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Why Do Twin Flames Struggle?

Everyone has a Twin Flame, for they are your anima/animus and potentially your perfect partner. This relationship needs special consideration and is very intense, especially in the beginning stages. The great psychologist, Carl Jung, discovered that every person has an image of their perfect partner within their own psyche. The Twin Flame phenomenon is suggesting that the anima and animus are more than just a psychic image — your other half can actually be born in flesh, the same time as you. A Twin Flame relationship is different from a soul-mate partnership, although both can be fulfilling in many ways. You can tell if you have met your true Twin Soul because your lives will parallel each other like identical twins, with stunning synchronicities.

So the question remains, if one’s Twin Flame is our perfect other half, then why are there so many problems in relating to our Twin? Why is there such confusion and frequent break-ups? Before you can understand the reason for these frustrations, it is essential to understand that your Twin Soul is providing a spiritual mirror to your own suppressed personality. A Twin Flame relationship is about meeting your shadow side. They reveal to you what you need to develop in yourself. This is not a pleasant realization. Whatever problem you perceive in the relationship does not lie in your Twin — but in you — and they are simply the impetus for your own spiritual growth. Meeting your other half is a rare opportunity to experience “true love,” for which few of us are prepared. True love is the opportunity to love another without expectations of that other person. The purpose of the Twin Flame union is to manifest unconditional love. The realization you eventually come to in meeting your Twin — is that it’s not possible to love another human being unconditionally — without first learning to love the self. If you live your life primarily from ego, fear, or a need to control others from a sense of inadequacy, you will have major problems in meeting up with your Twin.

Your shadow side has the qualities you find unacceptable and have suppressed from conscious awareness. We re-discover these aspects of ourselves through projection unto another person. This is true of any relationship. When we react with strong emotion to someone’s behavior — chances are we have stumbled across our own shadow side. This projection helps us to acknowledge that same quality we have suppressed in ourselves. Reacting to your Twin with anger or fear only complicates the relationship. It is far easier to blame another person, than to look at one’s self. We tend to idealize our mate and want them to accommodate our wishes, and fulfill our fantasies. We don’t always see them as a separate human being. Encountering your Twin Flame will pressure you to look deep into your own soul, and is an opportunity for greater self-awareness.

Consulting with standard therapists has been frustrating in my experience. The Twin Soul phenomenon falls outside the understanding of most modern psychologists. It is a very unique relationship that is largely unrecognized. The genuine-ness of such an experience is questioned by many. Carl Jung was the closest in correctly identifying and recognizing the psychic energies at play, and how they manifest. If you are in need of personal guidance, your best help is another confirmed Twin Flame who has gone through the difficult transformational process – and has emerged with a much greater sense of self-awareness and understanding.

When Twins meet, the polarity aspects operate like a powerful magnet, and you are irresistibly drawn to each other — but you can be equally repelled. The relationship can be obsessive, both emotionally and physically. It is common to think about this person all the time and because of the psychic connection, they can have similar experiences within a similar time frame. The lives of Twin Flames are very close to those of identical twins. Even if you split up in anger, you eventually will feel regret, and want to reunite in harmony at some future date. If you give up on your Twin, it is like giving up on yourself.

If one of the Twin Souls is married, the complications are even greater — since all relationships need to be honored and feelings must kept in the open. It is important for behavior to be transparent and of the highest integrity for everyone concerned. If a Twin Flame acts in an abusive manner, they will suffer greatly at their own hands. Establishing trust is essential, and this takes time. When you attack your Twin, remember that in essence you are also attacking an aspect of yourself. This special dynamic can drive them apart over and over with emotional intensity and frustration. Once they cool off and review what happened – they need to try to resolve the problem on their own terms, thus the need for separate self-development. This is why break-ups are so common. It is also not unusual for one of the Twins to have a near-death experience, after meeting their other half. If the relationship is to succeed, there is a great need for self-love, self-acceptance and patience.

Without experienced guidance, this start and stop again pattern can repeat itself endlessly. The powerful attraction draws them back together again and again, hopefully with more realistic expectations of each other. It is yet another chance for them to work out their differences and grow spiritually. If they seek divine protection, and learn to surrender, the relationship can progress more rapidly — but few people do this. Twin Flames have been born in this generation to help lift the love vibration of the planet. Complete acceptance and forgiveness of any hurts is essential to move forward.

Always keep the communication channels open. I recommend reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and note his description of the “pain body.” This will help you to learn to control your own emotions. Powerful pain bodies are a common problem with Twin Flames — as with all relationships. Don’t let your identification with the sad story of your life destroy your ability to make a new one. Your Twin Soul is here to help inspire you to succeed on all levels. Once you learn to be completely accepting of each other and love the other unconditionally — replacing blame and anger — you can reach a eureka moment. No matter how difficult it may be in the beginning, it is a profound blessing to have met your Twin, even if the relationship only partially succeeds. There are no guarantees of long-term commitment, but it is an opportunity to experience true love. Remember the Twin Flame experience gives you a chance to learn to love yourself completely — and then loving others comes more easily.

If you believe you have met your Twin Soul, I offer complete Twin Flame counseling by phone with individual guidance. I am a genuine Twin Flame, spiritual intuitive and experienced astrologer and have a technique that can confirm whether you have truly met your other half. I am seeking more couples to counsel and validate this most important life experience. Spread the love!

Source by Lynda L Abdo

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