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What a SHAMBLES! Sturgeon attacked for causing ‘chaos’ over Scotland currency plans

“When we come to an independence referendum – if we come to an independence referendum – these will be subject to the greatest of scrutiny.

“We’re in a Westminster election.”

It comes after the UK Government rejected Scottish National Party (SNP) plans to continue using the pound even in the event of a vote for independence in the 2014 referendum. 

This has forced Ms Sturgeon to be more organised in her position in the event of a second vote, asking corporate lobbyist Andrew Wilson to look at currency options as head of the SNP’s Growth Commission. 

But when quizzed over SNP’s current currency plans, Ms Sturgeon still appeared to have no answers. 

She said: “We haven’t got to that stage yet. But the starting point for Scotland is we’d use the pound until we decided to do something else.

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