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Will Julian Assange be Assassinated?

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Is the Wikileaks founder the next victim of the Clinton body count?

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  1. Cd Martel says

    I’m still waiting for the world to get better

    1. SupahNova says


    2. ApeLikeCreature says

      All true. Thank you Clark. Christ said in the last days evil will be
      considered good and good evil…Hillary Clinton is a monument to that
      prophecy. People can either get on their knees to Christ now or they will
      be on their knees at judgement. Either way, all will bow to our Savior
      Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords, the one true Son of the Almighty God.

    3. Reggie Brightside says

      Man will never be free until the last king is strangled by the entrails of
      the last priest – Denis Diderot

    4. Janet Johnson says

      * Cd Martel Good luck with that wish. You’ll be waiting for a LONG time.

    5. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says

      They have to destroy the World first,, Then rebuild it better.. That’s why
      they are pushing Russia and China.. Nuclear War will do the Job fast..
      Seriously, It’s all part of the UN’s plan.. All we can do now is Hope Trump
      stops it in time..

  2. Julian Albarran says

    This video will be taken down

    1. PokemonShekelMaster says

      this is worst than the holocaust! SHUT IT DOWN!

    2. SuperStrik9 says

      Never forget the 6 trazillion billion!

    3. Gabriel Brito Vieira says

      OY VEY..

    4. nsmball7 says


    5. Gabriel Brito Vieira says

      OY VEY.

  3. Александр Терсков (Beatheart) says

    people of USA! it is time for revolution!

    1. Sekai Ni Heiwa says

      +billi244 Don’t spread highly confidential information or you will not be
      able to open the door at all. Which embassy you prefer? Personally I would
      loveThailand. Cheap sexy hookers , but the food please bring me from Japan.

    2. Leon Trotsky says

      That is the one reason I would be okay with Clinton winning, the people
      will start a revolution.

    3. Biggiant Ballz says

      915TANK Someone has the right idea right here. Only way to stop this

    4. United we Stand Divided we Fall says

      Александр Терсков If the people of America didn’t revolt after 2008 I’m not
      sure what it would take to wake that country up. They fight amongst
      themselves. A country divided is destined to fail.

  4. jrb. says

    H I L L A R Y F O R P R I S O N

    1. SainterSan says

      Nothing like watching a bunch of lemmings doing the anti-Hillary conga to
      Trump’s tune. You people are so fucking gullible I wonder whether you
      deserve the right to vote. I guarantee I could come up with a new Hillary
      conspiracy right this minute and within a week it would be viral thanks to
      you, so easily are you led by the nose. Anyway, here’s some reading for
      you: 66 evil things the lady hath done in her diabolical lifetime lol. :O

    2. enter name here says

      +SainterSan are you blind. Trump is 100 times better than hillary. You
      hillary sheep will beleive anything……baaaaaa? ☚ look a hillary

    3. Robert F. Gaff says

      Hillary Clinton, Pure Evil – David Icke

    4. SainterSan says

      +enter name here No, son, I’m not blind, but you certainly don’t have
      anything to say.

    5. SainterSan says

      +Robert F. Gaff Yep … of course … totally evil lol. Having fun? You
      need something more than name-calling dude.

  5. DontBlameTheDog says

    Be careful Paul. You’re rattling the bars of that beasts cage as well.

    1. British Bronson says

      Paul is a Zionist rat.. He’s a pet….. KHWBR.

    2. spycrow lye says

      +British Bronson No he’s just as ignorant as the rest of us.

    3. Snack Filter says

      I hope he owns a firearm

    4. SpartanMLG 650s says

      +Snack Filter annnnnd he is dead now

  6. Sjeska says

    I don’t support Trump on everything that he says, but holy hell, the
    establishment and Shillary are just pure fucking evil, they are literally
    killing people to get their way, money and power.. fucking disgusting.

    1. Annie S says

      +Sjeska​​ So, I am your security blanket??? So the small little snake uses
      another slimy tactic. Ha ha! His opinions, no facts, are sooooo much
      smarter! Groan….

      But I thought I’d share with you why I think Hillary is a snake. You can
      look up everything I tell you, it is all fact. Obama and Hillary took the
      advice of John Esposito and Marc Lynch and others who are Muslim
      Brotherhood sympathizers and began the policy of working with the
      Islamists. Hillary helped make life a living hell for millions of women and
      children in the MENA region. There is plenty of info here about her
      She put pressure on Egypt to put Morsi, a long time friend of the Clinton’s
      (he had once been a Prof. at NorCal) on the ballot when the Egyptians had
      others in mind. She even put her diplomat, Anne Patterson, up to trying to
      force the Coptic Christians into voting for the Muslim Brotherhood during
      the so called Arab Spring. It took millions of Egyptians pouring into the
      streets to get the Brotherhood thrown out after Morsi wrote into their
      Constitution that they should be able to marry ten year old girls. Morsi
      ordered the military to fire into the crowds and at that point Gen. Al Sisi
      arrested Morsi and said he wasn’t going against the people, thus the left
      who had all cheered the rise of the Islamists in the Arab Spring called it
      a coup. Some of them were even upset that Obama didn’t call it a coup! Now
      Sisi is making the Imams preach government prepared sermons, the left is
      getting upset with him over “human rights”. But if you read the speech Sisi
      gave to al Azhar University, I believe in Jan. 2015, he told the Imams that
      they were causing problems for the entire Ummah by preaching that Muslims,
      consisting of one and a half billion, should kill all the infidels! He said
      it was impossible and it must stop! So what “human rights” are they
      defending exactly by objecting?

      Move on to Libya. If you have read Jake Sullivan’s email you know that
      Hillary OWNS the Libya policy. And you know she did get on TV and laughed
      when Qaddafi was murdered. “We came, we saw, he died!” Ha ha ha! Sociopath
      is a good word there. And now we know it was Qaddafi forces who rescued the
      remaining Americans after the Benghazi attacks.

      Move on to Nigeria. She refused as SOS to name Boko Haram a terrorist
      organization. Funny how there was a Nigerian construction company who
      donated to the Clinton Foundation who stood to lose a lot of money if she
      did. John Kerry did it when he became SOS.

      Her MENA policies have caused a lot of suffering because she listens to
      Brotherhood advisors and shows no sign of doing things differently. When
      Marc Lynch was called before Congress to testify about his failures as an
      advisor, he just doubled down. Obama named yet another Brotherhood advisor
      after Orlando. Hillary will carry on.

      Some on the right have claimed that the US government has been infiltrated
      by the Brotherhood. This isn’t true. They have been invited in. Another
      thing that the right got wrong was in 2009 and Obama spoke in Cairo, they
      called his “apology tour”. What really happened was that Obama sat the
      Muslim Brotherhood, a banned group in Egypt at that time, in the front rows
      and Mubarak’s people in the back. It sent a message to the entire Muslim
      world that the Islamists day had arrived. Hillary was 100% on board with
      Obama’s policies.

      She can run around claiming to be for women and children, but that sure
      doesn’t cover women who don’t want to live with the policies she fosters.
      You are absolutely right about Hillary being a snake.

    2. Reality Bite says

      +SainterSan woah this is the best comment I’ve seen! I don’t know if I
      agree with everything but most rings true. Well said.

    3. WatermelonDrea says

      Its an evil game, every government does it.
      Russia, Brazil with the environmentalists, etc.

  7. Noah carter says

    I can’t wait for the day these crooks face the consequences of their

    1. TheSamoan81 says

      they’ll be allowed to leave the country. nothing will happen to them if
      it’s up to our government. it’s disgusting

    2. GHC says

      Sadly it will never happen

    3. hehe45451 says

      i think it will be us that will suffer the consequences

  8. LastCynicStanding says

    How can an Australian be a traitor to the USA exactly?

    1. Bainsworth says

      why do all you anglo cunts smell like wet dogs…no its a thing man…

    2. Bainsworth says

      like dirty, filthy, wet dogs, doesnt matter if you had a shower just
      before, your scent is atrocious, your mom, your dad, your sister…you ALL
      smell like a wet dog WHAT IS THAT??

  9. Raymond Mickey says

    Hillary picked the perfect time to run, When all the crazy lefties and
    mentally deficient feminists are willing to forgive absolutely insane
    levels of corruption to elect a woman. When she fucks something up, don’t
    blame the republicans.

    1. Elisa Castro says

      +David Ronson Hopefully

    2. Flawed Cynic says

      But they will. These assholes still blame Orlando on NRA and bigoted

    3. Jon Scholl says

      I hate Hillary for what she’s done but I’m not a republication, I’m an

    4. mati261000 says

      America is a Republic.

    5. ginger negger says

      This video literally has nothing to do about being left or right.

  10. Marz10 says

    Once is an oddity and twice is a coincidence. FOUR mysterious deaths of
    Clinton enemies is suspect.

    1. Azazel says

      i believe theres actually 9 in 2016 alone.

    2. chuenbaka3 says

      Google the words “90 suspicious deaths”

    3. John Smith says

      There is a long trail of dead bodies, behind the Bill and Hillary Clinton.
      They are part of the satanic Globalists quest to control the world. Death
      is the means for increasing the power and wealth of the Globalists.

  11. John Doe says

    I honestly believe that Hillary could personally execute somebody in the
    middle of Times Square and her supporters would still defend her.

    1. Anthony Sabro says

      And I honestly believe if Hillary doesn’t win a single vote in November,
      that she still somehow becomes president.

    2. Shadow Hedgehog says

      Even if you just joke about it… I think it is really possible that people
      would still defend her even if she killed a person. And I mean in reality,
      not just in our absurd sarcastic imagination.
      The very first thing the media would do would claim it was a self defense,
      and then it would be “discovered” that it was a “far-right extremest” and
      of course a “Trump Supporter” who tried to attack her. It is more than
      certain they would try to push this narrative, even if it’s uncertain
      whether it would actually work.

    3. Texan says

      agree totally and makes me cry

    4. Leon Trotsky says

      That sounds like a CCTV broadcast…

    5. Lemony Snicket says

      Tbf a lot of people would defend trump too

  12. Saint Michael says

    Assange isn’t stupid. Every dirty little secret will come out if they
    assassinate him.

    1. owoishere says

      yeah his dead man switch would not be worth tripping

    2. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says

      I’m pretty sure Assange already said everything will come out if he is

    3. Biggiant Ballz says

      That’s why they won’t kill him. Most likely torture him and try to take
      over wikileaks. Reason for cutting the internet then take him as fast as
      they can before that deadman switch can release everything. He’s alive but
      probably living in hell at this moment. What ever he had must of been
      really fucking bad.

  13. Paul Joseph Watson says

    The “Clinton body count” is a conspiracy theory. We all know that Hillary
    isn’t a sociopath who laughs at death.

    1. magus perde says

      I’m not comparing political processes, I’m commenting on the one I know.
      We’ve ALL been hypnotized.

    2. MrBrymstond says

      I agree, but people like her ain’t laughing when they’re suffering and see
      their own demise coming!

    3. HomeSkillenSLICE says

      Im using this as a description for when I post the video of her

    4. Jeff Laffite Jones says

      Liberals like the Clinton’s are sociopaths willing to murder anyone to gain
      power. 7 out 10 felons are Democrats, so never trust a liberal….Nuff said.

  14. J.J. Medusa says

    I hope that Julian Assange releases everything he has and SOON. I pray for
    his safety.

    1. Ivan Drago says

      +Trump 2016 – Make America Great Again! I don’t know what you are talking
      about my friend. There is no train in Russia called that.

    2. Patty Ann says

      Hopefully he has backup in case something does happen to him

    3. Jack Sparrow says

      Eh. what exactly does he have to gain from lying about having more info?
      They’ve as far as I know never backed on having intel before.

    4. Corinne M says

      Unveiling corruption is a very dangerous business.

  15. K Pope says

    In the meantime Bernie buys a $600,000 vacation home

    1. Awi Rivera says

      Sad how he sold out the people,, but they brain dead any ways

    2. epictoads says

      Bernie didn’t get elected, wtf else is he supposed to do? His family
      inhertied a house, they sold it, and he bought another one. There’s nothing
      hypocritical about it. Bernie was NEVER fighting against people for having
      money, he said himself that if someone wants to make money they can do it.
      He was fightning against people using it unfairly to rig elections and rip
      of the working class. People really have no clue

    3. K Pope says

      +epictoads Bernie sold out and didn’t even call out Clinton for the rigged
      primary and then Clinton went on to hire Debbie Wasserman Schultz. There
      might not have been $ transferred to rig the primary, but there were
      definitely favors. Where are Bernie’s principals now?

    4. epictoads says

      +K Pope
      he said his whole campaign that if he lost to Clinton he would endorse
      her. It’s how politics work, if he wants any of his policies to have
      influence, hillary has to win

  16. Europe is for Whites only. says

    Assange is a brave man. Wikileaks is our peephole into closed doors. It
    shows us that a lot of our leaders are just as dirty as any drug dealer or

    1. magentawave says

      Assange says the next Wikileaks dump will bring Hillary down once and for
      all. Hope springs eternal, but I’m afraid I don’t share the same faith
      Assange has in believing this will effect Shillary.

    2. 45surfgrave says

      Yeah it didn’t.instead assange was putin gitmo,no one messes with the
      Clintons I guess.

  17. wilcox tam says

    let’s vote Hillary because she’s a woman

    1. Annie S says

      +Monkeysee Monkeydo Were you asking me? Yes, I knew he was being
      sarcastic…. I was, too.

    2. Spectre lol u suck says


    3. magentawave says

      Yeah, because having a vagina will make all the difference!

    4. Lemony Snicket says

      Let’s vote trump he’s gonna build a wall at least Hilary’s gender is real?

  18. ssj3 Vegeta says

    I’m going to have nightmares due to the last few seconds in the video

    1. FenuxFX says

      Why? It’s just a logo.

    2. TrueNovice says

      Nightmares are what you have when you sleep, and stop when you wake up.
      This is reality.

    3. FenuxFX says

      +Senorhysa Good to know that there are plenty of tolerant and open-minded
      people on this channel. 😉

    4. Holden Smith says

      +FenuxFX lol

    5. Abu Gbak says

      +Senorhysa aw

  19. Gothaus says

    Hillary Klingon is the danger to America, not Trump. But the media is
    bashing Trump.

    1. Be happy says

      Agreed. God has chosen trump.

    2. spycrow lye says

      +Be happy god hates fags, apparently.

    3. Be happy says

      Yes sorry he hates you.

    4. ThomasTheSailor Chubby says

      The Media is the danger to America..

    1. John Morley says

      I am a veteran of two major government enquiries.
      We are far too incompetent to kill anyone.
      I was on the run for years with an open arrest warrant against me and they
      never caught me.
      Assange is pursued by clusterfucks.
      He’s safe as houses.

    2. JBeezie says

      Paul I clicked the link but it said page not found.

    3. Phantom Alpha says

      If we only knew.

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