist

    4. Mythic Dawn says

      +James Grill And?

    5. Maca Man says

      Nick Der Bozz That’s fucked up

  11. Trump 2016 - Make America Great Again! says

    Regressive liberals are down on their knees begging to be beheaded.

    1. Trump 2016 - Make America Great Again! says

      +David Roos You’re proof that we need better mental healthcare in this
      country. Holy hell, your head is fucked.

    2. Trump 2016 - Make America Great Again! says


    3. Schwachkorb says

      +David Roos
      TL;DR, didn’t read.

    4. Struggling says

      Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again! Welp they make a lot of suicide
      jokes , didnt know they were serious.

  12. 1OO1O11O11O1O says

    Islamic terrorist massacres 50, wounds more than 50 others.
    “We need gun control”
    Christian bakers refuse service
    “Christians are such bigots”

    1. Eni ma says

      there you go

    2. munzer abufarah says

      1OO1O11O11O1O islam has nothing to do with orlando thing But since u r an
      idiot u believe anything cnn tells u

    3. The Wanderer says

      +munzer abufarah Oh look, a lying Muslim. Mainstream media tries to cover
      up for you scum bags. If CNN said something bad about Islam it’s hesitation
      and regret.

      All your kind does is try to deceive. Do one thing, but say another.

    4. TheSimpsonssince90 says

      munzer abufarah actually it does. Islam thinks all fags should die. Orlando
      was attacked by your kind. But feel free to believe your own holy bullshit,

  13. deathmetaldouglas69 says

    I believe in gun control! No Muslims should be able to buy guns in the US.

    1. deathmetaldouglas69 says

      +Yusuf Dunphy Sorry guy but I’ve read at least 4 books on Islam (3 positive
      and 1 negative) and the Quran itself (submit, submit, submit). It’s very
      fascist (pre fascist if that helps) and the Achilles heel in the “positive”
      books are the descriptions of Jihad and martyrdom. Along with having sex
      with a 9 year old (married at 6 so you are wrong) the pedo profit beheaded
      nearly 600 Jews. He also raped women from conquered tribes. The violent
      Islamic ideology rules several countries where gays are thrown off
      buildings and women are have rocks thrown at them till they die. The Sufi
      muslims are a small minority. Very small.

    2. Yusuf Dunphy says

      +deathmetaldouglas69 It’s fine if you don’t agree with me but have a good
      day. 🙂

    3. deathmetaldouglas69 says

      +Yusuf Dunphy Not to be rude but sorry if my facts don’t “agree” with your

    4. Yusuf Dunphy says

      +deathmetaldouglas69​ It’s fine but have a good day like I said. 🙂

  14. imymejubilee says

    Simple question. Would a Muslim nation accept millions of Non-muslim

    1. Donald J Trump says

      +robots and stuff Fact is, we take millions of Muslims but Muslims would
      never do the same.

    2. Victoria V (V) says

      Muslims kill and rape people right now.

    3. munzer abufarah says

      imymejubilee ehhh do u live on mars or jupiter? The arab world is full of
      hindus , sikh and cristians working and owning companies in muslim countries

    4. Victoria V (V) says

      +munzer abufarah This Earth is not arabs.

    5. Paul Van Dijk says

      munzer abufarah and they are in constant fear. how come all those shelters
      are emoty instead full of syrian refugees?

  15. David Spin says

    Gun control is hitting your target with an accurate follow up shot.
    Preferable at Radical islamist attempting to do terrorist activity.

    1. David Spin says

      +NERD IT UP Or throw in a pen with feral hogs.

    2. NERD IT UP says

      +David Spin those are going to be some tainted pork chops :O

    3. Samuel Iam says

      Sorry, David; Obama and the Jews created, armed, trained, and currently
      fund ISIS. They’re simply a tool to remove a democratically-elected leader
      so the US can steal everything, install a puppet, and install a Rothschild
      Central Bank….

      And to scare stupid, gullible, misled Amerikans into believing there’s a
      ‘war on terrorism’ and that ISIS is ‘gonna get ya!’

    4. David Spin says

      +Samuel Iam Well that’s interesting, when the democrats are gone. Trump
      can make America great again. We wont be PC towards enemies such as isis
      or the likes of radical islamist terrorism. In fact we’ll be so brutal
      towards the enemy that allah wont except them.

    5. Samuel Iam says

      Boy, did you swallow the lie hook, line, and sinker…… You should
      ACTUALLY vote for Hillary. She wants to invade Iran as her “first act” and
      commence WW3.

  16. Adrian Martinez says

    Yes monitoring Muslims are totally not going to piss them off and attack
    innocent people.

    1. Donald J Trump says

      Yeah, because leaving them alone is doing a lot isn’t it.

    2. Fing w00 says

      Adrian Martinez because they don’t get pissed off for no reason anyways.
      You are fucking naive. They want your foolish head off your fool body,
      that’s it. Stop defending your murderer.

    3. Adrian Martinez says

      +Fing w00 one man’s beheader is the CIA’s freedom fighter.

  17. Jennifer Richardson says

    Islam= terrorists and hate. Deport every Islamist ASAP

  18. Victoria V (V) says

    Islam wants to kill gays. But… when muslims tookk over the Spain,
    Portugal, they had boys harems and was practicing sodomy.

    1. Give me your Money says

      Victoria V well that’s irony

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