What a SHAMBLES! Sturgeon pounded for causing ‘chaos’ over Scotland banking plans


“When we come to an autonomy referendum – if we come to an autonomy referendum – these will be theme to a biggest of scrutiny.

“We’re in a Westminster election.”

It comes after a UK Government deserted Scottish National Party (SNP) skeleton to continue regulating a bruise even in a eventuality of a opinion for autonomy in a 2014 referendum. 

This has forced Ms Sturgeon to be some-more organized in her position in a eventuality of a second vote, seeking corporate lobbyist Andrew Wilson to demeanour during banking options as conduct of a SNP’s Growth Commission. 

But when quizzed over SNP’s stream banking plans, Ms Sturgeon still seemed to have no answers. 

She said: “We haven’t got to that theatre yet. But a starting indicate for Scotland is we’d use a bruise until we motionless to do something else.