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Why This Judge Mentions an Expectant Mom’s Belly

Let’s face it—no one likes having to go to court, even if it’s for something as small as a moving violation. There’s just something so nerve-racking about pleading a case in front of a judge. I know that the one time I had to do it, I felt like I was back in my elementary school days, being reprimanded by my principal!

Nonetheless, not all judges are THAT intimidating; in fact, some are just, plain sweet! The textbook example of a perfect gentleman who serves on the bench is the “Caught in Providence” star himself—Judge Caprio.

If you’re a Rhode Island native, then you may be familiar with this TV judge; for those of you who are not, just think Judge Judy—but a heck of a lot more lenient!

His kind behavior is evidenced in today’s viral clip, where he is trying a case that involves a (very!) pregnant woman. Here’s why viewers are going absolutely gaga over Judge Caprio’s unique approach…

The video starts out, ordinarily enough, with the camera focused on the judge watching footage of the traffic violation. After viewing the incriminating evidence, Judge Caprio asks the defendant if there was anything she wanted to say for herself. The woman chooses not to contest the ticket, simply explaining, “Honestly, I didn’t see the sign.”

The sign she is referring to is one of those pesky ‘No Turn on Red’ indicators that are so easy to miss. We feel you, girl—sometimes it’s hard to observe all of the rules of the road!

The expectant mom seems as if she’s not too into the idea of making a huge deal out of such a small incident, anyways. After all, she clearly does have much bigger fish to fry than arguing against an annoying traffic ticket.

It’s obvious that the judge senses this, especially when he looks down at her bulging tummy and enquires about her due date.

The woman answers that she should give birth in about “two weeks,” but anyone who has ever had a baby knows that she could pop at pretty much any moment!

The judge must have children of his own, too, because he recognizes the delicate situation and asserts that he certainly doesn’t “want to get [her] nervous.”

Because of this, he gives the verdict quite quickly, but not before hinting to the mom that he wouldn’t mind if she named her baby after him. Too bad she’s having a girl—though, we suppose she could call the little one ‘Franky’!

To see the cliffhanger ending to this routine traffic case, be sure to watch the video below. It’s great to see this judge add some levity to his courtroom. We can tell that he really made her—and her baby’s—day!

What do you think of Judge Caprio’s approach to this case? Do you think that he gave the pregnant woman special treatment? Have you ever gotten out of having to pay a pricey ticket? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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