What Pisses Me Off About Transgender Bathrooms


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The only people the North Carolina law will impact is creepy perverts, so why is the left so angry about it?

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  1. My argument against this is if someone is going to commit a crime such as
    rape or sexual abuse, whether or not the female bathroom is legal or
    illegal for a man to enter, isn’t going to deter them. They wouldn’t think
    “oh the female bathroom is only for girls so i can’t go in there” when they
    plan to commit a crime much worse.

    • +Destiny Price I’m aware of the studies that occurred 17 years ago and how
      there were fewer than 50 subjects. There was no explanation of why hormone
      treatments didn’t affect these numbers. In the end this is one of many
      theories and by no means proof or fact.

    • +WarwickkkT101 I showed you the evidence as well as very strong, clear
      expert opinion on the issue. You still won’t acknowledge the evidence I
      showed or how it clears up this issue. I’m done talking with an idiot.

    • +Charlee C Get rid of your mirrors then. You haven’t given me evidence,
      you’ve given me opinion. You can’t clear up the issue with opinion, you
      have no facts, just emotion.

  2. I feel that these kind of transgender that think they deserve these extra
    privileges are cancers on this earth

  3. You can be a man and want to be a woman and so fourth, that’s fine but
    identifying as non binary or gender queer is just seeking for attention

  4. Part of my job is to clean the restrooms where I work. Let me tell you the
    women’s restroom is a horrible horrible place. Don’t let women into the
    mens room please.

    • +CYBOPOD The you’ve endured more crap than you should have to Award. Kudos
      to you for stepping up for your grand daughter.

      The skidmarks part threw me for a loop.

      I think sometimes people just go their own way regardless of influence.
      More data in the nature vs. nurture dichotomy.

    • And, how did she get away with it? Because of an updated version of the old
      One Drop Rule – one drop of ‘negro’ blood in you and you’re ‘black’ or
      ‘African American.’ So she permed her hair and put on some self-tanner and
      got a nice fat job heading up a ‘black’ organization. What a fraud. Hey,
      black dudes and dudettes: you got punked!

    • +Miss Bliss
      I take it you need to open up a DICTIONARY
      Here is the definition of gender

      [mass noun] The state of being male or female (typically used with
      reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)

    • Krystal Daneilson, Why call yourselves Transgender then if it,s social
      culture and not biological ? I trust you are one. Do yo look like a man
      dressed as a woman or are you a man who actually looks like a woman ? If
      you are the first, you should not use womans toilet’s. Not only are you
      scary but you are all bloody ugly !!! If your the second I am sure no one
      would even notice. If there is a disabled toilet why not use that. This way
      you will be private and alone. No one to upset. I think Transgender’s just
      want to make a point. As well as other very strange people who want to make
      the weird socially acceptable.

    • +Sheila Halliwell
      Because it’s accurate, you go from being presented as one gender (male for
      example) to being presented in (your actual that you identify as) another

      I do choose to use family bathrooms (and medical stalls) when I am out and
      about if one is available.
      Also I actually dress pretty gender neutral, outside of my longish hair.
      (On a budget as I have lots of things I want to buy coming out soon
      including a new gaming console)

      It’s not wrong to just call people what they want to be called.

    • I have diabetes and I have to live with it. It’s called life. It isn’t
      fare. BTW a surgery and pills do not make a man into a woman. They make a
      man with fucked up genitalia and a hormone imbalance.

    • +Jeremy S Of course hormones and SRS don’t make a man a women or vice versa.
      1. They are still women even when they physically look like a man (it’s
      just they are going from being presented as “male” to female)
      2. Gender is completely social and culturally based, and not biological.

      Sorry to hear about your diabetes though.

    • Most women don’t feel comfortable sharing a restroom with a person who
      looks like they have/had a penis. If the transfer is passable then there
      will be no problems. The idea of making bathrooms gender neutral is
      ludicrous unless you only have single occupant rooms. A school in WA
      converted a “family” bathroom into a gender neutral bathroom but it wasn’t
      good enough. Ppl complained because it wasn’t a large multistall bathroom
      like the men’s and women’s. It’s insanity

    • Government needs to stay out of this. It isn’t their place to tell a
      business that they must build a third bathroom at the business’s expense.

  5. Alright so if a fully transitioned transgender man, with a beard and
    masculine muscle and everything, walks into a women’s restroom everyone’s
    going to assume he’s a pervert and such, so what logic does the HB2
    bathroom law provide?

    • Paul is right. When I am out and about and must use the facilities I walk
      into the woman’s bathroom. I have never once had a bathroom. If I tried to
      use the men’s room I wager I’d have an issue. This bill actually scares the
      bajesus out of me. I don’t want some creepy old man in a wig and hooker
      dress creeping out near me.

    • oh ok. I’m ok with gays as long as they don’t act gay, just be gay and
      don’t put on a whole song and dance routine about being gay. Some are so
      gay that they become overgay and it seems so false, like most of them in
      the Mardi Gra’s. If Hetrosexuals celebrated being straight we’d get welled
      at and called homophobes, why do gays need a parade?
      Sorry got a bit carried away there, anyhoo, have a nice day.

    • siberus48 no, they’re just lured to areas and beaten and tortured.. They
      only get arrested for protesting or publicly speaking about lgbt rights

    • +Locke Demosthenes Incest, rape, and cannibalism are a part of nature too.
      Does this mean that you should go rape your cousin before eating their
      flesh? No. And no, “Everything that disagrees with materialism doctrines is
      stupid!” is not a valid answer.

  6. if you are a trans man, please take note I DO NOT WANT YOU IN THE WOMAN’S

    • +Kylee Schuelke
      I don’t think that word means what you think it means

      A transgender boy: Identifies as male
      A transgender girl: Identifies as female

    • Trans men were born female then transition to male. Transwomen were born
      male transitioning to female.

      The bathroom law is needed though thanks to these non-binary snowflakes who
      think they can make a mockery out of genuine transgender people.

    • +Lee You should read the comments before getting on your high horse and not
      after. And who cares? Could work either way…. A genetic born male to
      female or a female to male transperson.

  7. I live in North Carolina. Our Governor just lost to a stupid democrat
    primarily because of this bathroom nonsense even though NC has one of the
    best economies in the country and even though McCrory paid off a nearly $3
    billion debt, added 300,000 new jobs, and reduced unemployment to below the
    nation average. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! He was mean to
    trannies. Who cares about the economy, right, we have to let the disturbed
    pee where they want!

    Way to go morons.

    • WildBillHabiki GOP maintained their supermajority in both state houses,
      however, so Cooper’s basically a lame duck already. The low-info urban
      voter types tend to come out en masse over stupid wedge issues like trans